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Women on Boards is a network of influence focused on helping women get to the top in all sectors.


Women on Boards exists to help you achieve your board and career ambitions.

We are an open, inclusive network spanning all sectors, professions and career stages.

We provide information, encouragement and connections to help you target suitable non-executive positions. We also offer leadership skills development and support boards to recruit for diversity.

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“One thing that struck me was how welcoming and open the atmosphere was. It gave me huge comfort that I had chosen the right network for me.”

We know what we do works - on average six women in our network secure a non-executive role every week. These can be trustee positions at a local charity, a directorship for a public sector body or NHS trust, a non-executive director (NED) role on listed company boards or at innovative start-ups.

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“I’ve been blown away by Women on Boards. I was bashing away through the jungle but Women on Boards have the road map. Use the resources and reach out to people. Above all, don’t give up.”
Terri Duhon, inter alia NED of Morgan Stanley Investment Management Ltd and Rathbones plc

We believe you are never too young to enter the boardroom, and taking on a non-executive role alongside your day job can prove beneficial to your overall career development. Here’s just Seven Reasons being a Director is Good for your Career

“I felt very young and junior coming in - you both helped me feel so much more confident and assured about going for something like this.”

Many of our members are experienced non-executives, either alongside a senior executive role or as portfolio non-executives who balance a number of NED roles. We offer support around common boardroom challenges and to step up to more complex or competitive roles, whether that is a Chair position, moving into listed boards or entering a new sector.

We offer different membership options to suit your goals, starting from a Basic Membership which is free of charge. 

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“Women on Boards’ team's experience and contacts are outstanding. They also stay true to their word. Their genuine commitment to assist women achieve success on boards is highly commendable.”


A boardroom journey with Women on Boards


A typical pathway for someone looking for their first board role, or their first paid NED position is:


“Thanks to Women on Boards for first getting me in the right mindset through your events, then giving very useful feedback on my Board CV. That primed me to act when I saw the opportunity on your list of vacancies."

  • Build your understanding of the market and how to put yourself forward for board roles - start with our Resource Centre's Getting Board Ready and, if targeting the more competitive roles, reading advice from headhunters (Full Members' area). 

  • Create your Board CV - we offer different levels of support, depending on your needs and ambitions. This includes a highly practical online learning, 1-on-1 reviews and an in-depth Masterclass. 

  • Attending one or several Boardroom Insights events. These evening events are designed to broaden and deepen your understanding of the range of board roles out there and provide you inspiration, encouragement and the chance to meet other NEDs and aspiring directors. 

  • Ensure you are ‘board ready’ with our Masterclasses to fill in any gaps you may have to prepare you for board roles. These range from brushing up your understanding of governance at our Contemporary NED Masterclass, or Charity Board papers mini-Masterclass, to ensuring your voice is heard with techniques from our Impact and Influence Masterclass. We also offer bespoke mentoring for more in-depth support.


“Women on Boards' courses and guidance have been very helpful in steering me to start thinking like a NED and to position what I believe I can offer...The Women on Boards' environment has filled me enthusiasm for what I may be able to offer to the right organisation.”

  • Making applications - either though our Non-Executive Vacancy Board or your own networks.
  • When you get an interview, requesting 1-on-1 support with the preparation (Full Members only). This usually takes the form of a 20 minute phone call with someone in the Women on Boards' network with experience on a similar board.  Women on Boards UK has members sitting on every type of board, happy to help others follow in their footsteps.


"Thank you for taking the time to chat with me about the interview -  my confidence was low after a bad recruiter interview experience last year. With the worry of turning up heavily pregnant for an interview, it made such a difference and really made me feel positive about the interview so thank you!"

And our support doesn’t stop when you enter the boardroom. We understand making your voice heard as a NED is not alway easy -particularly if your viewpoint is in the minority. We also offer encouragement, support and connections to step up to Chair and other more challenging NED roles. 

Our Directors’ Circle programme (Full and Champion Members only) aims to help our members succeed in the boardroom. It provides opportunities to:


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Do get in touch if you have any other queries. We are a small, friendly team: - contact@womenonboards.co.uk / 0203 925 4080


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We are also extremely grateful to our network of Ambassadors who are experienced non-executives committed to supporting women to succeed in the boardroom through Women on Boards.  Find out more.