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Benefits Member Subscribed Member Global Member Corporate Member Champion
Events & Services
Access to events
Discounts to Women on Boards events and access to partner offers
Access to subscriber-only events, including those for serving non-executives
Women on Boards Profile
WOB Profile pro-forma to structure your board qualifications
Get matched to certain boards positions that fit your profile and expertise
Board Positions
Access more than 150 board vacancy details from all sectors and apply
Weekly alerts of new board positions
Access to Australian site and vacancy board
Post a board vacancy at no cost
Personal Support
Personal Board CV review to increase your chance of success
Your questions answered - there are no stupid ones
Individual pre-interview support and connections to ensure you feel ready for that crucial meeting
Resources and information
Directors' Circle Newsletter for those serving on a board to stay up to date with developments in the boardroom
Practical tools, examples and top tips from experienced non-executives to get you into the boardroom and excel when you're there.
Advice and guidance to support your search and deepen your governance knowledge
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- We highly recommend joining as a Subscribed Member if you are an aspiring or current director seeking board roles or to progress your career, especially if you also plan to attend our events. Subscribed Members receive significant discounts on events (attending our flagship Getting Started event recoups 80% of your joining fee in terms of your subscriber discount, for example). Only Subscribed Members have access to the full details of vacancies on the Vacancy Board to apply for them. In addition, Subscribed Members also have access to 1- on-1 support and interview connections, plus a much wider library of valuable resources not available to free members. To find out more about subscription membership view our Benefits of Subscription Membership guide.

- If you sign up as a free Member, you can upgrade to paid Subscribed Membership at any time by using the Manage my Membership dropdown to the right of your name at the top of the screen. Free members can attend events (at a higher price than Subscribed Members) view limited details of vacancies on the Vacancy Board and have access to some but not all material in the Resource Centre. Free Members do not have access to our one on one support or interview connections.

- WOB Champions support our advocacy work and the overall WOB mission to ensure women are better represented in leadership roles across all sectors, but do not have access to board vacancies or support or full Subscribed Member benefits as detailed above. Men are welcome to become WOB Champions.

- Global Members have access to board opportunities and events from our sister company in Australia in addition to their UK Subscribed Member benefits as outlined above.

 - Do not choose the Corporate Member option unless your organisation has advised you that they are a WOB corporate member. If you are interested in finding out how Corporate Membership could benefit your organisation, click on the Corporate Subscription tab at the top of this page.