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Positions/27 Apr 2021


NSW, Australia

ID : 21869
Remuneration : Unpaid (expenses not covered)
Industry : Social Services (Youth, Aged, Disability, Welfare)
Duration : 2 years
Closing Date : 01 Jun 2021

Positions/08 May 2021


WA, Australia

ID : 22012
Remuneration : Director fees
Industry : Social Services (Youth, Aged, Disability, Welfare)
Duration : 3 years
Closing Date : 02 Jun 2021

Events/12 May 2021
Create a board CV to do you justice

Preparing a good Board CV is not easy. From this virtual workshop you come away with a professional board CV that pitches you where you need...

Events/13 May 2021
Realising your board potential (2 part webinar)

Our starter workshop to orient you to the world of board membership. Find out how you can be an effective Non Executive Director, what to look out for...

News/03 May 2021
Claire in Canberra with The Office for Women and WOBMeet

Claire Braund was in Canberra last week and caught up with a few WOB members at the National Press Club. It was only our second live event since COVID...

News/03 May 2021
Port Arthur massacre a defining moment for Claire Braund (& WOB) 25 years ago

Claire Braund was at a brunch for women in journalism in Hobart 25 years ago, when she took a call she will never forget.

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