Your boardroom success: why we need to know 

 Your success in getting appointed to a board or committee, whatever the size and indeed whatever the sector, is hugely important to WOB. It is our most valuable impact metric and a key factor in the sustainability of the organisation.

The success of our members provides individuals who are just starting to look for information and support with inspiration and evidence that the WOB journey really does work. Our Corporate Sponsors are also reassured that they are associated with an organisation that is making a significant difference to their employees, clients and society in general.

It does not matter how you heard about the role (this is not just about finding something on the WOB Vacancy Board). It is about celebrating the success of WOB members who are making progress fulfilling their board and leadership ambitions.

What do we do with the information?

  • List every success on our On Board page (link)
  • Celebrate the metrics on our Home Page
  • Produce detailed Case Studies to help people visualise themselves on a similar journey. You will find these in the Resource Centre.

So if you (or someone you know) has found a board role, however small, please do drop us an email here.

"I am delighted to have joined WoB and have just become the trustee of a national women's charity. I would not have known of this opportunity otherwise. Actually I was on maternity leave when I saw the vacancy and at first thought that meant I was out of action. However having read the inspiring case studies about the women who just went for it, I decided that I would apply and see what happened - and it worked"