WOBSX Therese Ryan Syndicate Graduates

March 2022

Experienced ASX Non-Executive-Director Zita Peach led the ninth WOBSX syndicate to graduation in Melbourne in 2022. 

L-R Deanna Lomas, Angela Aroozoo, Nicoletta Muner, Samantha Read, Lorraine Sheppard, Shelly Park, Elise Venditti, Liz Smith, Maria Koutsimpiris
Kim Lawrence, Zita Peach (Chair), Jenny Selway, Gorana Saula

Congratulations to our graduates:

Angela Aroozoo
Maria Koutsimpiris
Dominique La Fontaine
Kim Lawrence
Deanna Lomas
Nicoletta Muner
Shelly Park
Samantha Read
Gorana Saula
Jenny Selway
Lorraine Sheppard
Liz Smith
Janelle van de Velde
Elise Venditti 

Therese Ryan

Therese  is an experienced professional and non executive director, who has worked across a diverse range of industries both locally and globally. She sits on a number of listed and government boards and committees, and a superannuation fund.

In her last senior executive role in General Motors,she was a member of the senior leadership team for its international operations, as well as General Counsel. She lived and worked in China for 4 years, leading a team delivering projects not only in China but across the globe, including India, Korea, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. She has extensive experience in commercial projects, restructuring and finance, procurement and supply, IP, OHS, Environment, compliance, risk management and governance.

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