Recruit your next non-executives with Women on Boards

Women on Boards Vacancy Board service is an efficient way to connect recruiting organisations and headhunters to high-quality NED candidates.

Our open network includes (predominantly but not exclusively) women from all types of professional and personal background to offer fresh perspectives combined with the expert insights required in the boardroom. Many of our members are highly experienced board members (including listed experience) and we also specialise in supporting first-time NEDs to prepare to 'hit the ground running' with a deep understanding of the role. 

"Having personal and senior oversight from Women on Boards resulted in a straight-forward recruitment process with exceptional attention to detail. The candidates presented brought an exciting mix of excellent professional expertise combined with new perspectives. 

The best indication of our satisfaction with Women on Boards Vacancy Service is that we have asked them to support the recruitment of our next NED vacancy. We were delighted with the service provided by Women on Boards." 

We offer three tiers of support with your board candidate search:

  • Basic Plan: It is free to place a role on our Non-Executive Vacancy Board. Post a vacancy for free.
  • Highlighted Plan: in addition to appearing on our Vacancy Board, we will highlight your role to ensure high visibility throughout the application period. Post a highlighted vacancy.
  • Bespoke NED Recruitment: we target suitable candidates from our network, in the way that works for your board. Get in touch to find out more or call 020 3925 4080. 

Why use Women on Boards' Bespoke NED Recruitment Service?

Our ability to reach candidates from outside established network is highly desirable for any board wishing to ensure they enjoy the proven benefits of diversity of thought. Our pool of candidates spans those with significant NED experience including at listed firms, those with some prior board roles and others ready to bring their expertise to their first non-executive position.

Women on Boards has worked with a range of different organisations to source non-executive candidates outside their own networks through our Bespoke Service. These include headhunters; listed companies; private firms and SMEs; universities and other public sector bodies; and charities or third sector organisations (charity discount applies).

Our process is straight-forward and effective. Our offer has been successfully combined easily with a headhunter's expertise, bringing new candidates forward for consideration.  Our Bespoke Service can be tailored according to your needs and is personally overseen by one of our team of experts, who has deep experience of board recruitment from different perspectives. 

Get in touch to find out more or call 020 3925 4080. 

What our clients say

"The calibre of candidates Women on Boards was able to present was extremely high and the final decision was very difficult.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Women on Boards to appoint 2 new non-executive directors to the board of our rapidly growing  business." 

Read more about EcoHydra's recruitment process. 

“Women on Boards did a great job in securing profiles of strong NED candidates. The team’s expertise and insights enabled us to find a board member of the necessary calibre and ability to add significant value to our existing skills and experience on the Board, and in doing so having overall oversight of our strategy in delivering long-term sustainable success.

As importantly, Women on Boards' flexibility, hard work and positive attitude made them a pleasure to work with.”


"As a female-founder and a first-time start-up CEO, it can be hard to know where to start and who is available to help; Women on Boards made the process of finding our first NEDs much easier than I expected it to be!

Our focus was on having a female presence on our board to bring more diversity to the construction and technology sectors. The Women on Boards premium services resulted in more high-qualified candidates than I could take on, a great problem to have.

Rachel and the team helped me shape the roles and reached out to suitable members on my behalf. Now I have a group of amazing women helping us move forward with clearer strategy and more momentum than ever before. Thank you for all the support!"


"We actively wanted to widen the diversity of our board. Women on Boards offered an ideal opportunity to reach out to an audience we were unlikely to know.

We have appointed our non-executive as a consequence of our advert on Women on Boards. The calibre of this candidate is excellent and the whole board is delighted with the outcome." 

"I would highly recommended Women on Boards.

Efficient and effective even in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.

And we have recruited an excellent Women on Boards candidate as the new Chair of our Board of Governors



"We used the Women on Boards organisation for the first time when recently looking to appoint a new Chair for our Remuneration Committee. We were very impressed by the quality, quantity and diversity of candidates that put themselves forward and would have no hesitation in using this service again." 

Stuart Paterson, Chair of Macfarlane Group PLC



Get in touch to find out more or call 020 3925 4080. 


Take a look at our recent Success Stories to get a sense of the range of NED roles our members secure, through our Vacancy Service or via their own networks. .

"I am a real-life example that transparent advertising works and of the value added by Women on Boards UK!" 
Susana Gomez Smith, Non-Executive Board Member at Leonteq AGM
(role advertised by a headhunter on our Vacancy board)


Recruiting for diversity


"As a listed public company we were anxious to gain access to a broad range of diverse candidates to bring fresh experience and perspectives. Women on Boards exceeded expectations."

The benefits of having a diversity of thought in strategic decision making are well known. Transparent advertising of roles to a broad pool of candidates is key to bringing that diversity into the boardroom. However, simply advertising a role does not guarantee broadening the perspectives available in your boardroom.

To recruit people outside the 'usual suspects', you need to change your usual recruitment practices overall. This is not about giving women or minorities preferential treatment. It is a shift in focus to turn off the spotlight on familiar types of non-executive to turn on the floodlights to the full range of talent who can add value to your board. 


Read our Turn on the Floodlights: how to recruit for diversity guide
for research-based yet highly practical recommendations.