WOBSX Margaret Jackson AC Syndicate Graduates

December 2020

Experienced NED and Chair, David Rennick, led the sixth WOBSX syndicate to a successful graduation in November 2020.  Graduating despite the challenges of COVID, we saw this syndicate have a hybrid graduation, with half attending in person and half via zoom. The syndicate was named after experienced NED,  Margaret Jackson AC.

Congratulations to: (listed as pictured L-R)
Kathie van Vugt     
Ditta ZiziMegan PurcellKirsty MooreSamantha Winter 
Sarah LukiesSimona TurinRachel NowakSandy Chakravarty
Karen McIlwainJennifer WolcottAlison BuxtonRebecca White

   ... pictured a hybrid graduation with syndicate Chair, David Rennick in Melbourne


A short biography of Margaret Jackson

Margaret JacksonAC is a well-known Australian corporate executive who has held positions on the boards of companies such as Qantas, BHP and ANZ Bank. Jackson worked with Australia’s biggest airline, Qantas, for 15 years including seven as the company’s chair. During this time, she faced down a number of crises including the collapse of Ansett and the repercussions of the September 11 attacks. She also oversaw efforts to merge Qantas and Air New Zealand and made the decision to order $12b of aircraft in 2000. It was the biggest purchase the company had ever made up to that point. Previous to this appointment, Jackson was the first female to sit on BHP’s board of directors and first woman to become the chairman of a top-50 publicly listed company in Australia.

At the time of writing, Jackson is chair of financial services group FlexiGroup and president of Australian Volunteers International. She continues to promote women’s causes in the workplace and call for better inclusion of women in high-ranking professional positions.

Jackson has dedicated a good sum of her time to investigating why it is that there are so few women appointed to company boards, while also working to improve the opportunities for women who seek to take up these positions. She believes that it is important for company boards to do more to include women and other under-represented groups in their make-up. She says that boards require diversity across skills, age, gender and industries so that they can introduce a more diverse way of thinking into their business practices.

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