Does your company operate a 'Zero Harm' policy on psychological safety?

April 2018

Companies and board directors have a duty to provide employees with a safe place to work. We all know the importance of ‘Health and Safety’ (H&S), after all there is a lot of evidence on the number of lives that H&S regulation has saved, particularly in the constructions sector. 

Thankfully today most industries in the UK are physically safe to work in but are they psychologically safe and have you ever thought about your responsibilities and the performance benefits of ensuring you have created a culture which allows your employees to thrive? For example, is there a ‘trusting environment’ in the office so that everyone can share their ideas, views and concerns? 

If you are not sure how your company fares on phsycological safety then read this article UGM Consulting on ‘Zero Harm’ environments: =>

You will see in this that low psychological safety is risky and can harm profits. Read about what caused the Columbia (NASA) space shuttle disaster, a fateful sequence of events that resulted in the loss of lives and the grounding of the shuttle programme for years. 

What are their top tips/thoughts for you?

1.    Recognise there is a risk to an unsafe office environment
2.    Ensure that your team, or you, are not self-censoring
3.    Ask yourself - is your team able to innovate and take risks?
4.    Inclusion creates belonging, are you being inclusive? Do members of your team feel like they belong?

Read the article here for details in full =>