Would you benefit from support and guidance to realise your board potential? 

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Our Getting Started: Realising your Board Potential workshop is designed for anyone considering their first non executive director board role or seeking to add a new NED role to their portfolio.  A fast-paced tour through everything you need to know about directorship and how to do yourself justice as a candidate, along with strategies for including board work in your career - whether you are 25 or 65.

And don't be fooled by the name, this workshop is not just for beginners. It will provide valuable insights and inspiration even if you have already sat on several boards.

Many of us are convinced that we have the skills and wisdom to contribute to the boardroom as non-executives or trustees, but don't know enough about the role or the board recruitment process to position ourselves to get there.  Others are intrigued by the possibility of having a real impact on society through directorship, but need convincing that their experience is transferable to the boardroom, along with some insights into how to access the roles.  If either of these sounds like you, you will enjoy this workshop and leave with a renewed commitment to finding a position.

The workshop is practical, strategic and interactive, with content carefully refined from many years of working with hundreds of women to get into the boardroom. It is about providing you with the information and self-belief to take the next steps in your board career. 

Our online Getting Started workshop comprises a two hour webinar, followed by an interactive Zoom session to offer constructive feedback and allow for discussion amoung a supportive group of women all seeking to progress their career.