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Success story - Anne Spackman

Having had an esteemed career as a newspaper editor and then gone on to run a major charity, Anne Spackman talks to Rachel Tranter about how she has started to develop a portfolio of non-executive roles. With a slightly different background to some who are applying for non-executive positions, Anne shares how her extensive experience as a journalist is hugely relevant to the boardroom. This session is sure to inspire and shares many top tips for achieving board success. 

Success Story - Maxine Taylor 
Corporate affairs and marketing expert, Maxine Taylor joins Fiona Hathorn as she reflects on her background operating in central government, at board level in the pharmaceutical industry (Eli Lilly), charitable organisations (Cancer Research UK), Banking (Nationwide), most recently with King's College London, and now also as Non-Executive Director of Women on Boards UK. She talks about the benefits of having a mentor or coach, the importance of developing a strong network and shares her advice on building a non-executive career. 

Success Story - Alison McGregor 
Former CEO of HSBC Scotland and now portfolio non-exec director, Alison McGregor shares her many tips for building a successful portfolio career. She looks at how going out of your comfort zone into a different sector can be amazingly rewarding, how important networking has been for her and she advises that you can never start too early.

The Power of Networks - Fiona Hathorn talks to the IoD about why effective networking is worthwhile.  ‚Äč

How have things Changed? - Founders Claire Braund and Fiona Hathorn reflect on how things have changed since the UK launch in 2012

Listen to Founders, Claire Braund's and Fiona Hathorn's tips on writing a good Board CV

Success story - Rita Dhut
Rita Dhut, senior investment professional and portfolio NED is this month's Success Stories podcast. Rita's current board roles range from listed companies to start-ups to charities; in the finance to education and medical sectors. During her conversation with Women on Boards, she gives helpful tips on how to approach building a portfolio career across these multiple and varied sectors. 

Success Story - Carolyn Porretta
Carolyn Porretta is our guest in our next Success Stories instalment. At possibly a slightly earlier stage of her career than some of our other speakers, Carolyn explains why she has started to add non-executive roles to her activities now and what she is gaining from them. A must listen to anyone who is just starting to think about this topic and would like advice on how to approach the non-executive landscape while also developing a busy and successful executive career.

Success Story - Terri Duhon
Terri Duhon is our guest in this month's Success Stories episode. With an impressive CV and multiple NED roles, plus connections with prestigious universities, Terri explains how her path to success has not been as polished as her CV suggests.

In Conversation with - Jose Luis Alvarez from Insead's Corporate Governance Centre
Jose Luis Alvarez, Senior Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Insead and Academic Director of Insead's Corporate Governance Centre looks at the social and political trends and dynamics of being an effective director in conversation with CEO of Women on Boards, Fiona Hathorn. 

Success Story - Sue O'Brien
Sue O'Brien is our guest for the next Success Stories instalment from Women on Boards. Sue tells us about her journey to the boardroom and the various boards she sits on. Wearing her "other hat" of leading headhunter, she also shares some invaluable advice for anyone looking for a non-executive position on the dos and don'ts of liaising with headhunters. One not to miss!

Success Story - Jacqui Ferguson - With a strong technology background and having been based in the US for a number of years, join Jacqui Ferguson as she explains how she built her portfolio non-executive career alongside her busy executive one. Note, this podcast was recorded in early 2018. 

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