Getting to the C-Suite: Getting to the C-Suite - Full programme

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Date Wednesday, 25 September 2019
Time 25 Sep 8:30 - 25 Sep 12:30
Venue TBA London London Greater London United Kingdom
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£ 3000 Subscribed Member
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Getting to the C-Suite Programme

This programme will help you step forward with confidence to make the transition into the executive suite and other leadership roles. It will enhance your leadership skills and also build your ability and confidence to take the next step in your career. Find out more about the programme design and impact overall. 

The programme comprises 6 half-day modules which are usually completed over a 6 to 8 month period. They are delivered by leadership consultants BroadReach. Scroll down for dates and a content overview. Participants can expect to gain the following benefits:

  • Skills enhancement drawing on leading research into what is demanded at the C-suite level;
  • A range of practical tools, tips and techniques that can be applied immediately in the workplace;
  • Follow up monthly briefings and learning alerts as part of a global alumni network;
  • A clear understanding of what it means to “be strategic";
  • New change-leadership competencies to bring people with you. 

The programme attracts a cross-sector cohort of senior female executives and those leading from a non-executive position. Many receive full or part sponsorship from their employer as participants integrate their newly acquired insights and practical tools into their current role immediately and build on them progressively over the course of the programme. It is limited to 20 participants, who become part of the programmes' global alumni network.

Module dates

  - Leading Strategically             Module 1               25th September 2019       9am - 12:30pm
  - Leading Collaboratively        Module 2               30th October 2019             9am - 12:30pm
  - Leading Change                     Module 3              20th November 2019          9am - 12:30pm
  - Leading Effectively                 Module 4              22nd January 2020               9am - 12:30pm
  - Leading Purposefully             Module 5              26th February 2020               9am - 12.30pm
  - C-Suite Challenge                  Module 6              24th March 2020                   9am - 12.30pm

Modules take place a range of locations in central London. We do our best to accommodate a limited number of transfers in the case of diary clashes. 

Content overview

Leading Strategically - Module 1

  • Become crystal clear on what it means to ‘be strategic’ as a senior leader.
  • Learn how strategic thinking, strategic planning and implementation combine for project success.
  • Get a powerful set of practical tools to turbo-charge your strategic skills and implementation.

Leading Collaboratively - Module 2

  • Know how to build strong teams that work collaboratively and inclusively for best outcomes.
  • Employ Powerful techniques to get the most out of meetings - the highest-cost activity for execs.
  • Get an edge through powerful insights and tools for leading in diverse, multicultural organisations.

Leading Change - Module 3

  • Learn how to increase the effectiveness and success of your change projects.
  • Respond effectively to constant change and help your people cope with it.
  • Acquire a comprehensive set of change tools you can deploy in multiple change contexts.

Leading Effectively - Module 4

  • Distinguish between leading and managing at senior levels and become better at both.
  • Use neuroscience to boost your influence in diverse contexts here and internationally.
  • Communicate effectively at all levels using a smart formula that boosts clarity and impact.

Leading Purposefully - Module 5

  • Lead with purpose and integrity by clarifying your values and aligning your actions.
  • Build resilience through focus on the physical, emotional and values dimensions of your life.
  • Develop a robust action plan for achieving your C-suite goals.

C-Suite Readiness Challenge - Module 6

  • Test your C-suite skills in a real-life business challenge that you’ll tackle as part of a small team.
  • Design your solution to the problem, drawing on all the tools and models you’ve learned.
  • Present your team’s business plan for assessment by an expert panel and get constructive feedback.

For further information about the programme please get in touch with Christina.Reilly@womenonboards.co.uk or call the WOB office 0207 493 5852.

Follow-up support

The Getting to the C-Suite programme includes ongoing support and membership from Women on Boards UK and the UGM global alumni network (UGM Briefings).

Participants will receive a 1-year subscription (from the date of your programme's start date) to Women on Boards' network, which provides access to non-executive board vacancies and our 1-on-1 support offer.  For the information, please click here.

Programme Impact 

  • The trainers and Women on Boards team are hugely encouraging and embue you with the sense that ‘you can do it’. Emily Cox, (formerly) Virgin Money

Three previous participants share how they used what they learnt to further different career goals:

  • Very quickly after, I was promoted to my current role as Group Strategy and Corporate Development Director as well as Chief Transformation Officer.Read more from Phillippa Prongué, Kier Group
  • "The programme itself [was] ..absolutely spot on in terms of what I was there to develop: higher level leadership, strategic and change management skills. One of the most important things I learned ..was how the “language of the board” is different from executive language." Read more from Annie Coleman, UBS
  • "The programme gave me the confidence and commercial skills to be a real leader ... It was unquestionably a huge factor in getting into the partnership process at PwC .Read more from Danielle Perfect, PwC

Is it for me?

The programme is for those in senior executive and management roles across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, as well as those leading from a non-executive role. Find out more about the programme's impact and suitability. 

If you have any queries, or would like to discuss your suitability for the programme, please call our small, friendly team on 0207 493 5852