Gender diversity: Female business leaders explain the changes they want to see

'The biggest challenge is retention and promotion'. And let’s make sure the impetus isn’t lost, says Fiona Hathorn, MD of Women on Boards UK.
“Inclusive cultures need to be created and nurtured. They don’t just happen,” she explains, adding that people need to see inclusive cultures as being about profits, not tick-box exercises.
Let’s not frame these as “women’s issues”, pleads Roxanne Hobbs, founder of the Hobbs Consultancy. “I spend a lot of my time urging leaders to get behind the business case for a more inclusive working environment for everyone. Inclusivity shouldn’t be about cherry-picking one group for success – it’s about removing the barriers to success for everyone.”
“I believe there is a need to ensure individuals fully understand why their teams perform better if they reflect their customers, which means giving team leaders evidenced-based research and spending time and money training them.”

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