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13 Oct 2021

Five characteristics every board member needs (which you won't find on the job description) from Fiona Hathorn, CEO of Women on Boards UK.  

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The HR Director

11 Aug 2021

Diversifying your board – a step towards building back better.


Just Entrepreneurs - Why every start-up needs a board of directors

27 Jul 2021

It’s common to associate a board of directors with bigger companies and fast-growing organisations where the role of an independent board is crucial to the success of the business. However, a startup or small business can also reap substantial benefits, yet so few have an independent, diverse board of directors – which is a big issue. 


The Equal's Group Podcast - Representation Matters

16 Jul 2021

Fiona Hathorn discusses why she decided to launch Women on Boards UK, the leadership and company culture issues that hinder diversity in the boardroom and why data is so important in achieving greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
Listen back on your favourite podcast provider (episode 20) or for Apple users listen here.


The Executive Career Jump Podcast

09 Jul 2021

How women and other minorities can and must get into the boardroom. 

Listen to the episode wherever you find your podcasts (episode 35) or listen via YouTube here. 


Investment Week - The Power of Transparency in creating a diverse workforce

07 Jul 2021

The business case for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is compelling and well-documented.

Read article in full here. 


Forbes - Five Top Tips To Champion Female Leadership

30 Jun 2021

Here we go, groundhog day again. Leadership stats released around the world this month tell a familiar story. Wherever you are, it’s likely you’ve come across the findings from a recent report regarding the lack of growth in female leadership – the latest comes from the Women on Boards UK organisation, finding less than half of the listed firms outside of the biggest 350 companies had met targets for women in the boardroom and 54 per cent still have no female top bosses. 


The Independent

26 Jun 2021

How the UK’s dearth of transparency around wages harms gender equality.


Chartered Management Institute

23 Jun 2021

What does best-practice Gender Pay Gap reporting look like?


Bloomberg Daybreak Europe

16 Jun 2021

Women on Boards CEO Fiona Hathorn is calling for more measures to address the lack of diversity in British boardrooms. 
Listen back here. 


BBC Business Online

16 Jun 2021

"People didn't believe my CV" says board director. Women on Board's Ambassador, Shefaly Yogendra and member shares her challenges to get a job when she first came to the UK. Read full article.


Evening Standard - Less than half of firms outside FTSE 350 meet target for women on boards

16 Jun 2021

A study by Women On Boards UK found that females held the required third of board roles in just 48% of 261 companies.


ITV News

16 Jun 2021

Less than half of firms outside FTSE 350 have met target for women on boards - ‘Mediocre’ Male Managers in Finance Hold Women Back, Report Says

16 Jun 2021

  • All-male leadership teams common at smaller listed companies
  • Women in banking held to higher standards than men by industry


The Guardian - Smaller LSE firms lag far behind large companies on female directors, study shows

16 Jun 2021

Study finds ‘permafrost’ of small firms that have not met Hampton-Alexander review’s target of women in one-third of roles.


Mail Online - Less than half of firms outside FTSE 350 have met target for women on boards

16 Jun 2021

Less than half of listed firms outside of the biggest 350 companies have met targets for women in the boardroom and a “shocking” 54% still have no female top bosses, new research has revealed.


The Times - Companies still falling short of target for women on the board

16 Jun 2021

Many of Britain’s biggest businesses have failed to meet a target for a third of company board positions to be filled by women, according to a report.


16 Jun 2021

Women in finance feel overlooked for ‘mediocre’ male co-workers, UK study finds.


The is

16 Jun 2021

Talented women are left behind as 'mediocre' men rise to the top by 'imitating empathy' and playing internal politics in finance jobs, research shows.


UK Today News

16 Jun 2021

Less than half of firms meet target for women on boards.


The Agile Career Podcast

01 Jun 2021

Fiona Hathorn joins Gunter Richter to talk about the importance of boards in organisations, and how becoming a board member could enhance your career.


BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour

06 May 2021

Fiona Hathorn, Dambisa Moyo and Anya Hindmarch discuss the benefits of diversity in the boardroom for all companies on this week's Woman's Hour. 
Listen back to their discussion.


International Women’s Day: the Covid careers crisis

07 Mar 2021

quote Women on Boards on the gender pay gap in the UK


Diversity milestone as FTSE 350 bids farewell to all-male boards (again)

22 Feb 2021

BA-logo.pngquote Women on Boards as a count by diversity campaign group the 30% Club shows that there is now a woman on the board at every company in the FTSE 350.


Is it inevitable that the FTSE 350 is ahead on boardroom diversity?

19 Feb 2021

BA-logo-(1).pngpublish our comment piece arguing biggest does not need to be best in boardroom diversity, as research shows that smaller firms lag behind the FTSE 350.


Shareholder pressure gets women directors on US boards

02 Dec 2020

quote Women on Boards on progress on gender equality and the gender pay gap in the UK


Don’t let groupthink hold you back

27 Oct 2020

quote Women on Boards insight into managing diverse decision making in online board meetings.


Pledging For A Bright And Inclusive Future

02 Oct 2020

BA-logo-(1).png  consider ethnicity pay reporting and quote our views on the issues. 


In Conversation: The Way Forward

01 Sep 2020

Halsey-Keetch_321.png  feature our views on acheiving corporate gender equality in their flagship annual thought leadership publication "In Conversation". 


Why is there a progress gap between FTSE gender and ethnicity targets?

25 Aug 2020

BA-logo-(1).pngshare our analysis on progress against the gender and ethnicity targets for boards, and what should be done going forward. 


UK financial institutions failing to nurture a pipeline of senior female leaders

20 Aug 2020

include our CEO Fiona Hathorn's reaction to new Pipeline Survey's findings on female talent in the financial services sector. 


Finance is Female Spotlight series: Fiona Hathorn

04 Aug 2020

interview Women on Boards CEO Fiona Hathorn in their webinar series with significant figures who are making a difference in the banking and finance sector on gender equality.


Will your board step up for Black Lives Matter?

24 Jul 2020

feature Women on Boards insights on how boards should be responding to the challenges posed by the Black Lives Matter movement.


Business Spotlight: Karen Sharpe, Suffolk Agricultural Association

23 Jul 2020

ICAEW Chartered Accountants profile former PwC Director Karen Sharpe and her work as a non-executive - including support from Women on Boards.


'Misogynistic, macho culture' still dominates fund management

26 Jun 2020


include Fiona Hathorn's, (our CEO and former fund manager) views on the culture and diversity in the fund management industry.


How will Covid-19 impact diversity in UK business?

28 May 2020

BA-logo.pngarticle by our CEO Fiona Hathorn on how companies could react to the current crisis with regard to their Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. 


McKinsey diversity report highlights growing performance risk

19 May 2020

BA-logo.pngshare our views on new data strengthening the link between strong business outcomes and diverse boards. 


World Rugby condemned as 'old boys club' with more men called Brett on newly-selected executive than women

07 May 2020

telegraph-(1).pngquote Fiona Hathorn, our CEO, in a report on lack of diversity on World Rugby's board. 

Forget perfect: how to make decisions in uncertain times

05 May 2020

BA-logo-(1).pngarticle from our CEO Fiona Hathorn on how boards and executives teams should approach the Covid-19 crisis.


Equality is a business issue

09 Apr 2020

LBV.png quote Women on Boards on progress in gender equality in business. 



18 Mar 2020

HRD-31.pngshare Fiona Hathorn's take on a milestone year - and what Women on Boards are doing to celebrate.


International Women’s Day: Does it matter if only a handful of women chair FTSE 100 boards?

09 Mar 2020

ri.pngquote Women on Boards Chair Rowena Ironside on causes of gender disparity in Chair roles. 

Drapers Investigates: Getting women on board

06 Mar 2020

drapers-31.png spoke to Women on Boards as they investigated the lack of women in the fashion industry's boardrooms. 

Westminster Business Forum feature Rowena Ironside at seminar on Corporate Governance

26 Feb 2020

WBF-(2).jpg Rowena Ironside, Chair and co-founder of Women on Boards, spoke at Westminster Business Forum Keynote seminar looking at Corporate Governance in the UK.

Women on Boards CEO Fiona Hathorn joins Spktral as a non-executive director

12 Feb 2020

BitN.jpg report on Fiona Hathron's (our CEO and co-founder) appointment as a non-executive director for Spktral, a tech start-up looking at workplace inequality. 

Women hold a third of board roles at FTSE 100 firms

08 Feb 2020

bbc_news_logo-(1).jpg quote Women on Boards regarding progress in the FTSE 100 of numbers of female non-executive directors. We drew attention to 'glacial' progress on gender balance outside FTSE firms. 

FTSE 100 firms increase women board representation to a third, review finds

08 Feb 2020

 quote Women on boards as FTSE 100 firms reaching the target of 33% female board members. We highlighted 'glacial' progress on gender balance outside FTSE listed firms. 

Fiona Hathorn's letter to the FT

11 Dec 2019

FT3-1.jpg published our letter in response to their report claiming that companies suffer a decline in market value after appointing their first female director.


Our Chair Rowena Ironside speaks at conference to highlight steps to create gender balance

07 Dec 2019

Untitled.jpgWomen in Rail feature Women on Boards UK Chair and co-founder Rowena Ironside as a speaker at their annual conference.


Edinburgh tech firm nets funding deal to help tackle inequality

26 Nov 2019

scotsmans-(2).jpg includes Women on Boards' comments as Spktral, a tech company helping organisations simplify the gender pay gap reporting process, completes a seed investment round. 

Women Leaders in Finance Podcast with Fiona Hathorn

19 Oct 2019

WLiF-(1).jpgpodcast features Women on Boards co-founder and CEO, Fiona Hathorn. She discusses how family background shapes future female leaders and inspiring women to pursue non-executive roles.

New Partnership with CityAM - visit the WOB UK Hub in CityAM's Leadership section online

20 Sep 2019

Women on Boards CityAM

We're delighted to announce the launch of the WOB UK Leadership Hub on CityAM's website this week.
You might have already seen Fiona Hathorn's column in Tuesday's CityAM newspaper that day on "Does Your Diversity Strategy Deliver?". If not, you can read it here

Insead interview with Rowena Ironside of WOB UK

18 Sep 2019

Leading from the Chair: Building the skills for the next stage of your career.
 Rowena Ironside, chair and co-founder of Women on Boards UK, talks to Insead about the leading-edge thinking, the tools, insights and frameworks that Leading from the Chair delivers to address the exciting and manifold challenges ahead.

Cranfield University's Women to Watch 2019 - spotlight on BAME board talent of the future

15 Jul 2019

Fifty leading female professionals from Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds are highlighted in the 2019 Women to Watch supplement, published annually by Cranfield University’s School of Management alongside the Female FTSE Board Report. The Female FTSE Board Report, launched today, reveals that only 11% of women on FTSE 100 boards are from BAME backgrounds.

The rise of the virtual assistant

31 May 2019


WOB's Fiona Hathorn is just one of the senior managers interviewed in HR Director magazine whose working life has been transformed by her virtual assistant Christina.

Fiona Hathorn: Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women on Boards

28 May 2019


The joint founder and managing director of Women on Boards UK explains how the organisation is supporting and preparing women to take on trustee roles.

Miner Ferrexpo urged to appoint a woman to its board after its sole female non-executive director quits

22 May 2019


Ferrexpo has been urged to appoint a woman to its board after resignations prompted by a charity scandal made it the third FTSE 350 firm to only have male directors.

33% of organisations fail to provide a link to their gender pay gap report

13 Apr 2019

Analysis undertaken by has shown that 33% of the 8,237 private and voluntary organisations that have submitted their gender pay gap data have failed to provide a link to their gender pay gap reports on the government website in this reporting year. Government guidelines stipulate that private and voluntary organisations are required to submit their gender pay gap metrics in addition to a report which is published on their website. A link to the report should also be submitted to the government website along with the statutory metrics. 

UK fund board overhaul rules must be stricter to achieve 'substantial change'

05 Apr 2019


Industry commentators (including WOB's Fiona Hathorn) have warned the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) requirements for all UK open-ended funds to have at least two or 25% of independent non-executive directors (iNEDs) on their boards will not "transform the industry" and does not go far enough.

Why joining a board could be the best thing you ever do for your career

28 Feb 2019


Clare Wiley’s career was transformed when she joined a board in her 20s. Here, she explains why she did it – and outlines how you can take this career-enhancing step, too. WOB's Fiona Hathorn comments.

Only 1,000 organisations report their gender pay gap

14 Feb 2019

With just under two months to go until the second gender pay gap reporting deadline on 4 April 2019, only 1,000 or around 10.5 per cent of the total number of organisations expected to submit their data have done so.

Collaborative Leadership

25 Jan 2019

Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of Women on Boards, explains to City Parents the skills involved in managing disagreement and what collaborative leadership really looks like.

Success for women in the boardroom, but not necessarily as Chair or CEO

15 Dec 2018

The latest Hampton-Alexander review reveals that women have reached a major milestone on FTSE 100 boards, but still fail to win CEO or chair positions in significant numbers.

Can your leaders cope with being challenged?

28 Nov 2018

Guest author Fiona Hathorn of WOB UK gives tips in FCA Insight on how leaders can become better listeners.

".... if the norm in a board room is that the loudest voice gets heard, then the environment plays a key role in signalling whether diverse a boardand non-dominant voices will be willing (or able) to contribute in a meaningful way."

One in four UK gender pay gap reports found to be non-compliant

16 Oct 2018

Analysis undertaken by workforce data analytics specialists Staffmetrix, has shown that one in four organisations that have submitted gender pay gap reports for the 2018/19 reporting period failed to submit reports that conform to UK government guidelines. 

Advertise for directors to elevate more women to boards, says FT

03 Oct 2018

This week an article in the FT called for wider advertising of vacancies for board roles, something that WOB UK have been asking for many years : "Turn on the floodlights".


Government refuses to change gender pay gap rules

17 Sep 2018


Calls to force law firms, accountants and other partnerships to reveal gender pay gaps have been snubbed by the government, causing upset among MPs and campaigners who had sought to strengthen existing regulations. The government said on Thursday said that it would not change gender pay gap reporting for five years in spite of a recommendation by the Commons Treasury select committee for the law to be extended to equity partners and company subsidiaries with fewer than 250 employees.

WOB's Fiona Hathorn comments.


30 Aug 2018

Rowena Ironside, Chair of Women on boards and Non-Executive member of Cabinet Office Constitution Group examines what public bodies can do to improve the diversity of their boards, writing for the Public Chairs' Forum.

Female bosses locked out of boardrooms, Cranfield School of Management study shows

17 Jul 2018

“With the number of executive women actually falling in the FTSE 250, it is clear to me that there is very little effective and collaborative leadership happening in the UK, regardless of the number of women on the board,” said Fiona Hathorn of the networking organisation Women on Boards UK.

Samira Ahmed's Incredible 'Question Time' Job Application Is Inspiration For Us All

20 Jun 2018

Journalist and broadcaster Samira Ahmed has put herself forward to be considered as the next presenter of BBC’s ‘Question Time’, by listing her achievements and suitability for the role on Twitter.

"Stop treating women like fragile flowers"

01 Jun 2018

Fiona Hathorn of WOB UK in today's FT : Fiona Hathorn, chief executive of Women on Boards UK, a networking organisation, urged businesses to “think laterally” and advertise for board roles more transparently.

 “Stop treating women like fragile flowers and excluding them from information,” she said.

“All the ‘good’ women have been snapped up” is just one excuse for lack of women in FTSE boardrooms

01 Jun 2018

“All the ‘good’ women have been snapped up” has been revealed as just one of the excuses given for the lack of women in FTSE boardrooms.

Businesses also claimed that women “don’t fit in” in a boardroom, or that they simply “didn’t want the hassle of sitting on a board.”

The excuses, given by leading businesses to explain the lack of female representation on boards, were revealed in a government-backed review of gender balance in the FTSE 350.

These Women Are Bored Of Your Sh*t Boardroom Chat

31 May 2018


'As you read this list of excuses you might think it’s 1918 not 2018.'

Some of the country’s biggest companies think women simply don’t “fit in” to boardrooms - and women on boards are calling bullshit. 

In a new list of the top 10 excuses given by FTSE 350 companies for their boardroom gender gap, it’s been revealed some execs think “most women don’t want the hassle or pressure of sitting on a board”, the issues discussed are “too complex” for women and all the best women have already been “snapped up”.

Top 10 worst excuses for not appointing women executives

31 May 2018


Women don't fit in, don't want the hassle, and struggle with "complex issues".

Those are just some of the reasons given for not appointing women to FTSE company boards, according to a report on gender balance.

The government-backed Hampton-Alexander Review called it shocking, while a minister branded the excuses "pitiful".

Women fund managers outperform men — but are still paid less

23 May 2018

Female fund managers consistently outperform their male counterparts, according to figures which suggest there is entrenched sexism in the City.

Hedge funds run by women grew nearly twice as fast as the industry average in the past year, while female managers have also outperformed male managers over three, five and ten years.

Despite this, only one in 20 hedge funds employs female managers, and the overwhelming majority of top earners at the biggest hedge funds are men.

Gender pay gap at UK's biggest supermarkets is 12%

27 Apr 2018

Data across the 10 largest grocers shows a gap of just below the national average at 12%. Fiona Hathorn comments.

Getting Board Ready as a Trustee

25 Apr 2018

Heidi Smith has recently been appointed to a Board of Trustees.  This post describes her experience and some tips in terms of getting Board Ready.


Fiona Hathorn on Sky Sports Sportswomen

11 Apr 2018

On today's Sportswomen the Sky Sports programme discussed the Gender Pay Gap in Sport with WOB UK's MD Fiona Hathorn.


Gender Pay Gap Reporting - What now for you?

11 Apr 2018

Following the publishing of the UK’s corporate Gender Pay Gap data, a number of our individual subscribers, who are not corporate members, have been in touch to ask ‘what now’? They have seen their company’s top line numbers, are not impressed, and are wondering what they can or should do to further the careers of women/minorities in their companies. Too many are telling us that they have no further information on their division’s, or department’s gender pay gap data, and are fearful of asking for a breakdown for a whole host of reasons. 

Why the influence of Women on Boards Still Lags

08 Apr 2018

A feature article by Kimberly A. Whitler (@KimWhitler) who is an assistant professor of business administration at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.
Why the influence of Women on Boards still lags?

You are never too young to join a board

07 Apr 2018

Adding a board or committee appointment to your CV is a sure way of drawing attention and validating your capabilities whilst catapulting your career up the ladder of success. 

Individuals that join boards, even of very small organisations, are able to use their experience & skills to influence an organisation whilst at the same time gaining exposure to a wide range of issues and building confidence, expertise and networks. Holly Alsop joined the board of the British Association of Nature Conservationalists with WOB UK's help.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Deadline - Media Featuring Fiona Hathorn of WOB UK

06 Apr 2018

Over the past few weeks, the looming gender pay gap reporting deadline has kept Fiona Hathorn, MD of WOB UK, very busy. We have been asked to comment by the Radio 4's Today programme,  BBC News, JazzFM's Business Breakfast show as well as input to Newsnight's programme on the subject. You can read and listen to some of that coverage featuring Fiona, here.

Gender Pay Gap Cynicism and the need for Proxy Metrics

05 Apr 2018


By: Fiona Hathorn, WOB UK's MD : Fiona's view on the need for 'Proxy Metrics' and not just blanket targets for women in senior management.

Cynicism is setting in across the corporate world, and middle manager men, who are feeling threatened, believe that their chances of being promoted are now zero because of their organisations' headline targets for women. This is clearly not the case, but nonetheless there are too many companies who are setting ridiculous headline targets for women in senior management that are not achievable, given low turnover at the top.
What companies need to do to 'shift the needle' as regards women in senior management, is to identify precise actions that will bring about change within ttheir individual companies. High-level metrics are relatively slow moving because the tenure of incumbents is usually quite long. In some businesses, senior executive team members stay for decades. While it may be good for businesses, it’s a significant challenge for gender balance progress. To read the full article click on the headline above.

Revealed: women make up 22% of fund leadership teams

24 Mar 2018

Men occupy 78 per cent of management positions at Europe’s largest asset managers, revealing the scale of the problem facing firms under pressure to make their senior leadership teams more diverse.
Ignites Europe research shows that women represent just 22 per cent of senior management teams across 50 of Europe’s largest asset managers.

Investment banks face fury over gender pay gap

04 Mar 2018


New disclosure rules may force some investment banks to reveal that they pay men twice as much as women, according to a campaigner for equality in business.

Fiona Hathorn, a former investment director for Old Mutual who is now managing director of Women On Boards UK, said many big banks are wrestling with how to present their gender pay gap data.

Five out of six UK companies fail to submit gender pay gap data

04 Mar 2018

Only one-sixth of UK employers have submitted their gender pay gap data to the government, with just a month to go before the deadline for reporting the figures. Employers with 250 or more staff have to report the gap between what they pay their female and male employees for the first time this year. Public sector employers must report by the end of March, while private companies and charities have until April 4. Fiona Hathorn is quoted in this feature.

Still an old boys' club? Questions over 'male- centric' industry socials

27 Feb 2018

When Fiona Hathorn, former global equities head at Old Mutual Asset Management and now MD of WOB UK, started out in the fund management industry in the 1980s she identified a way to advance her career: play golf.

Ms Hathorn says she realised within six months of becoming a fund manager that the fact she did not play sport meant she was “missing out” on key networking opportunities that were benefiting her male colleagues.The determined Ms Hathorn decided to take things into her own hands and learn to play golf.

Presidents Club: Networking as a woman in the City

27 Jan 2018


Fiona Hathorn of WOB UK tells the BBC her stories of networking as a woman in the City and explains how events need to change.

The Art of Writing an Executive Summary

01 Jan 2018

Image result for Mary-sue rogers images
I would have written you something shorter but…
Writing an executive summary is one of the skills that I believe that all employees who have a desire for management should acquire. Unfortunately, in these days of text, bots, email and Google search (aka cut and paste) the ability to create a compelling, short executive summary is a dying skill.

The Art of Writing an Executive Summary

01 Jan 2018

Image result for Mary-sue rogers images
I would have written you something shorter but…
Writing an executive summary is one of the skills that I believe that all employees who have a desire for management should acquire. Unfortunately, in these days of text, bots, email and Google search (aka cut and paste) the ability to create a compelling, short executive summary is a dying skill.

The Art of Writing an Executive Summary

01 Jan 2018

Image result for Mary-sue rogers images
I would have written you something shorter but…
Writing an executive summary is one of the skills that I believe that all employees who have a desire for management should acquire. Unfortunately, in these days of text, bots, email and Google search (aka cut and paste) the ability to create a compelling, short executive summary is a dying skill.

The Art of Writing an Executive Summary

01 Jan 2018

Image result for Mary-sue rogers images
I would have written you something shorter but…
Writing an executive summary is one of the skills that I believe that all employees who have a desire for management should acquire. Unfortunately, in these days of text, bots, email and Google search (aka cut and paste) the ability to create a compelling, short executive summary is a dying skill.

There’s no merit in untapped female talent for board roles

01 Dec 2017

We may know the benefits of gender diversity in theory, but in reality there are still too few women on boards. Setting targets and challenging unconscious bias could help, argues Fiona Hathorn, MD of Women on Boards in this month's Board Agenda magazine.


Westminster Business Forum - The future for corporate governance

08 Nov 2017

Read the text of a speech Rowena Ironside, Chair of WOB UK, gave at Westminster Business Forum on  "The future for corporate governance - shareholder influence, boardroom composition and options for reform.".


Evening Standard chooses Fiona Hathorn's "Quote of the day"

25 Oct 2017

The London Evening Standard enjoyed Fiona Hathorn MD of WOB  UK's interview on Radio 5 Live this morning so much, they featured a quote as their Quote of the day.

Fiona Hathorn on Radio 5 Live "Wake up to Money"

25 Oct 2017

Listen to Fiona Hathorn, MD of WOB UK, talk to Radio 5 Live's "Wake up to Money" programme about workplace culture, sexual harrassment, diversity and inclusion and the gender pay gap.

100 Women: Is the gender pay gap in sport really closing?

23 Oct 2017

"Women are far more visible in sports today than at any previous point in history," says UN Women in a statement. Yet the pace of change is so slow that it will take "a long journey" to reach pay parity at the top level, experts say.

"We are making progress, but it is happening at a glacial pace," says Fiona Hathorn, managing director of advocacy group Women on Boards."The sport world is very, very male dominated still and the disparities in some sports are shocking."

I would like to get a Non Executive Director role

23 Oct 2017

By: Mary-Sue Rogers, WOB Non-Executive-Director. Mary-Sue Roger's top summary of the lessons learned and things you can do to help improve your chances of appointment to a NED position for a listed organisation.
I have recently been to several networking events that focused on “how do I get on to a board as a non-executive”?  The supply of individuals, with significant experience and qualifications, outstrips the demand for non-executive directors (NED) especially at the listed company end of the market.  And the challenge for talented women to get appointed to an FTSE board is even more of an uphill battle.  

The race is on to find top NEDs and Fiona Hathorn joins judging panel

01 Oct 2017

The Non-Executive Director of the Year awards for 2018 opened for nominations this weekend. The judging panel with some past winners: front row, from left, Richard Taylor, Sandrine Roseberg, Barbara Scott, Sir Roger Carr, Fiona Hathorn, Iain Dey, Professor Susan Vinnicombe and Steven Fine; back row, from left, Patrick Evershed, Malcolm McKenzie, David Croisdale-Appleby, Iain Newman, Sir Win Bischoff and Roger McDowell.

WOB welcomes INSEAD

10 Jul 2017

Women on Boards is proud to be partnering with leading graduate school, INSEAD, to raise awareness of its International Director's Programme. Offered the opportunity early in 2017, WOB is delighted to recommend this programme as a great way to upgrade your international governance credentials and network.

Rowena Ironside writes a letter to her younger self for CEO Magazine

28 Apr 2017

The Chair of Women on Boards UK, Rowena Ironside, looks back on her career to pen an inspiring letter of business advice to her younger self.

Read article

If you haven't seen these very funny (and very effective) videos, do find 5 minutes.

26 Apr 2017

If you haven't seen these very funny (and very effective) videos from BPW Europe Business & Professional Women - Europe do find 5 minutes and give yourself a treat. There are some typos as English isn't their first language, but enjoy nevertheless.

NED Awards 2017 in association with Peel Hunt

15 Mar 2017

Fiona Hathorn joins the other distinguished judges at the 2017 NED Awards, in association with Peel Hunt. "We are living in an era where the importance of Non-Executives is growing, where their influence resonates across media, politics, company boardrooms and all aspects of corporate governance."

Fiona Hathorn talks about being a "powerful woman" and role models

12 Feb 2017

Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of WOB UK, talks about having the ability to influence, why role models are important, and what she would say to her younger self.

Parliamentlive.TV featuring Rowena Ironside

20 Dec 2016

Rowena Ironside, Chair of WOB UK, was asked to contribute to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee on Corporate Governance.

Watch the video here

Growing ranks of female finance directors boost board diversity. Fiona Hathorn comments in the FT.

19 Dec 2016

Jessica Uhl, Royal Dutch Shell’s newly-appointed chief financial officer, joins the growing ranks of women rising to the boardroom via the finance route, a trend that could boost the low number of female chief executives in future.

FTSE Boards gloomy about economy but no plans to relocate post-Brexit

12 Dec 2016

A survey of FTSE 350 companies by ICSA the Governance Institute, out today, finds boards deeply pessimistic about the economy, with 72% of respondents expecting economic conditions to deteriorate, but firmly committed to remaining in the UK despite the vote to leave the European Union. Rowena Ironside, Chair of WOB UK comments in the article on the research findings on gender diversity.

Download the report here.


CBI Conference 2016

21 Nov 2016

Good to see so many of WOB UK's tweets finding their way onto the main screen at CBI 2016!

Fair shares for women still a long way off?

21 Sep 2016

Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of WOB UK, talks to The Times about Emma Walmsley's appointment as CEO of GlaxoSmithKline.

Fiona Hathorn on Sky Sports News

21 Sep 2016

Women on Boards UK's Managing Director Fiona Hathorn is interviewed on Sky Sports News Sportswomen programme about WOB's Gender Balance in Global Sport Report published this month, September 2016.
Watch the video here

Serena Williams does not expect gender pay gap to reduce anytime soon, Sky Sports

21 Sep 2016

Serena Williams is the highest paid sportswoman on the planet but her annual earnings of £6.7m pale in comparison to the £42.2m earned by Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo last year, according to Forbes. Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of Women on Boards comments on the reasons why this is the case and what needs to change to ensure equality in pay. 

Read the article here.

Fiona Hathorn on BBC World News

20 Sep 2016

On September 20th 2016, Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of WOB UK, was interviewed by BBC World News to give her views on Emma Walmsley becoming CEO of GSK and joining the small minority of female CEOs in the FTSE 100. 
Watch the video here

Fiona Hathorn on Sky Sports Sportswomen

20 Sep 2016

Women on Boards' Fiona Hathorn is this week's guest on Sky Sports Sportswomen where she discusses latest research on the number of women currently serving on National Governing Bodies boards and the huge gender pay gap in sport.

Read the article here.

Fiona Hathorn on JazzFM Business Breakfast

04 Aug 2016

Fiona Hathorn gives her views on outgoing Executive Chairman Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi's recent statement that the debate about gender is ‘over’ and he didn’t spend ‘any time’ on the issue in his company

Watch the video here.

Rowena Ironside judges First Women Awards

22 Jun 2016

The First Women Awards is the UK’s leading awards programme for senior-level business women and professionals. In 2016 Rowena Ironside, Chair of WOB UK, joined the judging panel.

Fiona Hathorn interviewed by Her Invitation

03 Jun 2016

Read Fiona's advice on how to rise to the top and what it means to be a Powerful Woman. 

Cyber Risks Board Panel Discussion

06 May 2016

Panel discussion on the scale and nature of the risks and vulnerabilities and the practical steps necessary for businesses to build resilience to cyber risks, featuring Rowena Ironside, Chair of WOB UK

Cracking the Diversity Challenge | Morgan McKinley

19 Apr 2016

Morgan McKinley Maidenhead held their first Diversity event in the UK on Tuesday, 19th April 2016 with keynote speaker Fiona Hathorn on WOB UK. Watch the video here.

Fiona Hathorn on Why Gender Pay Gap Reporting Matters

14 Apr 2016

Is gender pay reporting really any more than a “tick the box” exercise? Fiona Hathorn, managing director, Women on Boards, investigates and speaks at Reward Live 2016.

Women Returners : Back to Your Future

24 Mar 2016

The Equality and Human Rights Commission have just released their new report on board appointment practices in the UK’s largest 350 listed firms. More than 60% of these firms have not met a voluntary target of 25% female board members. 

JazzFM Business Breakfast on Financial Sector Bonuses

23 Mar 2016

Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of Women on Boards (UK) talks about her views on proposals to link financial sector bonuses to the number of women on boards.

International Women’s Day Q&A: Rowena Ironside

08 Mar 2016

To celebrate International Women's Day, Digital Catapult asked various women in tech for their views. In this blog post, Rowena Ironside, Chair of WOB UK and Non-Executive Director at the Digital Catapult, shares her thoughts.

Gender diversity: Female business leaders explain the changes they want to see

13 Feb 2016

'The biggest challenge is retention and promotion'. And let’s make sure the impetus isn’t lost, says Fiona Hathorn, MD of Women on Boards UK.

WIFM poll backs gender-balanced boardrooms

18 Jan 2016

More than 70 per cent of those attending the BIFM Women in FM conference believe that targets should be enacted to ensure a more gender-balanced boardroom, according to a poll taken at the event. 

Gender Diversity at Board Level - Recruitment Industry

19 Nov 2015

Gender equality at board level: how does the recruitment industry fare? The proportion of women in top-level roles is very much on the agenda once again, spurred on by various industry reports, latest quotas and workplace trends. 

WOB on the BBC News

29 Oct 2015

BBC News interview with Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of WOB UK on Lord Davies' 5 year summary update report on gender equality in the boardroom.
Watch the video clip here.

Fear of the unknown prevents diversity in the boardroom

19 Oct 2015

Fear of the unknown prevents diversity in the boardroom, says Fiona Hathorn. HR needs to switch off the spotlight and turn on the floodlights to find new talent.

Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of WOB UK, joins the judging panel for the Sunday Times NED Awards.

18 Oct 2015

Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of WOB UK, joins the judging panel for the Sunday Times NED Awards. WOB UK is now one of the six judges for each NED category - FTSE, charity, public sector, unlisted and AIM. 

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