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Women on Boards exists to provide information, encouragement and connections to help women get to the top within their own company or to take on a board or committee role as a non executive director (NED), trustee or governor.

Women on Boards exists to help members make the right connections and career choices to take on a board role as a non-executive director, trustee or governor, or to get to the top within their company. 

We are breaking down the barriers to entry to the boardroom and building the pipeline of board-ready women, minorities and like minded men who come to us for support.
Women on Boards operates from the principle that as talent and ambition are equally distributed between men and women, organisations in all sectors need to work towards gender balance at board and leadership level. We also know that diversity leads to more innovation, a better quality of  decision-making and correlates with better business results overall (see Voice for Women for some key studies in this area).
Women on Boards in the UK (WOB UK) is a part of a global brand that was first established in Australia. It was co-founded in 2012 by Fiona Hathorn, Rowena Ironside and Rachel Tranter who brought different but complementary skills and experience to establish Women on Boards as a highly influential network in the UK. Find out more about our team. 
We work with all sectors and all sizes of organisation, making regular speeches at key networks and conferences. We are also a regular commentator in the media on diversity and governance issues - see our latest press coverage and contact.


In the UK, the Women on Boards network is around 30,000 strong and growing. We provide information, encouragement and connections to our members to help them realise their ambitions. We are an open network, including men, with different membership options available to suit all stages of board career.

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We help individuals to understand their transferable skills, provide a strategic framework for getting a board role and pragmatic, personalised advice along the way.

Since our 2012 launch, 8000 women (and a growing number of men) have attended our signature Getting on Board: Realising your board potential workshop and we offer a range of other events on specific elements of non-executive work.
What we do works! We have supported over 2000 members to find new non-executive appointments to date - currently averaging 7 every week. See our latest success stories here.
We believe it's never too soon to start thinking about the boardroom and using board experience to build your leadership credentials. Many of our members take on a non-executive board or committee role alongside their executive role. We work with 25+ forward-thinking Corporate Partners to support their staff at different career stages to integrate non-executive roles into their career plans, building a diverse talent pipeline for the organisation.

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Board recruitment practices need to change to embed diversity and its benefits as business as usual. It is time for organisations to “turn off the spotlight and turn on the floodlights” when recruiting board members. This involves looking beyond personal or headhunters existing networks to open, skills-based recruitment and recognise having a range of perspectives on the board is a genuine business need. A well-balanced board should have diversity in gender, but also in board members' ethnicity, career path and background.
Our own Non-Executive Vacancy board has advertised over 18,000 NED and trustee roles to date, averaging around 200 positions at any one time.  We also work with boards and headhunters to source candidates from our broad network.

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