Once you're in the boardroom, how can you stay up-to-date on the issues? And what are the opportunities to progress your non-executive career? 

For the fast-growing number of those in our network who are already serving on one or more boards, we offer regular events to address some common boardroom topics; connect with other non-executives and consider the opportunities to move into more competitive board roles.

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The Directors' Circle 

These are informal sessions for serving non-executives which allow a freeflow of discussion, sharing of ideas and networking. Each event has an expert speaker to introduce the topic and to answer any questions you may have. 

becoming an effective chair


Non-executives need to work highly independently and rely on their own judgement - this is even more true for Chairs. By developing your understanding of the complexities of the role, both practical and interpersonal, you can gain assurance that your approach is truly effective. 

Our *new for 2021* ‘Becoming an effective Chair’ programme supports you to do just this, with a small group of your peers. Aimed at both current and aspiring Chairs, the three session programme combines leading board effectiveness research with practical experience. Both facilitators are experienced Chairs and two guest speakers, with long-time experience of chairing listed boards, will join the final session to share their insights.

This programme equips you to step up to Chair, whether your first role or to a more complex board, and to enhance your effectiveness in the role - as well as expanding your network of experienced NEDs.

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