How can you make an impact in the boardroom and be taken seriously as a non-executive? 

With the stereotype of a non-executive being a retired, white male, women often have to work harder to see themselves and been seen as a voice of authority in the boardroom. Our support on Presence and Communication shares practical, research-based techniques to enhance your personal style as a NED (current or future!). We will help you to increase your impact, influence and confidence in the boardroom to truely reach your potential. 

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Impact and Influence Masterclass


Strong communication skills are essential to your effectiveness in the boardroom.  This 2-hour online workshop is designed for senior managers who want to improve their impact and influence in the boardroom and/or other key strategic settings.  It is designed to give you the skills and strategies to take control of your impact in the virtual environment (and beyond!), build resilience and perform effectively at this level.

The workshop is highly interactive and amongst the many areas we will cover will be:

  • Focus of attention (what distracts us or makes us feel uncomfortable with online communication)
  • Energy levels & the impact of our face and voice (which are all amplified on screens!)
  • Online etiquette – successfully interjecting/adding/summarising without those usual real-world cues
  • Handling Q&A with good content

The workshop will be led by former BBC presenter Stephanie Hughes. 

NB: This Masterclass is limited to just six participants and books well in advance. Check the full Events Calendar for future sessions with availability. 

>> See below for upcoming events or browse our full Events Calendar