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Date Thursday, 17 September 2020
Time 17 Sep 9:00 - 17 Sep 13:00
Venue Fidelity International, 4 Cannon Street, London Greater London EC4M 5AB, United Kingdom
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Strong communication skills are essential to your effectiveness in the boardroom.  This half-day workshop is designed for senior managers who want to improve their impact and influence in the boardroom and/or other key strategic settings.  It is designed to give you the skills and strategies to take control of your impact, build resilience and perform effectively at this level.
The workshop is highly interactive and amongst the many exercises will include filming and reviewing each of the attendees. The session will cover:

  • Personal impact: are you creating the right/best impression
  • Confidence: how can you increase your leadership presence in key meetings
  • Content: shaping convincing arguments and being concise
  • Handling Q&A: effective strategies for both delivering and receiving questions
  • Dealing with stress/nerves: techniques to put you in control

The workshop will be led by former BBC presenter Stephanie Hughes. 
The skills needed to come across with confidence, in whatever situation, are something that Stephanie has direct experience of, having presented for national TV and radio for nearly two decades and run her own communication skills company for 10 years.  Her methods don't come from a textbook, but from real life.  She also has specialist coaching skills in the area of dealing with stress/nerves and has a deep understanding or what is needed to keep a clear head and stay in control of meetings/interviews when "the heat is on". She has several simple, clear exercises to help you stay confident and motivated even when the scenario is far from easy. For more information on Stephanie and her work. For more infotmation on Stephanie and her work, visit Stephanie Hughes Communication Skills Coaching.
The workshop price includes a 1-hour follow-up session with Stephanie. This 1-on-1 follow up can be scheduled shortly after the workshop, if for example you are preparing for a key meeting or interview. Or at a later date to suit your requirements.
Due to the highly interactive nature, this workshop is limited to 6 participants.
Timings: 9am - 1pm
Follow-up support: The price includes a 60-minute follow up phone-call with Stephanie, to work on an area of your choice.


Comments from past attendees:

“Stephanie was fantastic. She led the session with diplomacy, wit and honesty which put everyone at ease and allowed for all attendees to contribute effectively.”

 “I left feeling energised, more confident, and ready to go out and try some new techniques.”

“Really useful and also good fun - the latter was definitely an added bonus which I hadn’t expected! I loved some of the techniques we practised ... and found the group of 6 to be ideal as it was supportive but also good to see other people in action too.
Overall I was delighted with the course and wished I’d done it 10 years ago!”

“Your tips and guidance really hit home for me and I came away feeling hopeful and energised, with a whole bunch of notes.”

 “I have been at [my organisation] for three months now and today had to give a big presentation to the senior team. I went back over my notes from our session and prepared well, including mental prep. And it went so well, amazing feedback from some very different stakeholders.
As I paid for the session myself, I can honestly say it was money very well spent, worth every penny.”


With thanks to our event host, Fidelity International