Find a non-executive role with women on boards

Six of our members a week, on average, secure a new board role, both sourced from our Vacancy board and via their own networks.  Take a look at our recent Success Stories.


You will find roles at all levels on our Non-Executive Vacancy Board: from community organisations looking for mid-career professionals with no prior board experience, to Chair roles for established non-executives and everything in between. Our vacancy board is available to our Full Members only, reflecting the time and care taken in maintaining and developing it.

Women on Boards is different as we are in your corner as a candidate. Our wider support offer is designed to ensure you do yourself justice as a candidate, identify suitable roles (from a range of sources) and reach your full boardroom potential. Our 'Get on Board' workshop has helped thousands of women launch their board careers.  

 "Women on Boards were key to getting me started on my NED Portfolio journey." 

Dr Alison Vincent, NED at Bytes Technology Group Plc 

"I would not have known about the role without Women on Boards and really appreciate all the wonderful work you have done."  

Jessica Turner, Non-Executive Director at UCAS Media.

“Thank you for all the encouragement and practical pre-interview support from Women on Boards. It feels like a team appointment.” 
Terri Lucas, Independent Non-Executive Director at the Smith Institute

"I thought the Get on Board workshop, CV guidance and pre-interview support were all very helpful. Thank you for being open to all, including men." 

Nick Pink, Non-Executive Director at JP Morgan Russian Securities. 

"It was a very smooth, straight-forward process. I also appreciated Rachel from Women on Boards checking in throughout.” 

Caroline Cartellieri, NED at EcoHydra Ltd

EcoHydra Ltd recruited two non-executives with Women on Boards. Read more about the process

Find a position on our Non-Executive Vacancy Board 


We advocate for all organisations to transparently advertise their board vacancies, but know that the vast majority of non-executive roles are still recruited through networks. We therefore strongly encourage you to cultivate your networks, tell people you are looking for a board role, and build relationships with headhunters (if targeting the more competitive roles).

We offer a range of events and networking opportunities to facilitate this.

We recommend the Vacancy Board as a way to understand the range of opportunities out there. Finding a 'fit' between your interests, skills required, location and preferred organisational culture is paramount. For these reasons, we would suggest regularly checking the roles available over a period of time to get a full sense of the opportunities.

We update our Full Members on selected positions weekly and highlight roles aligned with your skills and ambition to you. However, with around 200 roles at any one time, we do still recommend proactively reviewing the opportunities advertised. 


"I would not have even known about the position, or had the first idea where to start to apply had it not been for Women on Boards.

Anne Woodley, Trustee at RNIB

"Thanks to Women on Boards for first getting me in the right mindset through your events…. That primed me to act when I saw the opportunity on your list of vacancies." 
Rebecca Trengove, Director of Triathlon Scotland