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Gender diversity trending upwards, but greater cultural diversity needed for Australian boards.

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Positions/23 Oct 2020


SA, Australia

ID : 18883
Remuneration : Expenses paid
Industry : Agriculture / Aquaculture / Forestry / Fishing
Duration : 3 years
Closing Date : 01 Dec 2020

Positions/12 Oct 2020


NSW, Australia

ID : 18698
Remuneration : Unpaid (expenses not covered)
Industry : Social Services (Youth, Aged, Disability, Welfare)
Duration : 1 year
Closing Date : 03 Nov 2020

Events/04 Nov 2020
How to get the most from your WOB membership

Are you a new WOB member? Or have been a WOB member for a while? Then join us for this informative webinar where we show you everything you need to know...

Events/05 Nov 2020
Create a board CV to do you justice

Preparing a good Board CV is not easy. From this virtual workshop you come away with a professional board CV that pitches you where you need...

News/26 Oct 2020
Cultural diversity on boards is a global issue

WOB UK CEO Fiona Hathorn says that we need a renewed focus on the representation of both gender and ethnicity on boards.

News/26 Oct 2020
To Pay or not to pay – That may be the question?

Should directors of NFP’s be remunerated?  I have been an advocate for directors of Not For Profit companies that run a business to be remunerated...

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