Mentoring Programme

Our quality, experienced mentors offer bespoke guidance to overcome challenges in executive and non-executive careers.

women on boards Bespoke Mentoring Programme

We know that there are specific points in any career (executive and non-executive) where some additional guidance and direction can make all the difference. Our bespoke programme will match you with high-quality, experienced mentors within our network for a defined period.  Our mentors can guide and support you to address specific career challenges; develop a more structured approach to your professional executive career; or create your strategy to take your non-executive portfolio to the next level.  

Why might I need a mentor?

  • Is your career progressing according to a plan?
  • Could you do with some help to improve your chances of achieving your goals?
  • Are you isolated in a male-dominated professional environment?
  • Do you need support returning after a career break?
  • Are your networks working for you?
  • Should you be developing or refocusing your skill set?

If you identified with some of the questions and issues outlined above you might well benefit from mentoring.  Many women are working long hours, often in male-dominated environments, and juggling the work/family life balance.  It is easy to concentrate on the urgent, day-to-day issues at the expense of the big picture.  Spending time with a mentor gives you the chance to think about your longer term objectives and focus on how to move your career forward.  Mentors are a confidential, independent sounding board to provide support and guidance, allowing you to put issues into perspective and consider various possibilities.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we have introduced a special offer mini-mentoring package for anyone who might like to reflect on and develop their career progression. Please see here for full details and prices. 

Find out more information about mentoring at Women on Boards by watching the video below:

What might I get out of mentoring?

The success of a mentoring relationship depends to large degree upon your attitude and your commitment. Mentees are expected to take the lead in the partnership, to be proactive and work in order to achieve success.

A mentor should:

  • Ask you questions and challenge your thinking and actions
  • Be a sounding board for your ideas and issues
  • Share experience and knowledge relevant to the matter in hand. This could be of the sector, level or general professional experience.  Illustrate with business cases and stories to bring to life the possible issues and solution.
  • Encourage you towards your goals

Your mentor is there to help you to think through your options and help you to formulate your plans.  They provide the opportunity to look more closely at yourself, your issues, opportunities and what you want in life.  Mentoring is about becoming more self aware, taking responsibility and directing your life, rather than leaving it to chance.

About the mentors

We currently have ten mentors in the UK from a range of sectors, each of whom is well known to Women on Boards.  Some are executive directors in full-time roles; some are portfolio NEDs; and some are professional mentors and coaches with board experience.

Each mentor has expressed a desire to take on mentoring work to share their knowledge and expertise and assist women to realise their potential in leadership and directorship roles.  The match between a mentor and participant is managed by Women on Boards, in discussion with the participant, during the enrolment stages.

menToring Programme delivery

The programme can be offered face-to-face (if social distancing restrictions allow; mentee to undertake any travel required), by telephone or by a virtual meeting platform (e.g. Zoom /  Skype).

What will be provided?

Each mentee will receive:

  • An introductory session (usually by telephone) with the programme administrator to discuss goals for the mentoring, the mentee agreement and to identify an appropriate mentor.
  • Five one-hour face to face or phone sessions with the assigned mentor.
  • Tracking of progress and accumulation of feedback.
  • Opportunity to purchase additional mentoring sessions
  • Option to move to a different mentor if a 'fit' is not realised at the first session.

The five sessions would be expected to be completed on average within 6-8 months.

"I'd thoroughly recommend the Women on Boards mentoring programme. I found the process hugely helpful, particularly the 360 review. I've achieved some excellent outcomes, tips and advice and it has helped me to develop professionally and personally."    Jo Field, Head of Campaigns and Stakeholder Engagement, Transport for London.


To sign up, please use the Register button below.  If you would like further information, please contact Ancia Cronje.

PRICE £1950 (inclusive of VAT)

Price : £ 1950