Why joining a board could be the best thing you ever do for your career


Clare Wiley’s career was transformed when she joined a board in her 20s. Here, she explains why she did it – and outlines how you can take this career-enhancing step, too. WOB's Fiona Hathorn comments.

It started as a New Year’s resolution a few years ago. 

“Join a board this year”, read the note in my phone. I had a vague notion that it might be good for my career in journalism. But at 28, I had no idea how to become a board member — or even whether I could. After all, the mental image I had of boardrooms being dominated by old white men is backed up by statistics: the average age of directors in the FTSE 150 is over 60, with only 8% coming from BME backgrounds. Just 27.5% are women.

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