Building a Board CV online course


"NED CVs matter. They are not career bios. No, you will not get recruited purely on your CV …
It is the interview that really matters. But the NED CV can be the enabler.” 

Paul Drechsler CBE, President of the CBI & Portfolio NED

A good board CV is essential to get you noticed when applying for a board role.  A board CV is different from a career CV in a number of ways and this course has been designed to support you in creating an effective document.   

Through a combination of videos, checklists and examples we will take you through the purpose and structure of a board CV, along with our recommendations on how to do yourself justice and position yourself as a credible board candidate - whether or not you have prior board experience.

The content includes:

  • Your Board CV Basics
  • An Annotated Board CV example
  • Operating in the boardroom: Becoming a credible candidate 
  • Areas of expertise Checklist 
  • Evidencing your expertise: Showcasing your achievements 
  • Key mistakes 
Price: £100 inc VAT

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"There is nothing like this that I know of on the market so you have a unique product to help people get their CV in shape.
A great product - well done to the team!"
Gill Weeks