Bursary programme

The Women on Boards bursary programme - supporting more women into the boardroom.


The only barrier to the boardroom should be talent. Yet, women have been shut out of making the decisions that shape our world for too long. Women on Boards exists to help women overcome the hurdles to contribute their skills and perspective as non-executive directors.

This International Women’s Day, we are offering five complimentary places on our signature Boardroom Journey to women who would not otherwise be able to afford it, with the generous support of Boudicca Proxy Consultants (part of Equiniti Group).

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Who should apply? | What does a bursary involve?

Women on Boards has helped over 1,600 women into the boardroom – women who are now guiding business, finance, health services, government, schools and charities across the country. We offer information, advice and connections to help women secure roles as non-executive directors, governors and trustees.

generously supported by 

"We’re delighted to support the Women on Boards bursary. Diversity of thought and opinion around the Boardroom lead to better decision-making, and this initiative will only bring further positive change in helping more women make the most of their business acumen and professional skills.

Equiniti has a strong pedigree of appointing women to the Board and senior positions of leadership within the Company , and we’re proud to be part of a programme that aims to support women in contributing their talents at NED level."


Who should apply?

Women from all backgrounds have a huge amount to contribute. Whatever your career stage, professional or life experience, there is a board which will value your input. Women on Boards can help you find it and put yourself forward with confidence.

“Hearing other women's stories was like a window into being a non-executive. It made me realise that I can do this too. After being buried in my PhD research, it was also great to be alongside this group of women, all aiming for board positions." Tania Wallis, 2019 Bursary cohort

We know that career paths do not always run smooth - especially for women. Our bursary programme aims to support women who have substantial experience, but are not currently high earners. Many women combine board roles with career breaks, to keep using their professional skills and provide some continuity on their CV. We know it makes it much easier when it is time to return from your break.

We also firmly believe that you are never too young for the boardroom. Boards of smaller community organisations can really value specialist expertise in HR, finance, marketing and more; and you can gain strategic decision making experience sooner rather than later. We are keen to support early career women who are ambitious to develop their leadership skills.


Eligibility criteria:

Our bursaries are for women who could not otherwise afford our support and are not currently on a board - but would like to be!

  • Income below £30,000 over the last 12 months;
  • Not currently on a full board, but would like to be;
  • A woman.

If you know a woman with board potential, please do suggest she applies. And, if you are eligible, do apply yourself. What have you got to lose?

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"It’s great to be a part of the Women on Boards network which I find really supportive and inspiring. When the opportunity to join the board of British Kickboxing Council came up, I found some informal advice from other members extremely helpful. I'm delighted to now be a non-executive! I would recommend the bursary to all women who are interested in growing their potential and advance their career." Marianna Sikorowska,  2019 Bursary cohort


Women on Board will select five successful applicants, with advice from recruiters First Flight. We will proritise those applicants who can make best use of our support and show enthusiasm and determination to pursue a non-executive role. 

What does the bursary involve?

We will give you all the support we can to find the right board role for you - and put yourself forward with confidence to secure it.
Women on Boards bursary comprises full membership of our network, places at our signature events to expand your knowledge and connections, plus our unique support with developing your Board CV and preparing for board interviews.

After some time focused on young children, the bursary was a great boost for me. I found Women on Boards informative, challenging and also highly supportive. I'd definitely recommend the bursary."  Corinne Kennedy, 2019 Bursary cohort

Each place is worth over £1,000. It comprises:

  • Complimentary places at our Introduction Evening to understand how to get the most out of the bursary and make connections with like-minded women;
  • A place on our signature Getting Started workshop or equivalent webinar to inform their ‘board campaign’;
  • Opportunities to network and explore different boards through complimentary places at two Boardroom Insights events; Success Story webinars; and other topical webinar/s which we may run;
  • Access to our Board CV online course;
  • A 1-on-1 “board campaign” consultation with Women on Boards staff;
  • A personal board CV review;
  • Access to our Vacancy Board, containing 100s of non-executive vacancies;
  • 1-on-1 pre-interview support for every board interview secured;
  • On-going support and encouragement from the Women on Boards team!


>>  Call for applications is now open! Click here for full information and apply. 


“The Women on Boards bursary is a unique opportunity. It has provided me with a wealth of resources and a clear pathway to secure a board role. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to begin their boardroom journey.” Faiza Waheed, 2019 Bursary cohort

The Women on Boards bursary programme 2020 is generously supported by 

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