Market Place for Directors

PLEASE NOTE => In addition to the above 3 event 'lists' we also have a SPORT's Boards List. See below to register for this list and for information about the background to why we have created them. This is a link to the Sports List.


We understand that our members are often looking for board roles in particular sectors. To help ensure that you receive updates about what is going on in sectors that interest you and are notified of new roles in those sectors, WOB have launched a new service called 'Marketplace for Directors'. 

Please ignore the dates of these events, this is not technically an event. By joining one or more of WOB's 'Marketplace for Directors' events you are actually adding your name (joining) to a list of individuals you are signing up to receive specific alerts about events related to this marketplace and/ or about a specific board position within this sector. Sectors that are currently covered include:

  • WOB UK Public Sector - click here
  • WOB UK FTSE (formerly our 'Top 50' group) - click here
  • WOB UK Sport - click here
  • WOB UK Finance - click here
  • WOB UK Arts & Charities - click here

If you have an interest in joining one or more of these marketplaces simply register for the Market Place event for the sectors that are of interest to you. You'll then be added to a new mailing group and tipped off every now and again with information relating to that sector.