CORPORATE Membership

If you are an individual working for one of our corporate members then you do not have to pay for a subscription to Women on Boards. Your company has paid this for you. To access the benefits of membership simply click on this link (Join) and register as a Corporate Member using your company email address. Our website will recognise your email address and automatically upgrade you to a Corporate Member.  

For a corporate subscriber case study and to find out what one of our corporate partners says about their involvement with Women on Boards click on this link.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Corporate membership of WOB provides employees with the benefit of free access to the WOB Vacancy Board - for trustee and other non executive positions - and to our unique 1-on-1 support.  Employees are also entitled to 30% discounts when registering for many of our public events and masterclasses. 

Women on Boards services include:

  • Workshops and events to inform and inspire pipeline women and help them to build ambition, confidence and career resilience
  • Providing connections, encouragement and personalised support to senior executives ready to step into the boardroom
  • Free listing of board vacancies in all sectors to increase the transparency of the board recruitment process.

There are other significant benefits for individuals and organisations in a corporate subscription:

  • Builds capacity of women to develop their career and leadership potential
  • Improves career resilience and strategic understanding of workforce dynamics
  • Assists women, and men, to actively explore directorship opportunities as a means of creating a point of difference on their CVs
  • Builds market and industry knowledge and networks through exposure to a diverse range of issues from the perspective of a director
  • Provides options for successfully navigating career breaks
  • Adds a new dimension to corporate entertainment for female clients or corporate community outreach programs
  • Gives exposure and access to directors and executives of other companies for quality business-to-business interactions.

Employees at all career stages can benefit from a corporate subscription to Women on Boards:

  • Early and mid-career level employees are exposed to directorship as part of their longer term career plan and are supported to take steps towards their goals through a stronger understanding of career dynamics and access to not-for-profit and other community sector board positions
  • Senior women and men are provided with advice, connections and one-on-one support that assist them to achieve positions on higher-level boards and to evaluate directorship as a post executive career option.

Our Workshops and Programmes

For our 'full service' corporate members we typically run in-house workshops for 20-30 women. Our two most popular workshops are:

  1. On Track for Success - managing your career and how taking on one board role can accelerate success
  2. Managing your Career - career planning and resilience, networking and influence
  3. Getting Started - The why, what and how of the boardroom.

We also run a 6-module Leadership Programme for senior executives called Getting to the C-Suite. For more information click here. The Getting to the C-Suite Programme comprises 6 half-day modules which are usually completed over a 4 to 6 month period;

  • Leading Strategically 
  • Leading Change 
  • Leading Purposefully 
  • Leading Effectively
  • Leading Collaboratively
  • C-Suite Challenge.

All of our leadership modules can be delivered as individual 1/2 day modules except the C-Suite Challenge.

Supporting employees to see their current role in the context of a broader career strategy and giving them the opportunity to add an outside committee role or trusteeship to provide variety and new challenge can increase job satisfaction whilst building skills, strategic understanding and industry networks.

Watch this short video about why over 25 companies work with us to support and inspire their women get to the top.


How does corporate membership work?

We have two types of corporate members: 1) 'full service' members who purchase in-house workshops and get unlimited access to our network (for all of their employees). 2) corporate members who only want network access for a limited number of employees. 

We can also offer more tailored programmes that include talks and workshops for both male and female employees.  To see a list of our current corporate subscribers, click here.

Watch these videos to learn more about our workshops, Managing Your Career and On Track for Success.

Further information

Corporate membership can be tailored to individual company needs.  For more information please contact Ancia Cronje at:


Why Join WOB

There are many different types of boards, all of which need directors or trustees, including charity boards, Public Sector boards and committees, housing associations, education and sports bodies, NHS Trusts - all the way up to FTSE Boards. WOB exists to help you find a role that is right for you, whether you are early career or a portfolio non-executive.