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Women on Boards has several masterclasses to help you compete successfully for and succeed in board and leadership roles: Board CV Masterclass ; Impact and Influence .

Board CV Masterclass

"NED CVs matter. They are not career bios. No, you will not get recruited purely on your CV … It is the interview that really matters. But the NED CV can be the enabler.” Paul Drechsler CBE, President of the CBI & Portfolio NED

What will you bring to the boardroom? Can you articulate it in just a few crisp sentences? How does your ‘pitch’ come across to your network and head hunters?

This is what you will get from our Board CV Masterclass. Yes, you will put your boardroom value-add on your CV in the format that hits home with recruiters. But you will also include it in your LinkedIn profile and have it at the tip of your tongue to promote yourself within your network. And perhaps of most value, is the honest and constructive feedback on it you will receive from people who are in your corner.

In a small dynamic group of professionals seeking board roles, you will be guided by Women on Boards’ chair and portfolio NED Rowena Ironside and ex-head hunter and NED Alison Thorne. Only you can do justice to the experience gained throughout your whole career, but they will show you how to frame it in the language of the boardroom and the format recruiters want to see.

You will have a 1-on-1 call with Alison to understand how your ‘sales pitch’ comes across and where it needs some refinement. This will be at a time of mutual convenience, after you have had a chance to complete your draft.

This Masterclass is a key investment to make for those seeking a new board role, particularly those targeting more competitive positions. If you are completely new to non-executive work, we recommend you attend our Getting Started workshop prior to this Masterclass.

This Masterclass is limited to just 16 attendees and includes:

  • The structure, length and language of a Board CV
  • Some Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to demonstrate you can operate at director level
  • Understanding your board capabilities and points of difference
  • Linking your value-add to a NED role specification
  • Applying the concepts to write your new capability-based Board CV
  • Showcasing your offer in cover letters and your LinkedIn profile
  • 1-on-1 feedback on your finalised Board CV (at a time of mutual convenience)

Comments from 2018 participants:

“Finally, I’ve got the insight needed to create a winning CV that will increase the chances of landing my first proper NED role.”

“An excellent investment in myself.”
“Invaluable after decades of doing and delivering in an Exec role”
“Practical, focused, encouraging.”


Impact and Influence Masterclass

Strong communication skills are essential to effectiveness throughout your career, not just in the boardroom. We have two versions of our popular Impact and Influence Masterclass, one targeted at women moving into senior leadership who want to develop their personal brand and impact and the second for women at board level or about to take on their first board role whose focus is impact and effectiveness in the boardroom.

These masterclasses are led by former BBC presenter Stephanie Hughes.  The skills needed to come across with confidence, in whatever situation, are something that Stephanie has direct experience of, having presented for national TV and radio for nearly two decades and run her own communication skills company for 10 years.  

Impact and Influence: Communicating with Confidence

The skills to communicate effectively and with confidence are important throughout your career. This half-day workshop is designed for individuals who are moving into senior leadership positions or simply want to improve their ability to communicate with impact and exert real influence in key meetings; and/or to develop their personal brand.

Impact and Influence: Building Boardroom Presence

This half-day workshop is designed for senior managers who want to improve their impact and influence in the boardroom and/or other key strategic settings.  It is designed to give you the skills and strategies to take control of your impact, build resilience and perform effectively at this level.  

Both workshops are highly interactive and explore in depth the business of having impact and influence. Among the many exercises, Stephanie will include filming and reviewing each of the attendees.  As a result, each workshop is limited to 6 people.

Watch this video to find out more information about our Impact and Influence Masterclass:

"Brilliant practical course in a very friendly environment, far superior to any other course I have attended; would definitely come to another WOB course on the back of it.

“I have been at my company for three months now and today had to give a big  presentation to the senior team on progress to date. I went back over my notes from our session, thought hard about the various stakeholders and what they would be looking for, prepared well, including mental prep just before the session. Even did the winners pose. One of the things I reminded myself about was a compliment you paid me in our bigger session which also put me in the right mindset. And it went so well, amazing feedback from some very different stakeholders. As I paid for the session myself, I can honestly say it was money very well spent, worth every penny.”
 July 2017
“Stephanie was great and the group really worked nicely together throughout the morning. I think we all got a lot out of it. Stephanie had a great analogy re tennis and focusing on the next point which I am aiming to do. Thank you.“
April 17

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. Thank you Stephanie and WOB - top class!”  June 14
“ I have to say I thought the training was fantastic. I have my first NHS Board interview on Tuesday so will be putting what I have learnt to the test.”
June 14

"I've attended so many events, courses and workshops in my career and there have been many times I leave feeling disappointed or how better I could've spent my time. But not this time, I left feeling inspired, positive and raring to "go-do"! A great group, a great leader and a great big thanks to WOB for hosting."

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