Still an old boys' club? Questions over 'male- centric' industry socials

When Fiona Hathorn, former global equities head at Old Mutual Asset Management and now MD of WOB UK, started out in the fund management industry in the 1980s she identified a way to advance her career: play golf.

Ms Hathorn says she realised within six months of becoming a fund manager that the fact she did not play sport meant she was “missing out” on key networking opportunities that were benefiting her male colleagues.The determined Ms Hathorn decided to take things into her own hands and learn to play golf.
However, she received a shock when she turned up at a golf day being organised by an Asian stockbroker only to be told that the golf club did not admit women.

Ms Hathorn does not hold a grudge about the event, admitting that she managed to play golf in the end despite not being allowed into the clubhouse.

However, she says it reflects the hidden barriers women face in progressing in an industry where networking and social events have largely revolved around traditionally male pursuits.

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