Women on Boards Directors' Circle is our membership for experienced non-executives only.

Over the past decade, we have specialised our support to help women get on to boards .. but what about once you are an experienced board member?

Being a non-executive brings many challenges and finding the right roles to shape your portfolio is an on-going process.

Our Directors’ Circle membership offers confidential connections with other established NEDs to share experience and get expert insights. In addition, as a Women on Boards member, and we will highlight board roles which require experienced candidates and match your interests.


If you’re an experienced NED with an established track record in complex boards this is for you.

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If you're already a Full member, please get in touch to upgrade to the Directors' Circle:
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“Women on Boards is always there with timely and relevant support whenever you need it - a real benefit to treasure when competing for appointments in the competitive NED space." 

Joanna Baldwin, experienced NED and Board Committee Chair (including regulated environments)

What's included? | Who can join? | What are the costs?


Our Directors’ Circle membership includes:

  • 12 events a year (a mix of virtual and in-person).
Sent straight to your diary for minimal hassle, we will host expert speakers, delivering at pace and addressing the complex realities of board work. These are also opportunities to network with other established non-executives to contextualise the issues and make new connections.
  • Our NEW ‘Ask a Director’ service.
​We will connect you with other Directors' Circle members for confidential conversations about your boardroom concerns or problems*. Whether you’ve just been asked to Chair a RemCo, need to manage a compliance issue with your regulator or have a tricky inter-personal dynamic in the boardroom to contend with - we will connect you with someone who has ‘been there, done that’ (or as close as possible).
*Fair use policy applies. Conversations should be limited to 1 hour maximum. We ask that all Directors’ Circle members be open to sharing their experience in this way. This service does not imply legal or other advice nor a coaching/mentoring relationship, but simply facilitates sharing of experience and/or ‘a sounding board’ with someone similarly experienced.

  • Bespoke board vacancy targeting
We will highlight roles requiring experienced NEDs which match your interests. Our Bespoke Search team doesn’t sift your applications but can offer informal support to determine if the role is right for you. Recent clients include: Bytes Tech plc, Halton Housing, Henry Boot plc, Volta Capital, Hitachi Investment trust and more.
  • A closed WhatsApp community to share updates and make informal connections.
  • Tailored content and member offers, curated by Fiona Hathorn, our CEO.
Fiona is highly connected in the board space. She will share timely updates on current boardroom issues and opportunities to participate in key industry events and initiatives, which regularly come across her desk. We will also share a series of ‘Directors’ Dilemma’ articles, which gather a range of expert responses to a real-life boardroom issue - perhaps similar to those you are facing.
  • All the Full member benefits of Women on Boards, including discounted access to our ‘Becoming an Effective Chair’ programme, our Meet the Headhunter events and 1-on-1 pre-interview support.

Join our Directors' Circle today

If you're already a Full member, please get in touch to upgrade to the Directors' Circle:
​contact@womenonboards.co.uk / 020 3925 4080



Who can join the Directors’ Circle?


This is a membership tier for those with established track record in complex boards. You should have current or recent board experience in one or more of the following boards:

  • listed companies;
  • ambitious Angel/VCT/PE start-up and scale-up businesses;
  • national public sector bodies;
  • NHS boards;
  • university boards;
  • med/ large housing associations (1000+ properties);
  • large charities (~£10m+ turnover).

If you are looking to gain experience on one of these types of boards, our Premium Membership is most suitable, or our Complete Boardroom Journey Package.  Both these include access to our Vacancy Board targeting and our signature ‘Get on Board’ workshop to help you make your personal plan to level up your non-executive career.  Alternatively you might be interested in our Boardroom Breakthrough 1-on-1 mentoring, if there are particular.

Join our Directors' Circle today

If you're already a Full member, please get in touch to upgrade to the Directors' Circle:
​contact@womenonboards.co.uk / 020 3925 4080


What are the costs?

Women on Boards Directors’ Circle membership costs £360 for the first year. We then offer a loyalty discount on auto-renewal at £285.

For Full or Corporate Members looking to upgrade, please get in touch directly for a cost calculation accounting for your current membership.

Directors’ Circle members are eligible for our Full member discounts on all our wider training offers - including our ‘Becoming an Effective Chair’ programme (saving of £250) and our Board CV Masterclass (saving of £100) should you want support in updating your CV to reflect your growing experience.

Join our Directors' Circle today

If you're already a Full member, please get in touch to upgrade to the Directors' Circle:
​contact@womenonboards.co.uk / 020 3925 4080

Feedback on our events and training limited to established non-executives: 

"Fantastic networking opportunity, which I have benefitted from directly. It is great that the Women on Boards network is so mutually supportive."

"I was pretty much despairing of all "women in" things and seriously questioning whether there was any value in carrying on segmenting myself that way. So thank you for restoring my faith by providing exactly the kind of challenge and personal development I was seeking!"

"I have many take-aways from the [Becoming an Effective Chair programme] and it has also highlighted areas where I could improve in interviews. Another resounding Women on Boards' success!"


Do get in touch if you have any other queries. We are a small, friendly team: - contact@womenonboards.co.uk / 0203 925 4080