What is it really like in the boardroom - and how do you get there? 

Boardroom Insights are designed to inform and inspire. Learn about the opportunities on boards in a sector you haven't previously considered or one you are targeting, or to understand more about a specific aspect of board work.  Experienced non-executives and/or recruiters will give in-depth insights into what it is really like and share tips they have picked up along the way. Past events have included: Start-up Boards; Healthcare Boards; The Role of Committees. Many of our previous webinars are available as recordings here. 
Our Boardroom Insights also include sessions with expert speakers who share their knowledge on important issues faced by boardrooms today, to help you get board-ready or brush up your knowledge as a non-executive. Topics include Cyber Literacy and Insolvency, as just two examples.

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For those in a position to realisitically target boards at FTSE companies, we hold regular FTSE NED Breakfasts. Find out more here.

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