Here is some feedback people have given about the courses we give, events we hold and support we provide. 

Women on Boards' mission is to influence a measurable increase in the number of women in the boardroom and other top jobs across all sectors.  Our success is determined by the number of women we can inform, inspire and empower through our workshops, events, personal support and connection building. This page captures some of the feedback we have received; we hope it will inspire you to join us at a future event. 

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"Thank you very much for your help this morning. Your approach was so interesting and new to me. Usually working on my CV is a chore I avoid but you inspired me today. Even if this turned out to be my sole experience of WOB I'm already convinced of the value of what you're doing." 

An aspiring NED post her CV review

"I wanted to thank you once again for all the wisdom, insight, guidance, and for all your care and support. I am now working on my CV - and I can't thank you enough for the perspective you have given me." 
Nalia, an aspiring NED post her CV Review

"I just wanted to say how helpful I have found your website, what a great resource you have developed and in such way that I have felt both inspired and supported just by going through the materials on the website." 
Louise, aspiring NED

"Just wanted to let you know I have just been appointed to the Board of  a Bank.  So 3 in a year, thank you for your help. You were a great help to me, thank you."
A successful NED

I want to thank you and the team for the amazing work. From January I decided to definitely pursue my NED career once and for all and I think I have invested in the wrong NED networks. Other associations, with much higher fees than WoB UK, do not match your level of services and professionalism.”
Guilia, aspiring NED

"Women on Boards UK have helped me enormously as I transitioned from EY to building a portfolio career. The WOB team have helped me in many ways from sourcing vacancies, providing connections to influential headhunters and putting me in touch with other members in a position to talk through the background to a role before an interview. It takes time to secure top NED positions and you need to keep a positive attitude and build momentum to reach your goal. The most important thing of all has been to have WOB’s unfailing support and encouragement along the way to achieving that."
Victoria, a successful NED

"I have followed all of WOB advice and just been selected for a charity board which I am delighted about."
Anonymous, successful NED


getting started workshops

"I can’t remember when I spent three more useful or engaging hours. I learned so much and left feeling 7 feet tall and full of energy."
Liz Wilson

"Thanks for such an inspirational session this morning. The content, the guidance, the insights and direct but pragmatic approach were refreshing and motivational. I really appreciated the feedback and recommendations for future support. Thanks again. Really helpful, spot on and very timely for me."
Rebecca, RBS

"From my perspective as a delegate, this morning’s “Getting Started”  seminar was welcoming, professional, clear and very informative. Fiona led the session with great charisma and flair;  there was not a woman in the room that could have failed to be inspired!"
Carol, Portfolio NED

"I wanted to pass on my thanks to Rowena and Fiona for the inspiring presentation this morning. It was fast-paced and packed with pragmatic, helpful pointers to help launch my NED portfolio career. This workshop more than justified my membership for the whole year and I hope to attend more of your courses over the next few months. The website is packed with the most valuable information to help new, aspiring NEDs. Thank you WOB! "
Maggie, aspiring NED

"I really enjoyed the Getting Started workshop and found it very beneficial. I have been researching various positions since and putting together my CV, it really got me kick started.
Kate, aspiring NED

Your workshop was inspirational and has really got me interested in seeking for opportunities on boards where previously I thought I was "too young." 
Alex, aspiring NED

"It was a very good 'intro' to what to expect as an NED, but it was indeed the advice on how to go about it that will no doubt prove invaluable."
Lucy, an aspiring NED

"Insightful, Interactive, Invigorating, well done and thank you very much!"
An aspiring NED

"A fantastic, thought provoking session that has given me useful tools to reflect on beyond applying for Boards - such as the elevator pitch. I really enjoyed it thank you very much!"
An aspiring NED

"Very useful introduction to considering sitting on a Board and Fiona and Rowena were inspiring, thank you"
An aspiring NED

"One word: amazing! As the result of this workshop, I have been offered a position as a Trustee for an exciting newish charity seeking to grow and re-brand! All I did was to follow the great advice of letting people know you are out there and looking for NED opportunities. I thought the delivery was great; the content extremely useful, inspiring and enlightening; and meeting the other attendees was a real bonus. All in all, a great confidence boosting and positive experience. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and please keep up the brilliant work you do! I am confident that WOB will not need to be there in 20 years with you at the helm. Thank you!"
A successful NED

"Thank you WOB UK, for such an inspirational workshop.  I came away with lots of practical ideas for improving my board profile, as well as the confidence to apply for the right kind of NED roles.  It was also a pleasure to meet my fellow delegates - what an impressive bunch!  I have already made some useful and interesting contacts" 
An aspiring NED

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Board CV Masterclass


"The WOB courses and facilitator guidance have been very helpful in steering me to start thinking like a NED and to position what I believe I can offer to an appropriate organisation. The CV course showed me in a very logical way how to build my Board CV and why. 
The WOB support and networking environment has made the  journey so far much more interesting and has filled me enthusiasm for what I may be able to offer to the right organisation once I find a good  match." Georgina, aspiring NED
"Just a note to say how good the CV workshop was and how helpful Alison has been since.  I feel ready to get going now!!" 
Karen, PWC

"The course was really, really useful to me. It helped me to realise the scope of my skills, i.e. the things I do every day or have done for years but don't include as skills.  It also helped me to realise that I have a lot more board experience than I thought I had. Above all, the course gave me the confidence to put myself out there and the tools to write an appropriate CV."

"I found the Board CV Masterclass to be extremely valuable.  Hopefully I will look back at today as the first day of my journey to becoming a valuable member of a first-rate board.  I appreciate that I have a lot to do to get there, but the course and our conversations have inspired me to embark on this journey."

"It gave me the kick, structure and focus I needed to put me on track to deliver a confident pitch for an NED role." 

"The conundrum when plumping for 'self-help' counsel is whether it will be worth the time and money. As always with Women on Boards, it was. The size of the group (15) was small enough to be personal but large enough to provide variety. The exercises were thoughtful but pragmatic, with the focus clearly on a usable, practical outcome – a Board-ready CV. In my case, the guidance was put directly to work within a few days. Alison astutely gauged my needs and her follow-up counsel hit the mark precisely."  


"Thank you very much for your presentation on Thursday night.  I think the length of conversation that followed and the amount of people that wanted to remain after the session and hear your thoughts really demonstrated how useful people found it."

Bridget, HSBC

"I attended my first WoB event on Thursday and it totally surpassed my expectations! Inspirational! I made some great contacts and have already followed up on them. Fantastic. I very much hope that with WoB's help, I'll be able to secure a NED appointment this year."
Nicolina, aspiring NED


"I wanted to thank you ............... for organising this event last week..........In the past I was always a reluctant attendee at women-only events. Last week’s event was totally refreshing in its approach and ethos and has turned me from a neutral observer into an enthusiastic supporter"
Judit, aspiring NED

"The session on Wednesday was a true inspiration to me. It was just what I needed at this time. The speakers you chose shared great insights on what NED roles they'd done, why they'd chosen them and how they got them. I also liked the Q&A session where the panel shared their hints on how to demonstrate what you will bring to the organization."
Kirsty, aspiring NED


"Thank you for the workshop last week in Leeds. I really enjoyed it, I found it insightful and motivating. I am now trying to encourage lots of women I know to go on boards!!"
Ruth, aspiring NED

"Just loved the straightforward speakers, and found they offered good counsel regardless of the fact I'm already a board member, thanks!"

"Another excellent opportunity to hear what it's really like to be on a board, gain confidence to action board ambitions and network with inspiring and successful women.  Thank you."  Charity Sector Boardroom Insights

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Impact and Influence Masterclass


"Brilliant practical course in a very friendly environment, far superior to any other course I have attended; would definitely come to another WOB course on the back of it."

"The workshop exceeded my expectations. Thank you Stephanie and WOB - top class!"

"I've attended so many events, courses and workshops in my career and there have been many times I leave feeling disappointed or how better I could've spent my time. But not this time, I left feeling inspired, positive and raring to "go-do"! A great group, a great leader and a great big thanks to WOB for hosting." 

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