UK Government Press Release (1st July 2019) - FTSE 350 URGED TO KEEP UP THE PACE TO MEET WOMEN ON BOARDS TARGET 

Great news. The UK's largest listed companies are likely to reach the governement's target of 33%. Figures released today by the Hampton-Alexander Review show that for the first time, the FTSE 250 could meet the 33% target for women in senior leadership positions if current progress is maintained. 32.1% of FTSE 100 board positions are held by women, up from 12.5% in 2011. Meanwhile in the FTSE 250, figures have jumped from 24.9% to 27.5%.  


  • FTSE 100 on track to reach target of 33% board positions going to women by 2020
  • 27.5% of FTSE 250 board positions now held by women, up from 24.9% 
  • Number of all-male boards across the FTSE 350 down to four from 152 in 2011, but 14 companies with one woman or less on board named for failing to engage 
  • Online portal now open for FTSE 350 to submit 2019 leadership gender diversity data 

For the full press release click on this link => BEIS 

Women on Boards UK are delighted by this news but a wider cultural change in board recruitment is needed. We are saddened by the fact that outside the FTSE 350 very little progress is being made. Very few companies, unless put under pressure as has been happening at the FTSE 350 level, are doing anything as regards to transparently advertising board roles for people to apply for - people that they don't already know!

It is FREE to advertise on our website for any non-executive board role so PLEASE help us spread the word to ensure more boards open up to the benefits of constructive challenge and better governance. Advertising a board role (how to). AIM listed Personal Group did recently and have just secured Women on Boards UK's member Maria Darby-Walker. 

Take a look at some of our other success stories via this OnBoard webpage (Link). 1500+ success stories!

Additionally please remember what we do as an organisation to support YOU when applying for roles. Here are 3 great reasons for you do consider a board role. 

3 great reasons to consider a board role

Many people see non-executive roles as something you can only do after reaching the top in your executive career - we disagree! There is a huge variety of board roles out there and we strongly believe there is one that is right for you.

1. It's never too soon to look for your first board

Boards should be an integral part of your career.  A board role is a differentiator on your CV and will build your strategic capabilities and strengthen your performance in your day job.  It can provide continuity if you need to take a career break for any reason, as the time commitment is less than a full-time executive role. And being a non-executive director, trustee or school governor is interesting, challenging and enables you to have a real impact in areas that are important to you. 

2. You are probably more qualified than you think 

Rowena Ironside, Chair of Women on Boards UK explains "It's very common for young professionals to assume they have nothing to offer a board yet.  This is the catch-22 that any aspiring board member faces; you need to understand the issues facing the board to become a successful candidate.  Everyone has day-to-day competencies that they take for granted, but some of these will be highly valued on the right board.  Good examples include understanding charity law or accounting standards, or being on top of the latest trends in digital marketing."

3. Think of the network

Boards are inevitably composed of a cross section of people: younger people; older people; a variety of professionals; and members of the community that you would not normally encounter through your day job - particularly if you don't do the client facing meetings. So take the opportunity a board offers to extend your strategic network and acquire sponsors along the way.

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