Below are the many organisations that have chosen to partner with Women on Boards, past and present. For these organisations we have run internal 'Career and Leadership' workshops alongside 'Realising your Board Potential' workshops for senior and retiring executives/partners. We run mixed gender workshops, and or women only depending on client needs. We thank them for their support.

If you work for one of our current corporate partners then Click here for full details of what is included in your corporate membership. If you are an individual working for one of our current corporate partners and would like to register on our website then click on this registration link, to gain the full benefits of your corporate membership you must register with you @company email address.

If you would like more information about Corporate Membership Packages and or our Career, Board and Leadership Workshops then just click on the links, which will direct you to the relevant information. 

Here are a collect of our observations, experience and research-based insights into effective practice as regards 'Diversity and Inclusion (link) and or read our six point plan to achieve a step-change in delivering on your Diversity and Inclusion outcomes. (Free to all members). Download here.