Board CV Support

Does your CV do justice to the value you will add to the boardroom - and is it in the format recruiters want to see?

"NED CVs matter. They are not career bios. No, you will not get recruited purely on your CV … It is the interview that really matters. But the NED CV can be the enabler.” Paul Drechsler CBE, President of the CBI & Portfolio NED

We offer insight and practical help to ensure your Board CV truely does you justice as a candidate. Our Board CV Masterclass is a highly practical, in-depth session (with 1-on-1 follow up) for those targeting the more competitive board roles. Our Board CV Review webinar offers top tips and advice, looking at real Board CVs selected from the participants. Whichever suits your needs, you will gain understanding to be able to put yourself in a better position to secure a non-executive role.

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Board CV Masterclass



What will you bring to the boardroom? Can you articulate it in just a few crisp sentences? How does your ‘pitch’ come across to your network and head hunters?

This is what you will get from our Board CV Masterclass. Yes, you will put your boardroom value-add on your CV in the format that hits home with recruiters. But you will also include it in your LinkedIn profile and have it at the tip of your tongue to promote yourself within your network. And perhaps of most value, is the honest and constructive feedback on it you will receive from people who are in your corner.

In a dynamic group of just 12 others seeking board roles, you will be guided by experienced female NEDs with recruitment experience (either as a former headhunter or board member). Included is a 1-on-1 follow up call to gain individual feedback on your draft. 

Board CV Review Webinar

Writing a non-executive CV that gives you the best chance of securing the all-important interview requires insight into what board members actually do and what recruiters look for. We can help.

During this 45 minute interactive webinar we will review up to four *real* Board CVs, selected at random from the webinar participants (with agreement) to illustrate what works and what might need more consideration. You will come away with a clear understanding of how you can best approach the task of writing (or editing) your own Board CV to ensure it does you justice as a candidate. 

You can join the webinar with or without a draft Board CV. It is suitable for those who would welcome some further insight to refine their Board CV and those who are just considering how to start pulling together their important document. 

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