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On Board 2023

Alice Maynard has joined the University of York as Chair of Council.

Jenni Ng has secured a number of NED roles, joining Signal Sounds (via Be the Business) and Notion Limited (via Be the Business) as an Advisory Board Member.
Janet Ryan has joined Cancer Research UK as an Audit Committee member.

Megan Virrels has joined NatWest Group Pensioners Benevolent Fund as a Trustee.
Nikki Fulford has joined Be The Business as an Advisory Board Member. Nikki said: "As I have not been a Board Member previously, Women on Boards has provided insight into what companies are looking for in a Board Member and the vacancy board has been super helpful.  Also connecting with others in a similar position has and will be invaluable."

Deborah Lewis has joined Manor House Centre for Psychotherapy & Counselling as a Trustee. Deborah said: "The Women on Boards resources were hugely valuable in my search for and then selection of a charity trustee role. The practical advice and guidance given in webinars and also on the website regarding what to research and consider ahead of interviews, and what to ask during them, were very helpful. The podcasts with inspirational and seasoned Women on Boards members were also great in helping me decide what sort of direction to pursue at this stage in my career, and life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Women on Boards to anyone looking to take either the first step as a trustee or NED, or gear up their portfolio career, and I will continue to avail myself of the expertise and support provided as I navigate the next chapter."

Gill Barr has joined DFS Group plc as a NED and Chair of Remuneration Committee.

Liz Curran has joined Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind as a Trustee. Liz said: "Woman on Boards has been a great source of information, support and encouragement and I have also gained insight from the advice of other members via the 1-on-1 pre interview support and from the podcast too." 

Sarah Masotti has joined Caudwell Youth as a Trustee / Board Member. Sarah said: "Thank you for the board interview prep sessions, they were really helpful and made me feel confident to perform in the interviews."

Angela Henderson has joined Polar Capital Global Financials Trust plc as an Independent NED.

Abi Olapade has joined Citizens Advice Redbridge as Chair.

Caroline Mason has joined New Foundation Farms as Director Designate.
Roxanne Howdle-Rowe has joined Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) as a Trustee.

Louise Wilson has joined Vertas Group Board as NED and Chair of their Remuneration Committee. Louise said: "Thank you both again for helping me – Rachel, it was so good of you to connect me to Alison, and Alison, your input and insights were hugely valuable to me in my diligence and preparation."

Daniel Ward has recently secured a number of NED roles, joining Be The Business as an Advisory Board Member, and Parallel Learning Trust as a Board Member.

Claire Chapman has joined Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park as Chair of Planning.

Helen Hobbs has joined Your Parks Bristol & Bath as Treasurer.

Gillian Elcock has joined International Biotechnology Trust plc as a NED.

Helen Rippon has joined Board of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences as a NED. Helen said: "The support that helped me figure out how to pitch myself successfully as a NED was invaluable.  The Get on Board workshop is probably the most immediately useful piece of training I have ever done!"

Jo Evans has taken up the role of Chair at Bath Building Society where she was an existing NED.

Tina Kokkinos has recently secured a number of roles, joining Onward Group Ltd as a NED and Chair of Treasury and Finance Committee, and Fair4All Finance as a Member of Audit and Risk Committee. Tina said: "Using all of the services Women on Boards provide well equipped me for the application process and in fact made me more than prepared for what is needed to be successful. Thanks Women on Boards."

Jo Marsh has joined The Dunstan Catholic Educational Trust as a Director.

Teresa Octavio has joined Kitwave Group plc as a NED. Teresa said: "Women on Boards has supported me through my journey to transition from an executive corporate career into a non-executive and advisory portfolio career. Helping me with my first Board CV, providing interview prep support and through mentoring. I have benefitted greatly from being a member of Women on Boards."

Caroline Naisbitt has joined Worcestershire Heritage, Art and Museums as Chair of Trustees.

Caroline McLaughlin has joined Social Investment Scotland as a Board Member. Caroline said: "I was focused on finding an opportunity in Scotland and the ease of searching for positions in Scotland on the job board, as well as attending a Women on Boards networking event in Edinburgh, helped to set me up for success when applying for the role."

Jacqueline Morrison has joined Court of Queen Margaret University as a Lay Member. Jacqueline said: "Women on Boards helped by setting up a call with one of their existing members who sits at board level within the higher education sector.  This was invaluable by giving me a greater level of personal insight and perspective on issues surrounding academia and suggestions for further reading in preparation for interview."

Nicky Neal-Smith has joined St Catherine’s Hospice in West Sussex as a Trustee and Chair of the Board Effectiveness Committee.

Alessandra Mongiardino has joined Triodos Bank UK as an iNED. Alesandra said: "I really benefitted greatly, and do benefit, from being a Women on Boards member!  The workshop ‘Get on Board: Realising Your Board Potential’  was an excellent introduction, as I started my NED search in earnest. Rachel Tranter’s 1:1 support was extremely useful in the run-up to the interviews. Thank you Women on Boards!"

Belinda Howell has joined Digital Catapult as a Board Member.

Charlotte Sutcliffe has joined Sheriffhales Primary School as Vice Chair of Governors. Charlotte said: "Taking part in the 2021 Women on Boards Capgemini Cohort gave me a new outlook on both my career and personal life. With the energy and encouragement from the sessions, I decided to take the leap and find out more about the NED positions in which I was both interested in and where I could use my professional experience to add value. I am now the Vice-chair of a School Governing Board, and once my children are a little older, I plan to seek opportunities further afield as well (I regularly read the advertised posts on the Women on Boards website!). Taking on this role has boosted my own confidence in my work role, encouraging me to take on new accountabilities and responsibilities. The benefits have been enormous for me, and I have won both a Capgemini GEM Award and have also been promoted within Capgemini. The support and energy from WoB has been both inspiring and powerful, and I now encourage others to join."

Diane McCrea has joined Waterwise as a NED.    

Jemma Chambers has joined Citizens Advice Nottingham and District as a Trustee. Jemma said:  "I would never have considered myself suitable, or confident enough, to apply for a board position until attending the Women on Boards training course!  It was something I'd thought about but had no idea how to do it or if I was 'good enough' for such a position."

Sarah Wilson has joined Citizens Advice as a Trustee.

Lenna Cumberbatch has joined Rooftop Housing Group as a NED.

Nell Axelrod has joined Age UK Bromley & Greenwich as a Trustee.

On Board 2022

Professor Miranda Brawn has recently secured a number of roles, joining X0PA AI as an Advisory Board Member and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust as a NED.

Janet Tyson has recently secured a number of roles, joining Liquid Vibrations as a Trustee, and Be the Business as an Advisory board member.  Janet said: "Your chat pre-interview also helped my confidence especially the phrases ‘they really want to meet you’ and ‘they are looking for someone who has the skills they don’t have’. Thank you."

Francesca Ecsery has joined Henderson High Income Trust plc as a Board Member.

Sally-Ann Hibberd has joined The Clear Group as Chair.

Jacqui Murray has joined Smart Nano NI (UK Government Strength in Places Challenge) as Chair of the Advisory Board. Jacqui said: "Women on Boards did two things: 1) it helped me realise I was already operating at Board Level (Government Boards count!), 2) That there's always some way of getting support and it isn't just a leap into the unknown. Just wanted to say thank you!"

Alexandra Innes has joined Waverton Investment Management Ltd as an Independent Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Sustainability Committee. Alexandra said: "Women on Boards has been incredibly supportive as I have built up my NED portfolio career - thank you to Fiona Hathorn and the team!"

Alexandra James has become a Local Authority Governor. Alexandra said: "When I joined Women on Boards earlier this year it was to start thinking about what it would be like to go for a Board role ‘one day’. After meeting lots of inspiring and brilliant women at the 10 year celebration in Cardiff, hearing their stories and learning more about what Board positions entail, I thought: I could do that! Women on Boards gave me the confidence to go for it. I’ve found all the resources valuable and everyone has been unbelievably generous with their time."

Devyani Vaishampayan has joined Saietta Group plc as a NED and Remco Chair.

Abdul Buhari has joined Lloyd Cowan Bursary as a Trustee.
Mandy Lenheim has joined The People Hive as a Trustee. Mandy said: "By virtue of attending the great Women on Boards sessions and learning from Lisa and others experience and knowledge share I felt supported. It is a great program and gave me the realisation of what I can achieve and that I can fulfil a NED/Trustee role while working fulltime."

Anastasia Roumelioti has joined Kodak Alaris Holdings as a NED.

Elisabeth Stheeman has joined W.P. Carey Inc as an Independent Board Member. Elisabeth said: "Women on Boards resources and support have been invaluable over the years!"

Carol Ann Whitehead has joined The Portico Library as Chair, Public Programming Committee.

Eilish Jamieson has joined the British Business Bank as a Board member. Eilish said: "As ever Women on Boards was an invaluable source of support when I was applying for my recently appointed board role. Not only was the role advertised on Women on Boards, but I was able to use the Women on Boards network to speak with both former and current members of the board that I was interviewing with. This type of support is unparalleled in my opinion."

Meri Mayhew has joined the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund as a Trustee.

Lindsay Dodsworth has joined Mobeus Income & Growth 4 VCT plc as a NED and Chair of Audit & Risk Committee designate.

Dorothy Burwell has joined Pennon plc as a NED.

Karin Schmitt has joined Stembond as a Board member.

Nicole Finnan has joined Creative Future as Chair. Nicole said: "Thank you for all the brilliant suport in getting my first role.  Please thank Alison in particular who was super helpful."

Emma Wright has joined Snowsport England as an Independent Non-Executive Director. Emma said: "This was my first attempt at a Board role and Women on Boards were extremely helpful and objective in reviewing my CV and pre-interview preparation.  Women on Boards were prompt to help with very short deadlines and were very insightful regarding my CV and pre-interview support."

Katy Taylor has joined Kingston University as a Governor. Katy said: "Very generous with their time and set up lots of meetings with other board members and members of the executive."

Rosie Bichard has joined UBS Asset Management Funds Ltd as a NED and Member of the UK Audit Committee.

Alison Thorne has joined National Dance Company Wales as Chair. Alison said: "Women on Boards encouraged me to take the steps needed for my first Non Executive role and I have continued to learn from them and be supported as I have progressed to Chair roles. It has been invaluable knowledge, insight and support."

Sabine Vandenbroucke has joined The Soil Association as a Trustee

Sarah Clark has joined Mobeus Income & Growth VCT 2 as NED and Chair of Investment Committee. Sarah said: "Women on Boards was instrumental in getting me my first paid NED role. I attended a half-day workshop to prepare my Board CV and pitch and later, the Bespoke NED Search team highlighted several potential opportunities for me. I was ultimately successful with one of the flagged opportunities and am really grateful for all of the support I have received."

Teresa Moss has joined Kemberton Parish Church Council as a Member. Teresa said: "The behaviours you talk about (and demonstrate) have helped me at the meetings. I’m not afraid to make my view.  I have attended your masterclass and they were extremely useful."

Alexandra Innes has recently secured a number of roles including Chair of Management Engagement Committee and iNED at Schroders Real Estate Investment Trust plc.

Sophie Wright has joined the Lifelong Learning Committee for the IFoA Risk Management Board as Chair.

Fiona Scrimgeour has successfully secured a third 3-year term of office at Montrose Port Authority as a NED.

Sandra Adamson has joined Regents Opera as a Trustee.

Paola Bergamaschi Broyd has joined American International Group Inc (AIG) as an Independent Director.

Nemone Wynn-Evans has joined The Income & Growth Trust VCT plc as a NED. Nemone said: "I spoke to Fiona a few months ago when I was first applying for another role in this sector as I had no experience of it at all! - she was hugely helpful and I checked back to my notes of our conversation before I went to interview.  This was only the second VCT role I applied for and the first for which I was fortunate enough to make the shortlist. Go Women on Boards - you do such an amazing job."

Pam Vick has joined Hendeca Group as a NED. Pam said: "Women on Boards has always been an amazing support in every way and at every stage of each and every role I have applied to - pre application, at interview stage and as a working NED once appointed. I could never have done it without Women on Boards's support - if nothing else, I wouldn't have known  where to start!"

Emma Ashby has joined Milton St Johns CofE Primary School, Mossley as a Governor.

Rachael McCullough has recently secured a number of roles, joining N-Compass as a Trustee and Inwell Valley Homes as a Board Member (co-opted). Rachel said: "I found out about this role after applying for a different housing association that was on the Women on Boards job board but for which I was not successful.  The recruiter then suggested I apply for this one. I had a 1:1 session with Rachel Tranter prior to final interview.  In addition, I've joined a couple of the Women on Boards events and enjoy listening to the podcast, which has provided me with inspiration and a reminder of different paths that are possible. I also joined a Women on Boards intro to the board room session at work (Morgan Stanley) several years ago, which sowed the initial seed."

Trisha McAuley has joined Independent Strategic Board for Heat and Energy Efficiency Scotland as a Member.    

Li li Long has recently secured a number of roles including Vice-Chair of Partnership Learning Multi- Academy Trust and Independent Governor of Middlesex University Board.

Sharon Collins has joined The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret as a Trustee. Sharon said: "Having pulled together my Board CV by following your brilliant course, I found this role on your vacancy board. It really leapt off the page at me and I had to apply. I took your advice, had a conversation with the director and some trustees before submitting my CV, then went through the interview process and secured my first board role on my first attempt. I am still slightly in shock but very happy. Women on Boards definitely gave me the confidence to believe I could do this and I’m looking forward to expanding my skillset, broadening my network and doing something very different to my day job!"

Victoria Bradley has joined Get Berkshire Active as a Trustee. Victoria said: "Women on Boards has, without doubt, been a driving force behind me being offered and my accepting of my first NED role so THANK YOU to you and the team at Women on Boards. Without your organisation I wouldn't have had the confidence to apply for such roles nor indeed would I have had a CV worthy of submitting for the roles. I have done 4 or 5 or your online courses including the build a board CV online course and Stephanie Hughes’ virtual communications masterclass.  All the courses I’ve done gave me the confidence to start applying for NED roles. Despite being an experienced, self employed consultant, I wasn’t quite sure where to start with a NED career. The website material was great at demystifying the the role and the process to being appointed as a NED."

Tracey Lenthall has joined Surrey Cross Country League as Treasurer.

Grace Suleyman has joined Generations Multi Academy Trust as a Trustee. Grace said: "Women on Boards has given me the confidence to take my first steps in my NED career and put myself out there to apply for this school governing role, in order to expand on my governance and board experience. I am hoping in the long run this role will enable me to gain valuable insight and knowledge, increase my confidence, as well as making me more attractive to companies wishing to appoint a NED."

Maria Semedalas has joined Roleshare as a NED.

Ijeoma Okoli has joined the Museum of London as a Board member.

Christina O’Donovan-Rossa has joined Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as Chair. Christina said: "Attending the Becoming an Effective Chair programme was extremely helpful. Although conducted online due to the pandemic it was a great way to start building my network of fellow trustees and chairs. My fellow students were based in the UK and the Caribbean. Hearing about the diversity of experiences and approaches to shared issues and challenges was particularly beneficial."

Sharon Barber has joined National Cyber Advisory Board as Co Chair.

Polina Zabelina has joined London Branch of Institute of Corrosion as Chairperson.

Katy Taylor has joined Kingston University as a Governor. Katy said: "Women on Boards Bespoke NED Search Team were very generous with their time and set up lots of meetings with other board members and members of the executive."

Rebecca Buckley has joined North York Moors National Park Trust as a Trustee. Rebecca said: "Women on Boards was instrumental in me getting my first Trustee role, including with interview help. I built on that support for the interview for this role and was delighted to be successful."

Nicole Coll has joined Credit Suisse Asset Management Ltd as a NED. Nicole said: "Women on Boards is my go to for NED roles and the team provide tremendous support throughout the process."

Rachel Ashley recently secured a number of appointments including North Wales Recruitment Advisory Committee for Magistracy as a Non-Magistrate Committee Member and FairPlay Employer as a Trustee. Rachel said: "I had interview preparation help from Rachel Tranter (twice) and she kindly connected me with Alison Thorne. I really wanted to say thank you so much for all the help with interview preparation that Rachel gave me, it has paid off. Rachel has a brilliant coaching style that is encouraging and builds confidence in those that you speak to - thank you! Alison's insights and coaching about both of these opportunities was immensely helpful and thank you so much! Both are quite different but very interesting opportunities and I am excited to be starting my board journey with them."

Lucy Bushill-Matthews has joined Respect as a Trustee and Chair of Sustainability Committee. Lucy said: "Women on Boards gave me everything I needed to confidently apply for, interview for and then accept my first Board position at a national charity. From the CV webinars and templates, to the pre-interview chat and the post-offer chat (both with Rachel), I found I received just the right mix of general and tailored support. Thank you!"

Liana Logiurato has joined Intesa Sanpaolo Bank as a NED and Member of ReCo, Member of Related Parties Transaction Committee.   

Isabel Liu has joined Gresham House Energy Storage Fund plc as a Board Director. Isabel said: "Hearing real-world experience from other senior women directors on their board journeys, and from directors and experts grappling with governance, effectiveness, and other board issues has been invaluable.  Already an experienced board director, I have been able to achieve my goal to transition from my initial portfolio of UK domestic organisations to international listed companies in my next phase through the information, skills and networks I gained at Women on Boards.  Women on Boards provides a very supportive environment which helps sustain me through the long and lean journey!"

Heather McKinlay has joined Dale Managing Agency Limited as a NED and Chair of Audit Committee.

Rebecca Ormond has joined The Scouts Association as an Independent Member, People and Culture Committee.

Roisin Donnelly has joined NatWest Group plc as a NED. Roisin said: "Women on Boards has helped me throughout my NED journey. Women on Boards gave me great insights on my first board CV. They have always provided support, encouragement and an inspiring network to help me achieve my goals and develop a successful NED portfolio."

Sarah Fahy has joined the University of East London as an Independent Governor, and a member of the Audit & Risk Committee. Sarah said: "I attended a Women on Boards workshop a few years back which talked about what it meant to be an NED and the qualities which were needed - including an exercise where we all scored ourselves on our experiences.  I was shocked to discover that I had scored more highly than anyone else in the room - up to that point I had been assuming NED roles would be beyond me.  I learned some very useful things that day and it gave me the confidence to apply for roles now I've stepped back from full time employment."

Amanda Hado-Bodfield has joined Bedford (Boys) School Board & Association as a Governor. Amanda said: "I have been an ambassador for Women on Boards for a few years now and wholeheartedly recommend their services and platform for those seeking a board position. They are so inclusive and supportive and their CV masterclass is a great motivator to get you focused on applying - it fast tracks your CV and boosts your confidence to apply for roles."

Salli Shapcott has joined Solent Local Enterprise Partnership as a Non Executive Business Board Member. Salli said: "I would not have had a clue what to do on my CV for a board role, the step by step support transformed my executive CV into board appropriate."

Belinda Moore has joined University of Essex Campus Services Ltd as a NED. Belinda said: "Women on Boards has been so helpful both in advising on my CV and in  helping me prepare for interviews. It was a great support and a huge confidence boost."

Lily Ahaiwe has joined Parallel Learning Trust as a Trustee.

Giulia Rosato has joined Parallel Learning Trust as a Trustee. Giulia said: "Rachel helped me throughout the whole process. She is the one who highlighted this position to me from the vacancy board and has supported me all the way till appointment."

Rosie Bichard has joined UBS Asset Management Funds Ltd as a NED and Member of the UK Audit Committee.

Julia Fuller has joined Parallel Learning Trust as a Trustee

Elisabeth Maråk Støle has joined Folketrygdfondet as a NED.

Julie Currie has joined State Street Global Advisers as a NED.

Supriya Prakash Sen has joined Azure Power as a NED.

Galina Bezuglaya has joined The Bute House Parents’ Association (BHPA) as Treasurer. Galina said: "Women on Boards has highlighted the importance of networking, "raising the hand" and focusing on the skill set & outlook required for such positions."

Liv Corbishley has joined MEAM (Making Every Adult Matter) as Chair.

Karen Thomas-Bland has joined Optima Partners Ltd as Chair.

Vicky Morris has recently secured a number of appointments including Local Authority School Governor for St Mary’s RC Primary School, Newtown, Powys and Non-Executive Member for Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Care Board. Vicky said: "Having completed my Executive career, I joined Women on Boards in July 21. I used their resources through webinars, CV support and accessed their 1:1 support prior to the initial first few interviews, which was invaluable. I achieved my first NED role 4 months after joining Women on Boards and aspiring for a portfolio career continued to look at advertised roles on the Women on Boards website. A big thank you to the team for your help and support in helping me achieve this next stage of my career."

Katie Maycock has joined RSPCA - Kent North West as a Trustee. Katie said: "I wouldn't have known about this role if I hadn't been a member!"

Alison Vincent has joined Digital Twin Hub as Chair - Strategic Board. Alison said: "Women on Boards were instrumental in supporting me when I was starting my portfolio and the personal contacts were the nudge I needed to go for my first Chair role."

Julia Porter has joined Hollywood Bowl Group plc as NED and Chair Designate, Remco. Julia said: "The Women on Boards team regularly identify roles I might be interested in and this was one of them. Their advice was very useful and helped make the interview process run very smoothly. They are an excellent team."

Alison Croft Jackson has joined Lancaster University as a Co-opted Member Estates Committee    

Jacqueline Nnochiri 
has joined Independent Monitoring Boards as a Board Member. Jacqueline said: "I have used and enjoyed the resources that Women on Boards provided. I have attended many Women on Boards networking events where I have met like minded women. Women on Boards and the women on the website inspire me and have given me the confidence to apply for public and private appointment roles."

Madeleine Milne has joined English Speaking Union as a Trustee    

Stephanie Jacques 
has joined Harris Junior Academy Carshalton as Chair of Governors    

Trisha McAuley
has joined ICAS Regulation Board as a Board Member. Trisha said: "I have been a member of Women on Boards since 2014 and have received various means of help and support on several occasions.  I would not have the successful portfolio career that I have today without that invaluable support."

Erika Schraner has joined HgCapital Trust plc as NED and Chair of the Management Engagement Committee.

Bulbul Barrett has joined Bradford College as an Independent Governor.

Jo Gander has joined Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as a Clinical NED.  Jo said: "The advice and online workshops on preparing for your first NED role and advice pre-interview were really helpful."

Melanie Hind has recently secured a number of roles including: NED and Audit Committee Chair at Talbot Underwriting LimitedNED and Chair of Risk Committee at OneFamily and Independent Trustee and incoming Honorary Treasurer at Disasters Emergency Committee.

Elisabeth Stheeman has joined Edinburgh Investment Trust plc as Chair. Elisabeth said: "Women on Boards have been a wonderful resource and support on my NED / Chair journey." 

Fiona Spencer has joined Lilian Faithfull Care as Chair of Board of Trustees.

Nia Roberts 
has joined M-SParc (Menai Science Park Ltd.) as a Board Member. Nia said: "The guidance, information and support I have received from Women on Boards has not only boosted my confidence but also given me the practical tools I needed to take my Board journey forwards."

Sophie Ewen has joined The Junction - Young Person Mental Health & Wellbeing as Vice Chair. Sophie said: "Having only been working for 7-8 years at the time I signed up to Women on Boards, I didn't understand the ins and outs of what a board role might look like. I felt the advice, templates and other resources so helpful in understanding the things I had to bring/that were unique to me."

Bami Adenipekun has joined Citizens Voice Body as a NED.

Singam Thirumalai 
has joined Bewick Bridge Community Primary School as a School Governor. Singam said:  "I would like to thank Julia for the tips and Woman on Boards team for the Board CV course and the support throughout the process."

Rebecca Chamberlain has joined International Pharmaceutical Federation as a PT Advisory and Symposium Advisory Committee    

Carolyn Schuetz 
has joined Altus Group as a Board Member.

Jenny Watson 
has joined Enforcement Conduct Boars as a NED.

Chrysoula  Zervoudakis 
has joined OFI Asset Management as an Independent DIrector.

RIta Bajaj 
has joined Wesleyan Assurance as a Board Member.

Lucinda Charles-Jones 
has joined Rank Group plc as a NED. Lucinda said: "I left my executive role at AXA last month and am delighted to let you know that I have just been appointed to the board of the FTSE 250 Rank Group plc as a non-exec. I am really pleased and am looking forward to working with the business.  I thought I would let know know as Women on Boards have been so helpful to me."

Charlotte Pedersen has joined Lagapim S.A. (CSSF Regulated Family Office in Luxembourg) as a NED.

Manjit Lall
has joined Age UK - East London as a HR Trustee. She says: "When I joined Women on Boards I didn't think I would find a suitable HR Trustee position so quickly.  I want to thank Rachel Tranter for all her support and messages prior to my interview and second interview with the CEO.  Thank you for all your help."

Mary Hockaday has joined the British Library as a Trustee. Mary said: "Women on Boards gave me the confidence and practical advice to start on my board journey which was invaluable."

Helen Stevenson has joined RM Plc as Chair.

Lesley Giddins has joined Mid Pennine Arts as a Trustee. Lesley said: "I have used the webinars and been to training events that have put me in an excellent place to apply for positions. I also hooked up with another member through a webinar you gave me advice on my application."

Helen Copinger-Symes has joined The Pension SuperFund as a NED.

Bimpe Nkontchou has joined the Church Revitalisation Trust as a Member of the Board of Trustees.

Kalpana Shah has joined the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries as President Elect.

Catherine Ward has become a Non Executive Director for HR Policy and Strategic Support Working Group, House of Commons.

Fennemiek Gommer 
has joined TESYA Group as a Member of Board of Directors.

Dianne Walker has joined Victorian Plumbing Group plc as a NED and Chair of Remuneration Committee. Dianne said: "Women on Boards has been a source of support and inspiration as well as a great network over the years."

Liz Williams has recently joined City, University of London Student Union as a Strategy Lead and Dorset Local Economic Partnership as a D&I Lead.    

Sally MacDonald has joined Evelyn Partners Fund Solutions (was Smith and Williamson Fund Administration Ltd until 15.06.2022) as an INED. Sally said: "The resources Women on Boards provides allow me to keep in touch with current topics of Boardroom concern."

Jane Crombleholme has joined UNICON - The International University Consortium for Executive Education as a Board member. Jane said: "I have always found Women on Boards has many useful resources for understanding Board level responsibilities. I found the sessions on how a NED CV differs from an exec CV very useful and would suggest everyone looks at this. I have also found the networking events very useful and look forward to them returning face to face as well."

Lisa Issac has joined St Helen's Book Stop as a Trustee.

Susanne Svensdotter has joined the Royal Aeronautcial Society as a Council Member.

Katrina Shenton has joined Applerigg Limited as a NED.

Busola Sodeneide has joined Hargreave Hale AIM VCT as a NED.   

Anne Davies
 has joined Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman as a NED. She said: "I did the online CV course and found it really helpful. Although this isn’t my first board appointment, the course enabled me to look afresh at my CV and make it less academic and more appropriate for board positions."

Amy Booth has joined Hillcrest High School, South Africa as a Director of the Board of Trustees. She said: "I have only just joined the Women on Boards network. I am looking forward to gaining more from the Women on Boards network and am sure that it will provide significant support and guidance going forward. I would definitely be interested in taking up other board roles, perhaps outside of the NGO space."

Sally Bennett has joined Innate Pharma SA as a Supervisory Board Member.

Rebecca Khanna has joined The Makaton Charity as a Director and Trustee.

Amanda Turner has joined South Downs Leisure as a Trustee.

Annabel Venner has joined TML Partners as a NED.

Sibylle Tretera has joined Artsdepot as a Trustee. She said: "I found the Headhunter session did it for me. I felt well prepared for the Interview. Whilst this role is not remunerated, it builds my confidence that I can move into remunerated roles now."

Paula Haynes has joined Guildhall School of Music and Drama as Chair of the Non-Executive Audit and Risk Management.

Sophia Vasquez is now a Board Trustee of Insole Court Trust. Sophia said: "Women on Boards have been invaluable. Through attending the CV Masterclass and receiving 1:1 interview support and advice for previous roles I applied for my new role with confidence. The resources available through Women on Boards have been fantastic. Listening to Success Stories podcasts and reading the wealth of online resources helped keep me fully abreast of issues relevant to boards and their effectiveness. Thank you for the fantastic support!"

Veronika Neyer has joined Young Minds as a Lead Safeguarding Trustee. She said: "Rachel's 1-1 pre-interview support has once again made all the difference. It is a real confidence booster and helped me to refine my pitch for this role."

Frances Mancktelow has joined Malmesbury & District Foodbank as a Trustee. Frances said: "I attended an initial meeting with Women On Boards and I read the emails sent. It has motivated me to look for what is available to me locally, also to feel that I am capable and experienced enough to be brave and apply. If I had not been involved with Women On Boards I would not have been pushed to take the steps that I have. Thank you."

Claudine Horgan has joined Portabl as a Board Member. She said: "Great help with getting my Board CV ready and general advice on the best way to go about getting my first board role - amazing support all round! Wonderful guidance and always there on the other end of the line for advise and guidance - hugely greatful for the support and encouragement."

Alexandra Innes is now a NED at Securities Trust of Scotland PLC. She said: "Women on Boards has been incredibly supportive and offered excellent resources and networking opportunities.  I have found being a member extremely valuable as I have built up my NED portfolio."

Rowan McNay has joined Aberdeen Standard Fund Managers Ltd as a Board Member.

Carrie Stokes has joined Turn2us as Chair, and has joined Elizabeth Finn Care Homes as a NED. Carrie said: "In no small part thanks to the insights gained through being a member of Women on Boards I've secured a position as Chair of national charity Turn2us and NED of ELizabeth Finn Care Homes. I'm delighted. And wanted to say thanks to you and the team."

Mei Xin Wang has joined the Advisory Board of Be the Business. She said: "Women on Boards has been invaluable in the whole process of getting NED roles. The journey would have been much harder without the help of Women on Boards."

Jane Scott has joined Circularity Scotland Limited as a NED.

Nicola Gordon has joined Scottish Ensemble as a NED. Nicola said: "I enjoyed excellent support in getting prepared for interviews in the past. I picked up key points that can be applied over and over again."

Sue Douthwaite has recently secured a number of board roles:  Chair for NHS Business Services Authority and NED at British Business Invesments. She said:  "Belonging to the Women on Boards Directors Circle has given me the confidence and support to pursue interesting and challenging roles. Thanks Fiona and for all your support - I will definitely be needing all the knowledge I acquired on the Chairs course I attended at the beginning of the year."

Ellen Farrell has joined The Wheel as a NED and member of Audit and Risk Committee. She said: "Women on Boards has been very supportive. I’ve attended several Women on Boards events and found them most helpful. I used Women on Boards website to draft my board CV and obtain feedback from attending a Women on Boards event. I also had a brilliant interview prep session with Rachel. Hence I’ve recommended Women on Boards to others."

Lesley Cowley has joined Public Digital as a NED.

Beverley Simms has joined The British Horse Society as a Trustee - Specialist in EDI. She said: "From meeting you when you launched Women on Boards, to finally becoming a fully-fledged member. I look forward to developing myself in my new role and taking part in the various development opportunities Women on Boards has to support board roles."

Laura Miller has joined the Advisory Board of Thames 21. She said: "The pre-interview prep with Rachel Tranter was of immense value in solidifying my confidence before I met with the interview panel. There was a very quick turnaround between the invitation to interview and the interview itself—I was able to fit into Rachel's schedule the day before the panel occurred. Going through the brief with her in detail and talking about the organization and what I have to offer them put me into the right frame of mind to transition right to the interview the next day. Also, I believe one reason my CV and covering letter made such a good impression in the first place is because Women on Boards provides not only templates of how to do these, but through course and other online resources, the rationale behind them, the reasoning why they work."

Liz Wilson has joined The Place, home of London Contemporary Dance School as a Governor. She said:  "Just wanted to thank you and Women on Boards for your help and support over recent years - particulary the interview coaching you gave me a couple of times.  It all eventually paid off! Women on Boards has been a brilliant resource in establishing and growing my board career, and I've benefitted greatly from many of the resources on offer. I particularly valued the masterclasses - which felt like a big investment at the time, but which were hugely worthwhile - and the one to one interview preparation coaching. Both helped me understand how to think like and present myself as a non executive rather than an executive, and that's been a big part of my success in being appointed to the Board of Governors at The Place."

Helen Dodds has joined Human Tissue Authority as a NED.

Kirsten Achtelstetter has joined Caredig as a NED. She said, "Women on Boards has been instrumental in helping me secure my first board role. From the Getting to C-Suite training course that forced me to reevalute how to add value as a senior leader to the "Succeeding to the Boardroom" workshop and the 1:1 CV review Julie did for me shortly after, they have all prepared me to present the best version of myself to the interview committee and ultimately secure the role."

Caroline Bault has joined British Business Investments as a NED.

Catherine Hearn has joined the University of Roehampton as an Independent Member of the Finance and Resources Committee.

Catherine Waller is now a NED at Office of Rail and Road.

Cynthia Gordon
has joined Bodycote plc as a NED.

Julia Goh is now a NED at Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Limited (BGHL).

Johanna McDowell
is now an Advisory Board Member at Be the Business.

Vanessa Leung
is now a Trustee at Lifting Limits.

Natalie Fortescue 
has joined Clean Power Hydrogen plc as a NED and Chair Audit Committee as well as being a Member of the Remuneration Committee.    

Kristina Spasic has joined Northbank BID Limited as a NED, and is also now a Governor at Royal Grammar School Guildford. She said, "I attended a Women on Boards half day course at Natwest Group offices back in 2019 – this gave me the impetus to begin to consider Board roles as a way of broadening my experience and to help support other businesses and organisations with my experience and finance background."

Janet Astall has joined Devolver Digital as a NED and Chair of Audit & Risk.

Karla Capstick is now a Trustee at Healthwatch Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. She said, "The Board CV Masterclass really supported my understanding and development to prepare for my first Board roles.. I found the sessions really insightful and helpful and really gave me the extra push I needed."

Kathy Byrne has been appointed to two new NED roles at Just Retirement Limited and Partnership Life Assurance Company Limited.

Isabel Liu
has recently been appointed to two roles: Board Director, Schroder Oriental Income Fund Limited and Board Director at Utilico Emerging Markets Trust plc. She said: "I thought that I was already an experienced NED, but WoB has given me invaluable support, both general and specific, from how to pitch how I add value both in the CV and in interview, to how to be an effective board member or chair working with the executive.  Through webinars, networking and courses I have learned so much from the experience of other female NEDs, which is very hard to access otherwise.  Individuals at or introduced by WoB have supported me with their time and counsel to help me prepare for interviews or understand how to address a market sector. With this support I was simultaneously appointed to my first two listed company boards."

Paula Jefferson is now a NED at Lakemor/CHPK. 

Sarah Templey
is now a Trustee at Thames Water Trust Fund. She said:  "The Women on Boards CV Masterclass and guides helped me focus my CV for a board level role."

Maria Cussell has joined Andover Mind as a Trustee.

Kelly Kuhn is now a NED at SSP Group plc.

Amy Woolf
is now a Trustee at Jewish Care.

Annie Coleman is now a NED at Strategic Equity Capital plc.

Carol Hagh has joined Chesnara plc as a NED.

Angela Spang is now Board Member and CEO at EveryBaby Ltd.

Sue Douthwaite is now a NED at British Business Investments.

Henrietta Hughes is now a NED at South Central Ambulance Service.

Alice Page is now a Trustee at The Racing Foundation.

Sophie O'Connor is now the Chair at Embark Group.

Laurie Benson is now a NED and Chair of RemCo at Bonhill Group plc.

Jackie Newbury is now a NED at Coriolis Technologies Limited.

Debbie Beaven is now Chair of Finance and Risk Committee at Community Forest Trust.

Helen Ramsay has recently secured a number of board roles: Technology Board Advisor at WTA Group; Trustee at The Engineers Trust; Public Governor for Oxfordshire at South Central Ambulance Service.

Becki Bradshaw is now a Member of Church Leadership Council and Trustee at Headington Baptist Church.

Henrietta Jowitt is now an Associate Fellow and Member of Principle's Circle at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford.

Vikki Macleod is now a NED at AND Digital.

Margaret Rice-Jones is now a NED at Calnex Solutions.

Alison Thorne is now a Governor at Cardiff Met Uni.

Joanna Smart is now the Chair at Oxford Cancer Biomarkers. She said, "Women on Boards has been an invaluable source of timely advice, guidance and support, particularly on key governance issues."

Jess McBeath is now a Member of the Advertising Advisory Committee at Advertising Standards Authority.

Amrita Aurora is now a Trustee at GirlGuiding UK.

Devyani Vaishampayan is now the Audit Chair at Norman Broadbent Group plc.

Sarah Cooper has joined the board of Wild & Kind as a NED.

Maryanne Matthews has joined the External Council of Queen Mary University of London

Charlotte Morgan is now a Member of Court of Governors at the University of Westminster.

Georgina Mitchell has joined the board of Orbis Investments UK. She said, "Women on Boards has provided support throughout my journey to build a portfolio of NED roles. From advice on my CV to putting me in touch with people in similar roles prior to interview, the assistance provided has been invaluable".

Toyosi Ariyo has joined the board of Five Talents UK.

Jackie Newbury, has joined the board of Coriolis Technologies Limited as a NED.

Debbie Beaven, has joined the boards of both NHS Trust IOW and Leap- Confronting Conflict.

Jane Ibbotson, has joined Canterbury Catherdral as NED of Chapter.

Lucy McClements, has joined Isle of Man Financial Services Authority as a NED.

Carys Williams, is now NED at IBAS- Independent Betting Adjudication Service.

Sue Douthwaite
, has joined NEXA Finance as a NED.

Kirstie Macdonald, is now a member of the board of trustees at Fife Health Charity at NHS Fife.

Rhian Head, is now a Board Trustee at Sherman Theatre.

Sally Macdonald, is now NED at Fidelity Asian Values.

Charlie Hills, has joined the Family Holiday Association as a Trustee.

Mandy Donald, is now NED at JP Morgan Asset Management.

Hannah Nixon, is now Chair of the SSRO.

Palvi Shah, is now a Trustee at the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

Janet Dawson, is now a Trustee at Derbyshire community health services NHS Foundation Trust.

Trisha McAuley, is now Chair of the Strategic Panel for the Business Retail Water Market in England. she said, "Women on Boards has been hugely influential in the development of my non-executive career."


On Board 2021


Margaret Delany, has joined RYA Foundation as a Trustee.

Teresa Octavio, is now Chair at DAME.

Kathryn Morgan, has joined the board of both Soteria Insurance Limited as a NED and UIA Insurance as Chair.

Gill Mansfield has joined the board as an Independent Non-Executive Director at PRS for Music.  Gill has joined the PRS Members' Council and the PRS Board and will Chair the distribution committee.

Helen Jones is now a board member at RSBC.  She said " I couldn't have done this without Women on Boards.  I knew nothing about being on a board and found the half day training session invaluable.  They were also a huge support when I got my first interview.  They talked me through how to prepare and what to ask and I nailed it.  One interview and I have my first board position. Thank you so much."

Trisha McAuley has now joined the board as a  Chair of the Strategic Panel for the Business Retail Water Market in England.  Trisha said " Women on Boards has been hugely influential in the development of my non-executive career."

Karen Bond has joined the board of Hertfordshire Golf Limited.  Karen said " I have attended a number of the Women on Boards Information and Training sessions which I am sure helped me with the interview and selection process."

Grainne Cuerden is now a board member at the PH Holt Foundation.

Joanna Rees
has joined the board at  Design Commission for Wales and Wales Millennium Centre.

Rachel Robinson is now a board member at The Speakers Trust.

Alicia Olo Martinez
has joined The Conference Board, H&S Council.  Alicia said "WOB helped me to be brave enough to put my name forward when the opportunity of becoming an Executive Board Member of the Conference Board - H&S Council presented."

Perdita Fraser has joined the board at Campaign for Science and Engineering.  Perdita said " Women on Boards has been a source of brilliant advice and support over the last few years with the development of my board portfolio.  What an excellent organisation doing hugely valuable work to strengthen boards and governance across the UK and beyond."

Claire Ward is now on the board at Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust.

Rita Bajaj
has joined the board as a NED at Columbia Threadneedle's UK OEIC.

Maristela Romano
is now a member of the Board of Govenors at St Paul's School in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Rola Aina
has joined the board as a Trustee at Hackney CVS.

Claire Seiler
has joined the board as a Parent Governor at Drumbeat School Governing Body.

Esther Roberton
 has now joined three boards;  OnFife/Fife Cultural Trust,  Fife Housing Group and  Scotlands Futures Forum. 

Jenny Watson
has joined the Independent Regulatory Board at ICAEW.

Katherine Rogers has joined the board at Ixico PLC.  Katherine said "I want to thank you for WoB's support in getting me here, I absolutely could not have done this without your invaluable advice and guidance".

Annie Coleman has joined the board at UBS.

Joshua Rozells
is now a board member at Kingston Bereavement Services.

Tracey Bleakley
has joined the board as a NED at Primadonna Festival.

Tanvi Gokhale
has joined the board as a Trustee at English Heritage.

Sarah Tindall has joined the board as a NED at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation.

Olanike Jagun
has joined the board at The Basildon Academies.

Sharon Shields
is now a board member at Friends of Alcossebre.

Jo-anne Carlyle
is now a board member at University College of Oestopathy.

Parves Khan
is now a board member at Peter Symonds College.

Steph South
has joined the board as a Trustee at Heronsgate Primary School.

Eleanor Southwood
has joinedthe board at Habinteg and also at Paradigm Housing.

Devyani Vaishampayan
is now a board member at The Law Society.

Megan McCracken
has joined the board at State Street Trustees Limited.  She said " Women on Boards has been an essential part of my board journey from the insightful webinars (hopefully more in-person events soon!) and individual advice to meeting all the talented WoB members. I'm so grateful for this community of women directors!"

Eniitan Page is now a board member at Aleto Foundation.  Eniitan said " WOB helped me to identify what was important to me and what would be expected."

Janet Dawson is now a Trustee board member at Community Services Trust.

Javid Hamid
has joined the board as a NED at Tara Arts.

Abi Olapade
is now a board member at Citizens Advice Redbridge.  Abi said "The tips and tricks obtained through WoB sessions since joining in Oct 2020 have really paid off. I'm so excited to be finishing 2021 with an emerging portfolio of Board roles!"

Peju Adebajo is now a NED board member at Ibstock PLC.

Sharon-May Meanley
has joined Queensbury School as a School Governor.  Sharon said "In the past I attended an Introduction to Women in the Boardroom course run in Birmingham by WOB.  That course provided much of the information I rely on to this day, gave relevant pointers and referred to (now purchased) texts which provide further guidance.  All of this has empowered me to gain in confidence and I now boast an emerging portfolio of board positions which have included, local parish councillor, treasurer, committee member, governor, trustee and more.  My positions have put me in contact with mps central govt ministers and more.  I have trodden unfamiliar territory and although having a legal background, I have just now entered the education sector as a school governor taking my readily transferable skill set to the same and recently sitting on staffing tribunals.  My own expectations have been far surpassed and I hold no doubt my efforts would not have been put to such good use had it not been for my attendance on that WOB course, that one day sometime way back when in this wonderful forward-motto’d Second City, hometown of Birmingham. "

Fiona Phillips has joined the board as a NED at Newbury Building Society.

Edye Hoffmann
is now a board member at Forever Active Forum.

Emma Wallace
has joined the board at Enna.  Emma said "I signed up to WoB after watching an introduction to becoming a board member and I have used many of the resources you provide which has helped me see my own board value and discover what I’m interested in doing as part of a board.  It’s also helped me believe that I could achieve it at this relatively early point in my career.  I’ve used the CV and interview documents, the podcast and watched some panel talks. I’ve applied to some board roles on WoBs and had one interview but was unsuccessful for that one, however it was all good practice for getting a role I’m really excited for, working on supporting neurodiverse people at work."

Louise MacDonnell has joined the board at Interface. 

Kelly Keating
is now a Vice Chair Trustee at The Together Project.

Louise Taylor
has joined the board at Think Forward UK and YMCA WL.

Jill Dodds has joined the board as a NED at two organisations: BNY Mellon and Depositary Advisory Council.

Joanna Baldwin, has joined Dudley Building Society as a NED. She said "Women on Boards is always there with timely and relevant support whenever you need it - a real benefit to treasure when competing for appointments in the competitive NED space"

Katerina Ioannidou is now a Treasurer at Unlimited.

Rama Varsani
is now on the board at  Learning to Work.

Shefaly Yogendra has now joined the board as a NED at  Harmony Energy Income Trust.

Tricia Lawson has joined the board at Parallel Learning Trust.  Tricia said "WOB helped build my confidence. I’ve joined a couple of live sessions and worked through some of the guidance about applying for board roles. It gave me the encouragement I needed to put myself forward. I was lucky to be successful at the first attempt".

Elizabeth Martine is now Vice Chair at PACEY.  She said " Women on Boards has been a fantastic support and has provided an excellent toolkit to help me to step up in to a Vice Chair role".

Charlotte Sutcliffe has joined the board as as NED at Sheriffhales Primary School.  Charlotte said "WoB has given me the confidence to reach out to the Governor Chair and to ask if any roles are likely to arise in the near future. In addition, using the guidance provided by WoB (elevator pitch/CV support), I was able to construct a 100 word bio which wasn’t geared towards my work role!"

Vicky Morris has joined the board at  Velindre University NHS Trust.  She said " After signing up with Women on Boards in July 2021, I have accessed the majority of your webinars and accessed some 1;1 support for pending interviews and I have been short listed for 2 out of 3 roles (remunerated) and short listed/ interviewed for 1 Trustee role (result pending).  I have been successful with gaining a Non Executive Director role with a Health Trust in Wales as chair of their Quality and Safety Committee as well as Board member. (Velindre University Health Board).
Having reflected on your guidance, advice and the networking opportunities, I feel I have, as a result of those reflections, performed at my best, both in my Board Profile/ CV, headhunter interviews and in the final interviews across all these opportunities, whatever the outcome. So a massive thank you for your support in helping me obtain my first non executive role and I will continue to access your WoB support as I build my portfolio career".

Lindsay Dodsworth has joined the board at  The Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust as a NED.  Lindsay said "Rachel Tranter, Women on Boards via the Getting to the C-Suite Course and one of your Ambassadors who is a NED on an investment trust have been very supporting in my search for NED and similar roles. Thank you and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help others".

Rebecca Boocock is now a board member at  Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust trading as Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles.  Rebecca said " Women on Boards is a fabulous network of people who have been so supportive in my journey.  From personal branding and CV support to interview guidance and member networking, it’s been so incredibly valuable."

Abi Olapade has joined the board at  Aldridge Education Multi Academy Trust.  Abi said " I joined the Women on Boards network almost exactly a year ago and have since attended a few of the Women on Boards sessions on preparing a Board CV.  This combined with the virtual networking opportunities and offline discussions with women whom I met through the network really helped to build my confidence in my ability to successfully apply for NED/Trustee roles.

As a result, before I knew it, I had not just one but three NED/Trustee interviews lined up! Kudos to Rachel Tranter who gave me some excellent 1:1 Board interview prep tips which I was pleased to find I was eligible to at no extra cost.

I have no doubt that the combination of these WoB services contributed to my landing this great Trustee role with Aldridge Education Multi Academy Trust who run schools across the country that focus on developing entrepreneurial and enterprise skills in children from disadvantaged backgrounds."

One of the other 2 roles that I’ve been interviewing for is still outstanding, so I might be posting another success story soon!

Neetu Ogle has joined the board as a Trustee at Tutor Trust.

Joelle Carlton-Coway
has become a Trustee at CIMSPA.

Miranda Brawn
has joined the board as a NED at Switch Mobility Ltd.

Heather McKinlay
 has joined the board at  Antares Managing Agency Limited.  Heather said " I took the Get on Board course and it boosted my confidence significantly. I've also made full use of the online articles, podcasts and other reference material. It really helped me pitch my CV and prepare for the interviews. Thank you!"

Jenny Watson is now Chair on the Independent Regulatory Board at ICAEW.

Judit Seymour has joined the boards at  ITI Capital Ltd. and Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust.  Judit said " The WoB Peer Support Group has been totally instrumental in helping me to land the NHS NED role. Several members mock interviewed me and the experience helped me to craft my answers in the real interview. I am positive that without their support, it would have been another Dear John letter!
The WoB Chairs programme cohort is a fantastic resource of inspiration, support and fun. It was one of the members who introduced me to the opportunity at ITI Capital - my first FI board role. Totally blown away by the "kindness of strangers" and utterly sold on membership of WoB. The individual members (women and men!) are knowledgeable, supportive and unstinting in giving of their time. Fantastic."

Sue Turner, is now Chair at the Faculty of Clinical Informatics. She said "Your help in preparing me for the interview was exactly what I needed, both in focusing on the core messages to get across and in boosting my confidence, and I am extremely grateful to you"

Abdul Buhari, has joined both Lloyd Cowan Bursary and Daunsteys School as a Trustee and well as England Athletics as a Board Observer. Abdul is a Member of Women on Boards via the Credit-Suisse Corportate Membership Scheme.

Marianne Moore, is now Chair at Justice Studio.

Joanna Dodd Massey, is now Independant Director for the board of  the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Frances Earl,
has joined RWS Group as NED and Chair of the remuneration committee.

Henrietta Hughes, is now Chair at  the Institute of Integrated Systemic Therapy.

Maristela Romano, is now a Member of the Board of governors at St Paul’s School – Sao Paulo Brazil. She said "participating in the WOB program has helped me a lot in building confidence to pitch for this position."

Obby Nnaji, is now Governor at Feltham Hill Infant and Nursery.

Lindsay Dodsworth, has joined Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust as a NED.

Arushi Chopra, is now a NED at Manchester Climate Change.

Sunila Lobo has joined the board at  Parallel Learning Trust.  

Emily Robinson has joined the board at WWF.

Brigid Sutcliffe is now a board member at  Troy Income & Growth Trust plc.

Annika Ramos is now a board member at  Small Charities Coalition.  Annika said "Through Women On Boards, I re-connected with a fellow member whom I had interacted with in a previous role...Her guidance and advice was something that I took with me throughout every conversation with potential organisations since, and I believe that it was part of the reason I was eventually successful in gaining a trusteeship with Small Charities Coalition, which was also advertised through Women on Boards".

Carolin Schönherr has joined the board as a NED at  Kaleidoscope Capital London.  Carolin said "Women on Boards has been a fantastic source of inspiration, support and "how to" steps for my NED search. I met a talented group of female leaders in the peer support group program and have benefitted from their advice, connections and experience".

Lindsay Dodsworth has joined the board at  St. John's College School, Cambridge.  She said " Thank you for all of your help and support; my initial discussions with Rachel Tranter when I first started looking for NED roles were so useful and the Getting to the C Suite course was also invaluable."

Sharon O'Kane is now a board member at  Health Products Regulatory Authority.

Mary Ethna Black has joined the board at  National Centre for Earth Observation UK.  Mary said " Women on Boards has empowered me to go into space - figuratively but not literally (yet).  The WOB community was primed to help and they did, with feedback, interview prep and CV tweaking. The WOB mantra of comradely confidence-building, emphasizing transferable skills, and leading with chutzpah really works".

Beatrice Devillon-Cohen is now a board member at  MUFG Securities EMEA.

Paula Jordan is now a board member at  Sparsholt College.

Misan Nwokorie is now a board member at  Arts University Bournemouth (AUB).  Misan said " WOB provided the space and platform to connect with like-minded people which was a huge support for me personally. The interview preparation was absolutely fantastic - I couldn't recommend that enough".

Susanne Svensdotter is now a board member at  Teach a Child - Africa.  

Caroline Wehrle is now a NED board member at  NHS Property Services Ltd.  Caroline said " I've been a member of WoB for several years and found my first NED role through the vacancy page. I continue to attend WoB events to improve my board skills. Seeking a second position, I recently attended a Meet the Headhunter event and it really helped me hone my elevator pitch, gain an insight into the skills other existing and aspiring NED bring and helped me extend my network. I've just started my second NED position and WoB definitely played a role in helping me secure it".

Cinzia Basile, is now NED at Nikko Asset Management.

Carolyn Donoghue, has joined Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board as an Independent Board Member.

Louise McCarthy, has become Board Advisor at Evrensel Capital Partners INC​.

Sadie Groom, is now Independent Council Member at Buckinghamshire New University.

Alison Goold, has been appointed as Treasurer to the board of the healthcare charity PSPA, where she joins Rowena Ironside, past Chair of Women on Boards UK.

Jane Pearce, is now NED at Polar Capital Tech Trust.

Annette Nabavi, has joined Eleco as a NED.

Erika Schraner, is now NED and member of the audit, nomination and remuneration committees at Bytes Technology Group.

Fumbi Chima, has joined Ted Baker as a NED.

Siwan Smith, has become a  Member Board of Trustees at The Blue Coat School.

Alison Green, has become the first female NED at Cakebox.

Caroline King, has joined the board as Trustee of both WPF Therapy and Affinity Trust. She said "Thank you so, so much for being part of me achieving this goal and stepping into new roles where I can make a difference to others."

Heather Tierney-Moore has been appointed as Interim Chair for SCCL which is the company responsible for the whole of NHS Supply Chain.

Irene Poku has been been appointed the Chair for the NHS Patient and Public Voice (PPV) partners: Outpatient Transformation Programme and a member of the National Outpatient Programme Board. Irene said " I have been a member for WOB for a year. I have benefitted from all 'members Insights .which gave me the confidence and awareness to apply for suitable roles."

One of our members, has joined Imitating the Dog as a Trustee. She said of the support she recieved "The guidance you've kindly offered me will no doubt be indispensable to my board career going forward and I am appreciative beyond words. Your help and support really made all of the difference."

Oriana Pound is now on the board at  Kings Cross Impact Hub.

Cathy Pitt has joined the board at  Baillie Gifford UK Growth Trust plc.

Sophie Wright is now on the  Finance & Investment Board, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.  Sophie said " WoB UK has been truly inspiring and energised me over the past year through various wonderful member events."

Zoe Shaw, appointed as a NED to Wandle Housing Association. She said "your help at WOB has been invaluable".

Claire Sng has joined the board at  Platform Cricket (THYSF).  Claire said " Women on Boards were absolutely fantastic, even talking me through the interview process and potential issues/topics to consider/prepare for, as well as CV help and providing a network to meet other NEDs who were also extremely helpful - thank you WOB!"

Virginia Stuart-Taylor has joined the board of  Raleigh International.  She said " The podcast was helpful in familiarising me with female role models who’d also succeeded, and the introductory webinar was great also in helping me feel confident that there are resources and support out there if I need them, as I take on my first ever trustee role."

Karen Fiagbe, has joined Cardiff Met University as a Governor.

Alexandra Innes, has joined The Bank of England as an External Member of the SONIA Oversight Committee and a Member of the SONIA Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Katharine Quarmby and Jannine Poletti-Hughes, have both joined the Creative Advisory Committee at Fideres.

Roisin Connolly, has joined Cardiff Met University as a Governor, a role she saw advertised on the Women on Boards Vacancy Board.

Carolyn Schuetz, is now NED at Oaknorth Bank.

Tazeem Abbas, has joined the board of SW9.

Laura Trendall Morrison, is now Chair of Finance, audit  and risk committee at Catch 22.

Elizabeth Jenkin, has joined Fidelis Insurance as a NED.

Meghan McCarthy, is now NED at Global Warriors Ltd.

Rita Bajaj,
has joined the board of Ecclesiastical as a NED.

Elisabeth Stheeman, has become Chair Elect of £ 1bn + FTSE 250 listed Edinburgh Investment Trust and is due to become Chair from the 2022 AGM.

Dr Jan Whitby has joined the Fountain Centre as a Trustee. She said "Your Board CV review and other articles gave me the drive to continue to seek positions"

Anna Mitchell has joined  Lucy Air Ambulance for Children as a NED.  Anna said "  found the WOB resources invaluable when it came to preparing for my interview.  I have also attended several Women on Boards talks and the tips in those are always extremely helpful - I definitely wouldn't have been inspired to apply for the board role had it not been for my connections with Women on Boards."

Anne Byrne has joined the board at  Charles Dickens Museum.

Jane Ibbotson is now a board member at  Kent Wildlife Trust.

Diane Reid
has joined the board at  Lakeland Arts.  Diane said " Women on Boards is important to me as a group of people who share my belief in the importance of high performing boards and advancing the position of women in this context.  I've worked on or with boards for many years and often felt like a lone voice.  It's great to have that shared commitment to excellence."

June Walker has now moved from a NED to Chair of IHCT Ltd.

Lili Long
has joined the board at  Quality of Life Foundation.

Debbie Rees, has joined the London Pensions Fund Authority (LPFA) as a NED.

Sally Goodsell, has joined East Coast Community Healthcare CIC as a NED.

Georgina Michell, is now an associate NED at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

Miranda Brawn, has become a NED with Switch Mobility.

Patricia Rodrigues, is now NED at Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers Proprietary Limited Fund 4.

Melanie Hind has joined KPMG as a NED to their Audit Board. You can read the announcemnet here.

Joanna Stocks has joined the board as a NED at  English PEN.  Joanna said " Women on Boards has provided invaluable support in gaining my first NED role.  From attending the 'Getting to the C-Suite' leadership course, to having supportive conversations with WoB staff and finally seeing the role advertised on the WoB website, I would simply not have achieved my Trustee/Treasurer role without being a WoB member."

Patricia Rodrigues has joined the board at  Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers Proprietary Limited.  Patricia said "WOB has always been supportive in my non-exec / portfolio journey!"

Fay Quayle has been elected Chair of Mayfield Nursery, following the national open competition and she has also joined the board at MIND as a new NED.

Jane Clemetson, has joined the board at  Ethical Journalism Network.  Jane said "Without the workshops on my NED CV, my NED CV would not have looked so impressive, I got the role at the back end of last year - now I am also Chair of the Fundraising Committee. So I totally recommend the NED CV workshop."

Veronika Neyer has joined Sussex Police as Chair of the ethics committee. She said "I had a 1-1 meeting with Rachel before my interview which was really helpful. Rachel listened to me and in no time helped me come up with my elevator pitch into the board room. Rachel was really great at helping me to translate my executive experience into transferrable skills for a non-exec role."

Helen Brichet is now a NED at Humm.

Hannah Nixon,
is now a NED at The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) 

Nadine Miller, has joined both OMAI Gold Mines as a Board Member, and Drone Delivery Canada as an Advisory Board Member.

Parv Sangera, has joined the Girl Friendly Society as a Trustee, a role she saw advertised on the Women on Boards Vacancy Board.

Leigh Wylie, is now NED at Halton Housing Board. She said "The 1-to-1 interview support was hugely beneficial as Rachel talked me through her advice, enabling me to prepare thoroughly and feel confident with my preparation...I used the WOB cv and cover letter templates which were great as I would not otherwise have known at all how to structure these."

Loraine Martins has joined DFS as a member of the audit committee, nomination committee, and remuneration committees.

Frances Soul, is now on the board of  Portsmouth Education Partnership.  Frances said " Completing the WoB online training for a board CV helped focus and strengthen my application to get an interview but the guidance note on preparing for the interview and then above all the pre interview 1:1 conversation with Rachel made all the difference as to how I approached the interview in both the preparation for likely questions and to deliver with confidence".

Patricia Rodrigues Jenner is now a board member at  Legal & General Assurance Society Limited.  Patricia said "The Women on Boards network is the best support network outthere and I highly recommend it to all female Board candidates!"

Roma Bhowmick has joined the charity board at  Blue Tangerine Federation.

Sue Douthwaite, is now a board member at  The Melton Building Society.  She said " WOB membership has given me the confidence to seek out roles."

Lucy McClements, has joined the board at  Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

Louisa Symington-Mills,
has joined the LSE-listed fund NB Private Equity Partners as a NED.

Susan Rowland, has joined theThe Scottish Sports Association as a Non- executive director on the SSA Board and member of the Income Generation and Remuneration Committees.

Julia Gregory, hard joined the board of Gateway 14 Limited. She said "I utilised the Women on Boards resource area which has a large number of good articles - the most relevant one I used as a template was one around the information to find out before an interview - this was invaluable."

Both Bev Keogh and Lisa Tennant have joined the Consumer Council for Water as a Non Executive Directors.

Kelly Webb-Lamb, has joined the Jewish Museum London as a Trustee.

Chantelle Whitehead, is now a Trustee at Cheshire and Merseyside Relate.

Pooja Dewan, is now NED in Training with the NHS.

Sam Cooper-Gray, has joined Kent Community Foundation as a Trustee, and also Mason Breese as a NED.

Rosie Deane, has become a Trustee of The Young Women’s Housing Project.

Kathleen Hall, has joined the boards of both SPG-GES and Douglas Products.

Gaenor Bagley, has joined Octopus Titan VCT plc as a NED.  Gaenor said " Women on Boards supported me from the beginning with CV writing and interview practice."

Amanda Capon, has joined The Wiggley Worm as a Trustee.

Alina Kessel, is now a NED at DS Smith.

Marie Holive
, has joined the senior advisory board at This Way Up

Helen Tuddenham has joined the board at  Southdown Housing Association.  

Pretty Sagoo, has joined the board as a NED at  Cardiff University.  Pretty said " I've been a member of WOB for a few years and it has certainly helped with awareness, training, and encouragement."

London Pensions Fund Authority, appoints four new board members, Rita Bajaj, Belinda Howell, Deborah Rees and Clare Scott.  

Charlotte Pederson, has become a board member at  Wizz Air Holdings Plc.  Charlotte said " My promotion came from inside the board, however, I love the support and guidance that you give to women who wish to start a career in the non-exec area! Thank you!"

Elaine Clements, has joined the board at  Multrees Investor Services Limited.

Maria Pombo, has joined the board at European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals (EACTP).  Maria said " I find the work that WoB do truly inspirational, supporting and encouraging both members as well as Companies in bringing together a more inclusive, diverse, culture enriched, collaborative, broad talented board that not only benefits the development and contribution individual members make to the board but to all the stakeholders of the business."

Laura McPhee, has joined the board at  Sellincourt Primary School.  Laura said " Terrific advice every step of the way. Great induction followed by terrific interview advice for your first board role."

Shimi Shah has become a board member at The Royal Mint.

Sally Hannah, has joined the board of The National Association of Able Children in Education (NACE). "WOB has been very helpful in my search for NED/Trustee appointments in general, in terms of materials, CV support, personal statement advice, webinars and also offering the 1:1 pre-interview discussion... I am so pleased, and thank you to WOB for your ongoing support!."

Heather Lawrence, has joined the board of Melrose Industries PLC.

Alex Sinker, is now Chair and Rachel Dennis, Joanna Mihajlovic and Joanne Shephard are members of The Maiden Factor's Advisory Committee - a new committed established with the support of Women on Boards UK to help ensure Maiden can set sail again in 2021 to raise awareness and funds to help some of the 130 million girls worldwide who are currently not able to access an education.

Dagmar Kent Kershaw, is now NED at Volta Finance.

Sophie Wright, is now a Committee member at  EWOB.  She said " I am an avid member, fully energised by the truly inspiring Fiona Hathorn and the wonderfully supportive team at WoB UK, as well as all the talented and ambitious peer."

Noella Hacquard, has joined as a Trustee St Christopher's Fellowship which provides fostering, residential & support for children & young people in care so they can be safe, happy & achieve their potential.  Noella said " What an honor it is to be named as a Trustee.  I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and foresee a future full of possibility and excitement.  I look forward to beginning this grand, new adventure.  Thank you Rachel for your support with the interview prep!"

Sarah Frost, has become a board member at  Electrical Safety First

Nehir Kirlar Ozel, has joined the board at  CARIS Islington.  She said " WOB's meetings, webinars and all the inspiration it gave me were instrumental in getting my first board position. Thank you.​"

Wendy Devolder, has joined the board at  The Haskell Foundation.  Wendy said " I have found WOBs resources and events all of high quality and valuable, and recommend anyone sitting on Boards (or considering to join a Board in the future) to explore and participate in these."

Sue Douthwaite, is now a NED at Melton Building Society.

Camilla Poulton, has joined England Netball as a Disciplinary Panellist.

Myfanwy Barrett has joined the board at  The Pensions Ombudsman.  She said " I have benefited hugely from the support of WoB in building my non-exec career, from cv writing and interview advice to a wide range of events about different types of boards, a dedicated session on Public Appointments and opportunities to meet more experienced NEDs. Recently the peer support group really motivated me to keep trying, and was a brilliant way to develop better applications, presentation and interview skills. Thanks to WoB I can now say that I have a portfolio career!"

Lisa Lim, is now an Investment committee member at CFA UK.

Helen Sachdev, has joined McKay Securities Plc as a Member of the audit and risk, nomination and remuneration committees.

Jem Greenwell, has joined Ethos Academy Trust as a NED. She said "Women on Boards resources have helped me with my NED CV, refreshed and enhanced my understanding Board Papers particularly in a charity setting. Being a member has widened my network and also reinforced my view of the the need to have a balanced and diverse Board especially due to the vital roles that Non Executive Directors play, paid or not. Thank you !"

Patricia Rodrigues Jenner, is now Independent member of the investment committee at GLIL Infrastructure.

Julie Ashworth, has been appointed as Senior Governor at Aberdeen University.  You can read more about the appointment here.

Helena Vinnicombe
is now a board member and NED at Lowland Investment Company.  Helena said " I attended an introductory seminar at WoB and a follow up session on fine tuning my CV, both of which I found very useful and informative and which helped my search for a NED position."

Louisa Macdonell is now a board member at Social Investment Scotland.  She said " I've been working through the great CV process on the website which has been a huge help in understanding the difference of a board CV and the pre-interview support the day before my interview was invaluable.  Thanks to all at WoB, couldn't have got my first board appointment without you."

Jacqueline Planner is now a Trustee at Traffik Analysis Hub, an anti human trafficking charity which operates globally.  Jacqueline will also be chairing the risk, audit and compliance sub committee on the board.  She said " WOB supported me with applying for NEDs, how to position my C.V and how to approach charities I was interested in when no role was advertised.  They gave me confidence and showed me how to be straight talking and to the point.  This brilliant advice paid off as the charity I approached was about to add trustees to their board.  I landed this role and have one other charity also interested in my C.V.  Thank you - it paid off!"

Fiona Sheridan, Sian Morgan, Naomi L'Estrange, Philippa Hardwick, Fiona Hathorn, Tracey Grove, Pamela Stacey, Alice Bordini-Staden and Danielle Stewart have been appointed to the board of the Financial Reporting Council's Advisory Panel. You can read more here.

Fiona Sheridan, has joined UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as an External member and member of the Audit, Risk and Performance Committee.

Natalie Fortescue, has joined the board of Serinus Energy Plc (AIM listed). She will also Chair the ESG Committee.

Helen Sachdev, has joined the audit and risk, nomination and remuneration committees at McKay Securities Plc.

Perdita Fraser, has been appointed as Chair at National Numeracy. You can read more about the appointment here.

Helene Brichet, has joined Fairer Finance as a board member.  She said "I am impressed by the quality of roles advertised on Women on Board and by the variety of events and advice at hand.  Thank you for the brilliant support I have received on how to build a portfolio career, and on practical steps such as building a NED CV and preparing for a NED role interview!"

Moni Mannings, has joined Cazoo as a NED.

Dr Alison Vincent, has joined  Bytes Technology Group Plc as an Independent NED and Chair of the Remuneration Committee.  She said " Women on Boards were key to getting me started on my NED Portfolio journey."

Patricia Corsi, has joined Tate & Lyle Plc.  She said "The pre-interview support was excellent, with speedy response and insightful thoughts."

Patrizia Canziani, has joined Illimity Bank as a board member.  She said "Although this position was not posted on WoB, over time I gained huge benefit from Women on Board.  The occasional talk/webinar on various topics, WoB's availability to discuss doubts and questions - always very promptly, the privilege of getting access to people with the right experience and background to prepare for interviews, and in general being part of a much larger group of like minded professionals."

Melissa Upjohn, has joined an animal welfare charity Communities for Horses as a Trustee.  " WoB's webinars, discussion forum and online resources were super helpful in enabling me to understand how to explain the value I could add to a charity as a trustee - many thanks WoB!"

Atiya Gourlay, has joined the Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust as a Trustee.  She said " I was inspired by a WoB member who encouraged me to look for board roles that resonated with my personal interests.  Following her advice, I became a WoB member, and truly appreciated your initial intro webinar, which helped me to identify my strengths.  I have found the personal stories of others motivating - great to be part of this network!  Thanks to Women on Boards for their fantastic resources."

Ciara Danes, has joined Learning by Heart as a Trustee, a role which she saw advertised on the WOB Vacancy Board. She said "This is my first Board role since joining Women on Boards. My advice - take it all in. As many other candidates have mentioned, the events, podcasts, board CV resources and pre interview support are invaluable. Your expertise and support have undoubtedly helped me to secure this appointment."

June Aitkin, is now NED at PEAL Investments UK. "Women on Boards has been enormously supportive. You provide a wealth of fantastic resources such as the podcasts, events, courses and direct access to the team, which have all helped me identify what skills and capabilities I can offer, manage interviews better, and to contribute more in the boardroom."

Tina Kokkinos, has joined British Rowing as a NED. "I had some fantastic and relevant advice in preparing for the interview including the specific challenges of this sector and type of role. In addition, I find Women on Boards the GO TO place for NED's for advice, help, support and learnings , irrespective of what stage in the journey as a NED you are."

Samantha Barrell, is now NED at Assura plc. She said "I found your CV review session very helpful and the FTSE NED session. I also find all your posts re new board roles very useful."

Ratna Kakkar, has joined Africa Excellence Research Fund UK as a board member. "Women on Boards' CV  Masterclass really helped me to structure my CV while applying for NED and Trustee roles".

Malado Kaba, has joined the board of Orabank Guine. She said "The women in this network are an inspiration in many ways. I kept on reading many of the articles and blogs too."

Anne Woodley is now a Trustee at RNIB "The Women on Boards weekly open board positions gave me access to the Board positions I found most interesting... I would not have even known about the position, or had the first idea where to start to apply had it not been for Women on Boards."

Marcia Cantor-Grable, has joined the Board of BNYMellon SA NV Brussels, Belgium as Chair of the Risk Committee and member of the Audit Committee.

Alison Thorne, has been appointed to the Welsh Government public appointments panel. Read the official statement here.

Marina Bond, has joined the British Rheumatology Society as a Trustee.

Rebecca Buckley, is now a Trustee at Community First Yorkshire.

Ijeoma Okoli, is now NED at Aldermanbury Investments Limited.

Allison Strachan, has joined Fleetville Infants & Nursery PTA as a Governor.

Deborah Richards, is now NED at CapEQ Limited.

Janyce Holmes, has joined the Board of Edinburgh College. "I found the Board CV Masterclass very helpful in responding to the recruitment process . Thank you."

Irene Hazlie, has joined the Board of Positive Changes Scotland (incorporating Grace Chocolates)

Jodi Cartwright, has joined Found Limited as a NED. She said "I used the excellent resources on the website and Women on Boards courses to help me compile my CV. These focused my mind that a Board CV is a very different thing from a normal CV, as well as providing practical help. I secured an interview for the very first board position I applied for, and a position with the second application."

Liz Curran, has been appointed as a Board Member of Rosewood Housing Limited, who are a subsidiary of Inland Homes PLC. Liz has also joined Octavia as an Independent Committee Member and will serve on the Finance Committee and the Audit and Risk Committee. She said "Re-joining Women on Boards last summer helped me as I started an intensive campaign to build on my single existing NED appointment. You provided information, encouragement and support. The pre-interview conversation was particularly useful. "

Shimi Shah, has joined the Royal Mint as a NED.

Hazel Flynn, has joined Waterloo Community Counselling as a Trustee.

Linda Csellak, has joined the board of Jockey Club Sarah Roe School, Hong Kong. "WOB has definitely helped me to become more assertive in 'putting myself out there" for INED roles"

Sobia Shamim, has become a Trustee at We are Family Adoption.

Sophie Vasquez, is now a Trustee at Age Cymru West Glamorgan​."I had amazing support from WOB through each step from when first considering whether joining a board was for me through to preparing my board CV, 1-on-1 support preparing for me interview and deciding whether the role was right for me. So grateful for the guidance and advice and having someone to speak to who could share their own experience was invaluable. "

Lisa Upchurch, has joined the board of Park Yoga.

Tazim Essani,
has joined Quilter (FTSE 250) as a NED and member of the Board Remuneration Committee.

Deepti Jerath, is now NED at Innisfree Housing Association. She said "Women on Board's CV preparation resources as well as the 1-on-1 interview support was fantastic and really helped me position myself for my first board position"

Alexia Tye, has joined the board of International Bureau for Children's Rights.

Stephanie Liston, is now Chair at BSG.

Ijeoma Okoli,
has joined Aldermanbury Investments Limited as a NED.

Gillian Singh, is now an Associate Digital NED at North West Ambulance service.

Carolyn Donoghue, has been appointed to the Board of Governors at University West of England. She said "This is my second board role since joining Women on Boards and I continue to find the events, podcasts , resources and support invaluable."

Kelsey Lynn Skinner, is now Independent Committee Member, Finance Committee and member of the Audit and Risk Committee at Mirriad.

Fiona Reed, has joined the board of Gipsland Grammar as a NED.

Daniela Barone Soares, is now NED at IHG Hotels and Resorts.

Yve Buckland, is now Chair at Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care system.

Shilpa Thaki-Green, has joined Clowns without Borders as a Trustee-Treasurer. 

Nia Roberts, has joined EPSRC as part if its Strategic Advisory Network. You can read more about the apointment here.

Shefaly Yogendra, is now Chair of Nomination Committee at Temple Bar (TMPL).

Rowan Gardner, has joined Digital Health and Care Wales as an Independant Member. She said "Women on Boards is a great investment to move your career into the Board Room.  The advice is clear, concise and insightful.  I am particularly grateful for [the] pre interview preparation which made a transformative difference to me and resulted in my first appointment."

Vicki Reay, has joined Katherine House Hospice as a Trustee. She said regarding Women on Boards events- "[you] certainly helped me to understand how to clearly articulate my transferable executive skills not only for a Non Executive role but also for a new environment, in this case the charity sector."

Siu-Wai Ng, has joined The Retired Officers Allowance Scheme Investment Board of the Salvation Army International Trustee Company.

Dr Ronda Zelezny-Green, has joined the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at the United Nations Foundation as an Advisory Council Member.

Andrea Minton Beddoes, has joined Reaction Engines Ltd as a NED.

Alex Cole-Hamilton, has become a Trustee at the Sophie Hayes Foundation.

Bola Oladimeji,
is now Trustee at GiG / GodisGiving.

Kathryn Morgan, has joined Marshmallow Insurance as a NED.

Maeve Walsh, has joined Connection at St Martin's as a Trustee.

Rachel Miller, is now a Board Member at Soho Housing. She said -"I found the Women on Boards website invaluable for demystifying the world of Board positions and the process of finding the right one."

Saz Willey, has joined the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales as Vice-Chair.

Anino Emuwa, is now Member of the Board of Governors at Nottingham Trent University.

Dominique Carrie, has joined 28 Too Many as a Trustee. She said - "Women on Board's Board CV resources and the one-on-one interview support were very helpful in securing this Trustee position."

Alla Bashenko​, is now Independent Member of Audit & Risk Committee and Investment Committee at Parkinson's UK.

Lydia Bailey,
is now Chair at Thyroid UK.

Heather Savory,
is now a NED a Big Yellow.

Mary Agbesanwa, has joined GirlGuiding UK as a Trustee.

Sophie Rossini, has joined the board of DHT Holdings.

Catherine Wall, is now Chair at MSS.

Deborah O'Neill,
is now a Trustee at GirlGuiding UK. She said "Women on Boards helped me identify positions that met my interests and would allow me to use my skills to make a difference. Their online resources really helped me to shape my CV appropriately for the role. Highly recommended!"

Anne Harrison,  is now NED at Solicitors Regulation Authority and Littleborough Arts Festival. She said "Women on Boards gave me the confidence to keep on applying for roles and to understand the sort of roles I was likely to be successful with."

Tazim Essani, has joined the board of City of London Investment Group PLC.

Manjiry Tamhane, had joined Land Securities Group plc as a NED.

Azra Kirkby, is now a Trustee at the Yorkshire Museums Trust​.

Susanne Alfs, has joined FMBcapital Holdings plc as a NED. She said - "Our network encouraged me to accept the responsibilities that come with this NED role for a listed company and increased my confidence."

Louise Wilson, is now NED at A2 Dominion Group. She said of the support she recieved - "[the] support really helped me get my first NED role, and I am very grateful I am a Women on Boards member!! Thank you so much"

Brit Schönenberger, has joined Swiss Automotive Group as a NED.

Helen Brown, has joined RNWL as a NED.

Kay Boycott,
is now NED at Private Healthcare Information Network.

Ursula Heng, has joined We and AI as Trustee and advisory board member.

Lamé Verre, has joined both Lean In Energy as Co-Chair and Blenheim High School as Governor.

Miriam Patterson, has been appointed as a new Commissioner to the US-UK Fulbright Commission.

Neelu Agarwal, has joined Second Step as a Trustee. -"Thank you to the Women on Boards team - your resources and webinars were invaluable."

Sue Schilling, is now a Trustee at Alopecia UK.

Susan Hopper, has joined Moonpig.com as a NED.

Catherine Fallon, has joined the State Hospital Board as a NED. She said that she - "found the webinars and information online invaluable in considering the content of my applications and covering letters".

Elisabeth Scott, is now Chair at AIC.

Sarah Beckwith, is now NED and also a member of the Development and Assets Committee at Abri Housing Association.

Fiona Morris, has joined Make UK as a NED. She said - "the online learning to create an NED CV is excellent and the 1:1 review with Alison Thorne built confidence and was great guidance".

Jayne Souter, is now a Trustee at Ferne Animal Sanctuary.

Deborah Davies
, is now NED at Diaceutics PLC. She said that she finds Women on Boards a "Good supportive network to stay connected with."

Jacquie Nnochiri, has joined NCS as a Trustee.

Emily Cox MBE, is now Deputy Chair at CBI (Confederation of British Industry).

Ali Harrison,
has joined  the National Health Service Products Appeal tribunal as a lay member.

Fiona Daniel, has become Non-Executive Director position with Thera Trust East Midlands Board. She said- "Thank you Women on Boards... anyone wanting to get ahead Women on Board resources and support is just the website and membership you need to get you there."

Sarah Tindall, has become a Trustee at Age UK Sheffield. Of the support she received she said-  "Women on Boards has been a tremendous help in clarifying the NED role and what specific qualities and skills are required. This has been professionally backed up with relevant and purposeful training sessions and a one-to-one expert phone call prior to my second only interview and my first appointment.

Clare Williams, is now board member at OperaUpClose. She said "Many of the seminars and sessions I attended during 2019 and 2020 definitely helped me prepare for interviews".

Catriona Standingford, has joined the board of Capsel Ltd.

Anjali Ramachandran, joined Chayn as a Trustee.

Lisa Fox, has joined the board of Disability Snowsport UK after seeing the role advertised on the Women on Boards Vacancy Page.

Lynette Eastman, has joined  the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology as a NED. She is also Chair of the Renumeration committee.


Denise Jagger, is now a Trustee at National Trust.

Sally Bennett, has joined BerGenBio as a NED. She said- "Being a member of Women on Boards helped me on my journey through access to workshops and events as well as a CV review!"

Anna Daroy, has joined the board of The International Governance and Compliance Association (IGCA)​.

Tanya Castell,
is now an external member of the Prudential Regulation Committee (PRC). You can read the announcement here.

Christina Renner-Thomas, has become a Trustee at Prostate Cancer Research.

Sally Penni, is now Bencher at The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn​.

Natasha Dos Passos,
is now Trustee and Treasurer at London garden Trust.

Brigid Whoriskey,
has become Vice Chair at Causeway. You can read the announcement here.

Jayne Souter, has become a non-executive director for Cornerstone Housing in Exeter. She said "I am very impressed with the support we get as members from your organisation and will  certainly be renewing my membership next year".

Alison Roswell, is now member of the Audit, Risk and Assurance Committee at the  Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy​.

Liz Edwards,
has joined the Dorset Local Economic Partnership as a NED.

Laura Dabbs, is now Board Member at Healthwatch Hillingdon.

Elaine Venables,
has become a Trustee at Age Cymru West Glamorgan. She said of the support she received - "Women on Boards has given me the confidence to go for it and to believe in myself."

Georgina Brittain, has joined the board of QCA (Quoted Companies Alliance).

Debbie Rees,
is now an independent member of the ALCS Investment Committee.

Gillian Carmichael Lemaire, is now NED at The Scottish Arbitration Centre.

Elizabeth Baxter,
has joined POWERful Women as a NED.

Tamara Crawford, is now NED at JP Morgan.

Karen Finlayson,
has joined the Supervisory Board at PWC.

Sarah Kaiser 
has joined Voice 21 as a Trustee.

Natalie Pascoe, has joined the Audit sub-committee at England Boxing.

Elizabeth Martine, has joined The Parochial Church Council of The Ecclesiastical Parish of St Nicholas, Chislehurst as a Trustee.

Nala Wolsfold, is now NED at Market Harborough Building Society.

Ann Allan, had joined the Water Industry Commission for Scotland as a NED. Ann said of the support she recieved "attending the Women on Boards half day workshop gave me the confidence to consider more substantive non-executive roles.... A thank you to Women on Boards"

Kay Boycott, is now Member of the Independent Audit Committee at London Fire Brigade.

Christine Foster,
has joined the Natural Environment Research Council as a NED after attending a Women on Boards CV Review webinar. Christine said that the session was "the single most practical bit of learning I've done in the last decade. I loved the way we weren't able to be passive attendees on the day, and the follow-up was so structured. I was set up for success by your support."

Trisha McAuley, is now Independant Chair at SSEN Inclusive Service Panel.

Anne Ruth Herkes, is now NED at Brookfield Business Partners.

Sophie O'Conner, has joined Sanne (FTSE 250) as a NED.

Laura McPhee, is now Board Member at Lambeth's Virtual School. She said- "Women on Boards' have been a driving force for me!".

Ali Harrison, has joined Styal Prison as an Independent Monitoring Board Member.

Sue Primmer, is now NED at The Chartered Banker Institute.

Victoria Cope, is now UK Council member at World commerce and contracting.

Grace Vandercruze MBA, CPA, has joined The Doctors Company, the nation's largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer as a NED.

Bronagah Kennedy, has joined Wolseley UK as a NED.

Sarah Pinch, is now NED at Manx Care.

Seema Kenndey OBE,
has joined Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) as a NED.

Merryn Myatt, has joined Nantwich Museum as a Trustee.

Nicola Bruce, is now NED at Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat).

Mandy Pike, has joined Investment Trust Personal Assets Trust ( PAT )​ as a NED.

Helen Stevenson, is now NED and Chair of the remuneration committee at IG.

Natasha Gibson, is now Chair of Chagos Conservation Trust​.

Alison Vincent, has joined the board of SEI Investments (Europe) Limited (SIEL). Alison will serve as a member of the Nomination, Remuneration, Risk and Audit and Compliance Committees of SIEL. You can read the press release here.

Christine Higgins, is now NED at MACQUARIE CAPITAL (Europe) Limited.

Annette Nabavi, has joined the board of Efficient Frontiers International (EFI).

Elisabeth Stheeman, is now a Member of the Audit and Risk Comittee for AIIBRead the press release here.

Frances Earl, has been appointment as Non Executive Director at RWS Holdings plc and Chair of Remuneration committee. 

Sandi Dosanjh, has joined the FA Women's National League as Independent Chair.

Julie Currie, is now NED at Tesco Bank.

Noelle Rumball
has joined the board (and audit committee) of Leeds Arts University​

Julia Gregory has joined the board of Conserv Group.

Helen Brown, has joined the Regulation Board of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries as a lay member. Helen found this role on our Vacancy Page.

Sheryl Jermyn, is now Board Trustee at Borderline.

Mandy Donald, has joined Gowling WLG as a NED.

Sarah David, is now Chair at Voice 21, a role she found on the Women on Boards Vacancy Page.

Nicola Fowler, has joined Aoibhneas as a Trustee.

Kitty Ussher, has been appointed as Non-Executive Dircetor at both Revolut and London LGPS CIV Limited.

Karen Smout, has joined Ipswich Borough Council as Independent member to the Audit and Governance Committee.

Olivia Jenkins, has been appointed Trustee of Afrikids, a role she saw on the WoB website. 

Lindsay Dodsworth, has been appointed Governor and member of the Investment Committee at Goodenough College.

Luca Zerbini, has joined both qiibee and Climax Community as a Non Executive Dircetor.

Dina Railean, is now Chair, Moldovan Electoral Committee at Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in London.

Maria Darby-Walker, has joined the board of Amigos Loans as a NED.

Jenny Knott, is now NED and Chair of the remuneration committee at Gresham Tech.

Fiona Gillespie, has joined the Steering Committee at Future Asset.

Moni Mannings, has joined the board at Hargreaves Lansdown, a FTSE 100 company.

Patricia Rodrigues​, is now NED at Aquila Capital.

Yoko Dochi, has joined JP Morgan Japanese Investment Trust (FTSE 350) as a Non Executive Director, a role that was advertised on the Women on Boards Vacancy Page.

Lisa Blackett, has been appointed to the board of NHS National Services

Carolyn Poretta, has joined the Treasury Committee of Optivo, a G-15 housing association; the Investment Committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering; and has been appointed as a full board member of Molo, a UK Fintech. She said: "Thank you again to Women on Boards for what you do. It's amazing on so many accounts."

Louise Wilson, is now Trustee at Thames Reach, a role she saw on the Women on Boards Vacancy Page.

Martha Mghendi-Fisher,
has joined Bleu as a NED.

Sarah Fowler, is now NED at both EY Foundation, Mpac Group plc and Chair at BHSF.

Jackie Gray, is now  Chair of the Governing Board at Shooters Hill 6th Form College.

Sarah Turnall, has joined the board of Coastal Housing group.

Rita Bajaj,
has joined Hargreaves Lansdown as Non Executive Dircetor. You can read the press release here.

Alicia Reyes, is now Board Member at Banco Sabadell.

Lizzie Wells, has become a Trustee for the Phyllis Tuckwell hospice, a role she found on the Women on Boards Vacancy Page.

Anna Daroy, has joined The Rural Policy Group as a council member.

Lopa Patel MBE DUniv, has become a council member at The Open University.

Carolyn Donoghue, is now Chair of the Welsh Wound Innovation Initiative Limited​.

Paola Bergamaschi Broyd,
has joined Arrow Global (FTSE) as a Non Executive Director.

Karen Hands, is now Trustee at Community Forest Trust.

Georgina Mitchell, has joined Crealogix MBA as an independent board advisor.

Alexandra Innes, is now Independent Board Director for 2023 Cycling World Championships Limited.

Susan Webster, is now NED at One Manchester Housing Association.

Angela Henderson,  has joined the board of Macquarie Capital (Europe) Limited where she will also chair the Risk Committee.

Olivia John, has joined CARIS Islington as a Trustee, London South East Colleges as a Governor and also The SEED Project as a Trustee.

Rituja Rao, is now Trustee at Being Woman -"Since receiving the Women on Boards bursary, I have woken up to a new career avenue that I wasn't aware of at all! Women on Boards UK has enabled me to pursue a Board career very early on in my career."

Parveen Malik, has joined the board of The Yorkshire Cricket Board (YCB). You can read more here.

Anne Cruikshank, is now a Trustee at HERA (Her Equality Rights & Autonomy).

Sonja Gayle,
has joined Sheffield Race Equality Comission (SREC) as serving comissioner and also Sheffield City Council as Comissioner 

Rosie Bichard, has beenappointed as an Independent Member of Royal London’s Independent Governance Committee. "Many thanks to all the WOB UK team for your support with the process, including arranging a call ahead of my interview."

Caroline Cartellieri, has joined EcoHydra as a NED.

Hilda Worth, has joined Institute for Jewish Policy Research as a Board member.

Selina-Valencia McDonald, has joined Homelessness Impact as a Trustee.

Zeina Hatem Popovic, is now NED at EcoHydra.

Susan McErlain, is now a NED a Trackwise Designs, an AIM Listed Technology Group. This role was advertised on the Women on Boards Vacancy page.

Sian Herbert, is now Independent Non-Executive Director at HBL Bank UK.

Luca Zerbini, has joined EcoHydra as a NED.

Rosie Halfhead, is now NED at Positive Money.

Linda Forbes, has joined National Energy Foundation as a NED.

Luna Zaman, is now a Trustee at Oxfordshire Mind.

Karen Furlong, has joined Triodos Bank UK as a NED.

Paul Hewitt has been appointed Trustee on the Board of Rusthall Lodge Care Home in Tunbridge Wells. "A BIG thank you to the WOB team who helped me in preparing my CV!"

Ri Chakraborty, has joined Norwich University of the Arts as a Board Member, deputy chair of the Nominations Committee and member of the Appointments Committee.

Jo Evans, has joined Mobius Life Limited as a NED and member of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee.

Paula Haynes, has joined the Science Council as an Independent Trustee. "I am really enjoying my journey with Women on Boards - This is the third Independent Board/ Panel position I have sourced from your jobs Board.  I really appreciate all of the advice, support and input I have received from you all.​"

Susan Humble, has been appointed by the Lord Chancellor to the Tribunal Procedure Committee, following a  recruitment process run by the Ministry of Justice.

Cath Brown,
has joined Reclaim as a Trustee.

Lucy Walker, is now NED at Henderson International Income Trust.

Lucy McClements has been appointed an Independent Non-Executive Director on the Board of the Mansfield Building Society​

Kuldeep Kaur has joined MyBigCareer as a Trustee.

Lucy Winskill, is now Chair at North East Local Enterprise Partnership​.

Helen Copinger-Symes, has joined DHL (Foundation) as an Independent investment committee member.

Olga Pascault Fedotov, has joined both the Independent Directors Association (Russia) as Co-chair of the ESG Committee and the Russian Chapter as Co-Founder and Chair of the management committee. Both positions are based in Moscow, Russia.

Linda Owen, has been appointed as Lay Chairperson for the UK Council of Psychotherapists. Linda is a participant in our Bursary programme, she said: "Thank you for the support provided by the Women on Boards Bursary so far. This is another very valuable step on my journey, so thank you for all the help!".

Aurore Lecanon, has joined ORIC International as a NED.

Angela Henderson, has become a Trustee at CW+, the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Charity and also Governor at Westminster Abbey Choir School​.

Christine Cross, is now Chair at ODDBOX and also Independent Chair and Remco chair at Clipper.

Karen Jordan, has been appointed as an NED and Chair of the Audit Committee and Nominations & Remuneration Committee for JN Bank UK Limited.

Heather Benjamin
, has joined the board of BlueLight Commercial which will be working with police forces across England and Wales to transform their commercial and procurement functions. 

Rosehanna Chowdhury, has joined the EY Foundation as a Trustee and member of its Audit, Risk and Assurance Committee.

Karen McClellan, has joined the Advisory Board of the Environmental Solutions Fund for TT International.

Belinda Deery,
is joining The Bath & Mendip Partnership Trust as a Trustee.

Trisha McAuley, is now Board Member at Transport Focus, and Independant Chair at Market Code Arrangements Panel.

Liv Corbishley, has joined both Brighton Therapy Centre as a Trustee and Grace Eyre charity as Chair.

Jane Robson Blanchard, is now NED at Scout Store.

Valerie Gordon-walker, had become Board Member at Tokio Marine Kiln.

Moni Mannings, has joined Easyjet as a NED. "Women on Boards has been an important part of my journey to date so thank you ".

Rebecca Ganz, is now NED at BlueSkeye AI.

Tazim Essani, has joined both the Royal Horticultural Society as a risk and audit committee member, and Sovereign Housing Association as a Member remuneration committee.

Karen Govier, has joined Northamptom Academy Trust as a NED.

Susan Sternglass Noble, is now NED at Asia Dragon Trust plc. "The assistance I have received over the years from WoB has been invaluable in developing my skills and experience.  So thank you once again!"

Gail Wanyoike, has joined Tree Foundation UK as a Trustee.

Thea Crawshaw, has joined Essex Blind Charity (Essex sight) as a Trustee.

Gail Emerson, is now Co-opted Trustee at ZETETICK.

Cosette Reczek, is now Chair at Citizens Advice Lewisham.

Heather Goodhew, has joined Else holding LTD as a NED.

Jess McBeath, is now Advisory committee member for Scotland at Ofcom.

Anna Dingely, has joined the board of Nihon M&A Center.

Katherine Scott, is now a Trustee at Stitches in Time. She said "I joined WOB to gain the insights and resources on preparing a board CV and preparing for an interview, which I found to be greatly helpful and no doubt I wouldn’t have obtained this position without your help. I have recommended WOB to other women in my organisation looking for a board role."

Kathryn Morgan, has joined Co-op Insurance as a NED. "I found the WOB support really useful, especially the CV and personal statement help. Now I aim to use the new NED webinars to help me be as effective as possible."

Dorothy Burwell, has been appointed to board of Post Holdings, a public consumer packaged goods company in the US and owner of Weetabix. You can read the press release here.

Clare Weaver, has joined the Japan Society of the UK as a Trustee. She said: "I have found all of the information and events that WOB have provided over the years to be instrumental in me securing this role now. So a big thank you for all the support and information!"

Victoria Jackson, is now Trustee at Holy Cow, a role she saw advertised on our vacancy board.

Sue Anstiss, has joined Leisure Focus as a Trustee.

Katherine Theobald, is now Trustee at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

Beatrice Devillon-Cohen, has joined European Investment Bank (Luxemburg) as an Audit Comittee Member.

Caroline Stephens, has joined CI&T as Advisory Growth Director.

Rhian Thomas, has joined Cardiff & Vale University Health Board (NHS) as Independent Board Member

Erin McEachren, is now NED at Conexus Healthcare.

Ayse Süvari, has joined Humanity & Inclusion UK as a Trustee. She said " Thank you for all your support!....You have a truly great platform which I visit regularly and will continue to do so."

Shayne Ramsay, is now a Trustee for the RSPCA (SE Branch), a role she saw advertised on the Women on Boards vacancy page.

Lesley Anne Nash, has joined St James Place plc (FTSE 100) as a NED.

Sophie Taylor, is now Chair at Valleys to Coast.

Roberta Casali, is now Chair at Tages Capital SGR.

Angela Lane, is now NED at Blackrock Throgmorton Trust plc.

Karin Schmitt, has joined the Cambridge Steiner School as a Trustee. "Thank you for your support on my board journey​."

Charlotte Pedersen, has become NED at Wizz Air Holdings Plc- a FTSE 250 company.

Elizabeth Renshaw-Ames, has added to her already diverse porfolio, by joining the Aviva Master Trust as Chair. 

Susan McErlain,
has become non-executive director of Trackwise Plc, an AIM Listed company. The position was advertised on the Women on Boards vacancy board by First Flight Non-executive Directors headhunters. 

Debbie Rees, has joined CBF Funds Trustee Ltd as NED and Member of the Audit Committee.

Vikki Macloed, has joined MDDUS as NED.

Rebekah Roebuck,
is now Trustee at Options for life, a role she saw advertised on the Women on Boards Vacancy Page.

Nicola Berry,
has joined the Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd as Governance Committee member and Search Committee member.

Catherine Fallon, has joined the Mungo Foundation as a Chair.

Vikki Macleod, is now Chair at LiberEat.

Helena Philips, 
is now Chair of the White Rose Academies Trust Board.

Elena Lokteva, has joined St Andrews Healthcare as both NED and Chair of the Audit and risk Committee.

Anne Spackman has joined the board at Profusion and has also become Independant Director at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Lisa Attenborough, is now NED at Future Fit Foundation.

Parveen Malik, has joined Mind Bradford as a Trustee.

Nicolina Andall, is now Lay Member of the London Recruitment Advisory Committee.

Hilary Cross, has joined the Ideas Foundation as a board member and also the Prisoners’ Education Trust as Deputy Chair. 

Sekai Mutambirwa,
is now NED at Hertfordshire LEP. "I applied for the position on Linkedin at the beginning of the year after registering with WOB, completing the NED CV tutorial and completing my own NED CV. I look forward to more board roles! A huge thank you to you and the WOB team!!!".

Peggy Vance is now non-magistrate member for the London Recruitment Advisory.

Rosie Bailey, has joined Forest Holidays as a NED

Camilla Poulton, is now Non-Magistrate Member at the London Advisory Recruitment Committee for Magistrates.

Sophie Gilibert has joined RedR as Treasurer.

Virginia Grant, is now Chair of the Sprot Trust.

Liz Lockwood is now Member of the audit and risk committee for the Samaritans.

Alison Vincent, has joined Connected Places as a NED.

Jane Player, is now NED at The London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation.

Michelle Leavesly, has joined the Warwickshire County Cricket Club as Senior Independent Director.

Jane Comerford, is now Chair of Governors at St Marks Primary School.

Servane Mouazan, is now Trustee for The People Who Share.

Mwenya Kawesha,
has joined the Royal Court Theatre as  a NED.

Meenakshi Anand, join Community Schools Trust in East London. 

Heather Blythe, joins National Museums Liverpool as a NED.

Rebecca Urang,
has become an Advisory Board Member at ASPIeRations.

Joanne Web, is now Board Advisor at Uncrowd.

Tanit Curry,
has joined both the Noodle Factory as a Strategic Advisor, and Nursery Book as a NED.

Alexandra Innes, has joined both All England Lawn Tennis as a Trustee, and also Knight Frank LLP as Non Executive Adviser and member of the Group Executive Board.

Marianne Økland, has joined the Professional Rugby Board (PRB) as a NED. 

Alison Flemming, is now NED at Premier Miton.

Carole Bridget Presern, has joined the Wellcome Trust Psychosis Flagship as an Advisory Board Member.

Jenny Knot, has been appointed as NED for Simply Health.

Denise Everall,
has been appointed NED of Maitland. 

Keri Pratt
, WOBSX graduate, has been appointed to Board of Guild Trustee Services, trustee for Guild Super & Childcare Super

Laura Todd,  has been appointed as Advisory Board Member at Salary Finance.

Frances Illingworth, has been appointed as trustee of the Institute of Historical Research, a position she saw advertised on the Women on Boards' Vacancy Board.  She said, "I wanted to thank everyone at Women on Boards for being great Corporate Partners with WPP and also introducing me to the opportunities for Board roles and the guidance to get there". 

Alina Kessel, has been appointed to the board of DS Smith (a FTSE 100 company), as well as the Audit, Nominations and Remuneration Committees. She says:
"I started considering non-executive roles after meeting the Women on Boards team in a workshop organised by WPP through our Corporate Partnership. I'm thrilled to be appointed as a NED at DS Smith and have really appreciated Women on Boards incredible support and encouragement along this entire journey.”  Read the press release here.

Amanda Turner, is now a Trustee at Wychavon Leisure.

Ninder Johal DL, has become NED at BCRS Business Loans​.

Alla Bashenko​, has become NED for both Cameron Hume LTD and Sova Capital LTD​.

Catherine Wall
is now NED at Zotefoams.

Cindy Butts,
is now Vice-Chair Independent Decision-Making Body (IDB) at The Bar Standards Board.

Amanda Scott,
has become a Trustee for  the Viviana Durante Ballet Company​.

Eileen Pembridge,
has become a Trustee for both the Royal Institution and Healthwatch Lambeth.

Emma Thomas,
has joined the board for Meningitis Now.

Sarah Perris,
has become a Trustee for the Sale Sharks Community Trust.

Alison Thompson has joined SES Water's Environmental Scrutiny Panel

Paula Haynes has become a Trustee for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, a role she saw on the WoB Vacancy Board.

Elaine Clements has joined the board of Cambridge Investment Management Limited

Karen Morton, has joined the board of The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA). " Women on Boards has been extremely useful to me in providing guidance on my CV."

Heather Benjamin, has become Chair of the Board of Trustees for Air Ambulances UK​.

Shelly Stewart, has joined STEP Academy Trust as a Trustee.

Jeanette Lichner, has become NED for The Financial Conduct Authority.

Rachel Hindley, has joined The New Zealand Women's Business Network as Finance and Revenue Director.

Kath Smith, has joined the board of Boohoo Group PLC as a NED

Elaine Ballantyne, has become a NED for her local Citizens' Advice Bureau. "Many thanks for the support received as a member of WoB"

Sally Benetar, has been appointed to the Board of London Sport. "I’m very pleased to have been successful in the selection process for the London Sport Board. The support and resources available through Women on Boards have been very helpful - thank you!"

Sandra Pollock, has become a Trustee for Bamboozle Theatre Company.

Inga Beale, is now Chair at Mediclinic.

Nicole Coll, has become a NED for Dudley Building Society.

Annie Moon, is now NED for Attollo- The People's Development Network.

Nicholas Pink, has become a NED for Ruffer Investment Company inc.

Laura Hughes, has been appointed as NED for