One in four UK gender pay gap reports found to be non-compliant

Analysis undertaken by workforce data analytics specialists Staffmetrix, has shown that one in four organisations that have submitted gender pay gap reports for the 2018/19 reporting period failed to submit reports that conform to UK government guidelines. 
Gender pay gap reporting was introduced in 2017 to improve levels of transparency on gender pay equality and gender balance in organisations.  While the issue has attracted significant levels of interest from the general public and the media, organisations have attached varying degrees of importance to the reporting requirements.
In November 2017, the Financial Times identified a number of organisations that submitted 'improbable data', highlighting the point that not all organisations were taking the requirements seriously. 
The latest research by Staffmetrix which looked at submissions between 1 April and 15 October 2018 identified three key issues that will impact the overall accuracy and validity of the gender pay gap data for the current reporting year. In some cases, submissions had more than one discrepancy.

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