Five out of six UK companies fail to submit gender pay gap data

Only one-sixth of UK employers have submitted their gender pay gap data to the government, with just a month to go before the deadline for reporting the figures. Employers with 250 or more staff have to report the gap between what they pay their female and male employees for the first time this year. Public sector employers must report by the end of March, while private companies and charities have until April 4. Fiona Hathorn is quoted in this feature.
Fiona Hathorn, chief executive of Women on Boards UK, a networking organisation, said compulsory reporting meant organisations had realised the need to change hiring and promotion processes. “Over the coming few weeks we are likely to see some seriously shocking numbers from financial services and tech companies which will demonstrate the full extent to which men are . . . being promoted faster and being recruited into the highest paid areas of the business,” she said.

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