Our Support

WOB's personal support is designed to super-charge your board aspirations

What makes WOB unique is the personal support we offer our paid members as they target their first or next board role. You remain in the driving seat but we will support you with targeted interventions at key points along the way.  We exist to change the odds on your success.

Along with our resources and events, our support includes complimentary enrolment to our Building a Board CV online course to help ensure you develop an effective Board CV which articulates your board relevant skills. Once you get to the interview stage, using our extensive network (~30,000 across the UK) we will introduce you to a board member with experience on a similar board to super-charge your interview preparation.

1. Help with your Board CV

Writing a non executive CV that does you justice takes time and requires insight into what board members actually do. We will help. We can't write it for you, but if you follow the advice in our online course you will have a toolkit to support you in drafting this essential document. Paid and corporate members receive complimentary enrolment to this course. Please click here for full details on the course and how you can sign up. 


2. Interview support

Our ability to make the right connection for you when you get a board interview is a key part of WOB’s "secret sauce".   Our network includes people on boards in every type of sector, so whether you have an interview for an academy or college, an NHS Trust, a public body like the Environment Agency, Ofgem  or Kew Gardens, an AIM or FTSE listed board, or a charity, we can help ensure you understand the strategic issues in the sector and help you put your best foot forward on the day. Get in touch here (contact@womenonboards.co.uk).

"Thank you so much for your help earlier this week, it really was so helpful and reassuring to talk to you. The interview went really well and I have already been offered the role of Trustee. Thank you so much for your help, WOB is such a wonderful organisation and so supportive". Emilie West


"Thank you for taking the time to chat with me about the interview -  my confidence was low after a bad recruiter interview experience last year and the worry of turning up heavily pregnant for an interview and it made such a difference and really made me feel positive about the interview so thank you WOB!"

A typical board journey

A typical journey for someone looking for their first board role, or their first paid NED position is:

  • Coming along to an Introductory evening. These are designed to give you an idea of what Women on Boards does and how we can assist you – wherever you are in your boardroom journey.
  • Attending a Getting Started: Realising you board potential workshop; a fast-paced tour through the Why, What and How of directorship. 
  • Exploring the Vacancy Board. We typically have at least 150 active vacancies on the list from across the UK, with 30+ new roles added every week.
  • Using the Articles in our Resource Centre (Getting Board Ready) on how to write a board-ready CV and how to apply for a role.
  • Enroling in our Build a Board CV online course so you can write an effective Board CV.
  • Attending one or several Boardroom Insights events. These evening events are designed to broaden and deepen your understanding of the range of board roles out there and provide you inspiration, encouragement and the chance to meet other NEDs and aspiring directros.
  • Making one or several applications. We have great articles in the Resource Centre on How to Apply for a NED or Trustee Role and on How to Prepare for a board interview.
  • When you get an interview, requesting 1-on-1 support with the preparation. This usually takes the form of a 20 minute phone call with someone in the WOB network with experience on a similar board.  WOB UK has  members sitting on every type of board, happy to help others follow in their footsteps.
  • Attending a Masterclass. Many people are surprised by how competitive the more interesting board roles  are. If you find your Board CV is not getting traction, or you think you may be letting yourself down when you get an interview, we have two Masterclasses that can help: our Board CV Masterclass and our Impact and Influence Masterclass.

Our support doesn’t stop when you get a role.  We have great online resources to keep up-to-date with the latest governance developments (In the Boardroom), and Full Members can ask for advice from us or the broader WOB community on thorny issues that arise in the boardroom.

Our On Board Success Stories are the testament to our impact, so get started today.

"After 20 years of executive experience, I’ve switched to a portfolio NED career specialising in asset management and private equity. Diligently, I have done the networking, the reading of every book I could find on Boards and on independent directors' responsibilities. It's a lot to take on. It's a new career.
It was past 11 o'clock at night when Rowena first replied to my email which I had sent a couple of hours earlier. I wanted to find out about WOB pre-interview support. Rowena's email offered prompt, helpful and detailed advice. It felt as if someone was holding my hand, guiding me with care and skill.  The next day I met Fiona at a WOB event. Her invaluable insight was straight to the point. It is exactly what I need: practical advice coupled with tailored assistance before each interview. WOB team's experience and contacts are outstanding. WOB also stay true to their word. Their genuine commitment to assist women achieve success on Boards is highly commendable. Thank you WOB!" 
Clara DurodiƩ, 2015