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Women on Boards supports organisations to turn on the floodlights to diverse boardroom talent.

We facilitate open, skills-based recruitment to non-executive board roles 

Women on Boards UK has advertised over 18,000 board roles since we launched in 2012. It holds around 200 roles at any one time, drawn from the charity, public and private sectors, including start-ups, SMEs and FTSE or AIM listed companies. Search for a role on our Non-Executive Vacancy board (Full Members only).

We have supported over 2000 women and many men in our network to gain new NED roles, both sourced from our Vacancy board and their own networks.  Take a look at our recent Success Stories.

"WOB has been a great resource in my journey to find my first NED role !" Heike Truol, Independent Non-Executive at Clarkson PLC (FTSE250) – a role she saw advertised on our Vacancy Board.

Nick Pink, has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director at JP Morgan Russian Securities. "I thought the Getting Started workshop, CV guidance and pre-interview support were all very helpful. Thank you for being open to all, including men."

We encourage all organisations to ‘turn on the floodlights’ to diverse boardroom talent, moving away from network-based recruiting to open, skills-based recruitment. This is why it is free to advertise on our Non-Executive Vacancy Board, for recruiting organisations and headhunters alike.


Are you seeking a board role?                               Are you advertising a board role?


Are you seeking a board role?

"I would not have known about the role without Women on Boards and really appreciate all the wonderful work you and your team have done."  Jessica Turner, Non-Executive Director at UCAS Media.

On our Non-Executive Vacancy Board, you will find roles at all levels: from community organisations looking for mid-career professionals with no prior board experience, to Chair roles for established non-executives. It is available to our Full Members only, reflecting the time and care taken in maintaining and developing it.

Find a position on our Non-Executive Vacancy Board 

We recommend the Vacancy Board as a way to understand the range of opportunities out there, but know that the vast majority of board roles are still recruited through networks. We therefore strongly encourage you to cultivate your networks (tell people you are looking for a board role!) and build relationships with headhunters (if targeting the more competitive roles). We offer a range of events and networking opportunities to facilitate this.
We also observe a difference between sectors, with public sector bodies having a lengthy recruitment process and private sector firms often working on quicker time scales (as little as a few days in some cases). The turnover of non-executives also tends to be much slower than executives, so roles appear less frequently. For these reasons, we would suggest regularly checking the roles available over a period of time to get a full sense of the opportunities. We support this with regular email alerts, which both give an overview of the latest positions and tailored contact to highlight roles aligned with your skills and ambition.

"Thanks to Women on Boards for first getting me in the right mindset through your events…. That primed me to act when I saw the opportunity on your list of vacancies." Rebecca Trengove, Director of Triathlon Scotland

Find a position on our Non-Executive Vacancy Board 

>> Take our Quiz to get live recommendations from our Non-Executive Vacancy Board.
>> Our Resource Centre's Getting Board Ready offers a wealth of advice and information about searching for a non-executive role.

“Thank you for all the encouragement and practical pre-interview support from Women on Boards. It feels like a team appointment.” Terri Lucas, Independent Non-Executive Director at Smith Institute

Are you advertising a board role?

Women on Boards works with recruiting organisations and headhunters to shine a light on a diverse pool of talent and connect smartly to fulfil the requirements of non-executive vacancies. Our (predominantly but not exclusively) female network has board-ready candidates with all levels and types of professional experience and is drawn from an extremely wide range of sectors.

"I am a real-life example that transparent advertising works and of the value added by WoB UK!" Susana Gomez Smith, Non-Executive Board Member at Leonteq AGM (advertised by a headhunter on our Vacancy board)

We offer three tiers of support with your board candidate search:

  • Basic Plan: It is free to place a role on our Non-Executive Vacancy Board.
  • Standard Plan: in addition to appearing on our Vacancy Board, we will highlight your role and ensure it is at the top or near the top of the Board throughout the application period. 
  • Premium Plan: in addition to the above we will send targeted emails to suitable candidates from our network. 


  More details and post a Non-Executive Vacancy

>> Read about British Pearl's experience of advertising for a board positions with Women on Boards

However, simply advertising a role does not guarantee broadening the diversity of thought and perspective available in your boardroom. Our Turn on the Floodlights: how to recruit for diversity guide offers research-based yet highly practical recommendations for changing your recruitment practices.