Women on Boards exists to support our members into the boardroom.


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We are a network of 30,000 women, and some men, who are starting and shaping their board careers. The network includes those with all levels of board experience, across all sectors and professional disciplines. Our Ambassadors, most of whom are highly experienced NEDs, offer particular insight and connections to support our work.

We are there to support you, to encourage you, to offer you honest and helpful advice. Our support is practical, delivered with a genuine personal touch. What we do works - on average eight members secure a new board role each week. See our latest Success Stories.


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Women on Boards offers efficient services to connect recruiting boards and headhunters with high-calibre individuals who will enhance the diversity of thought in the boardroom.

As absolute believers that men and women share equal reserves of talent and ambition, we are dedicated to helping organisations in all sectors to work towards gender balance at board and leadership level. Diversity leads to more innovation, better quality of decision-making and correlates with improved business performance. Our ‘Voice for Inclusion’ page collates key studies.

Our ability to reach potential candidates from outside established networks is highly desirable for any board wishing to ensure they enjoy the proven benefits of diversity of thought. Our pool of high-calibre individuals spans those with significant NED experience including at listed firms, those with some prior board roles and others ready to bring their expertise to their first non-executive position.

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Our NexGen Directors brand helps enhance diversity and inclusion in executive leadership. 

We know senior experience is a pre-requisite for the most competitive board roles, and that integrating board positions from an early stage supports career progression.

NexGen Directors works with over 30 leading firms to equip under-represented groups to advance their careers, enhancing overall diversity (beyond gender) at all levels.

We also offer leadership training to enable all senior leaders to understand how to thrive in today’s complex environment and unlock the benefits of diversity.

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