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WOBSX is working to build new partnerships across the investment, private equity and IPO sectors to create marketplaces for program graduates to connect to potential board and advisory roles.

WOB warmly welcomed by Australian Investment Council

13 September 2019

It was a big week for WOBSX with 10 of the program graduates invited as guests to the Australian Investment Council Conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (11th & 12th Sept). The WOB members were accompanied by AIC member, Mark Richardson, an experienced chairman & investment management professional who introduced the WOB team to the conference.

"In the investment world of intense competition which I used to be part of it has been wonderful to interact with the attendees on an issue which they all want to resolve - diversity, gender balance (in all forms) and, most importantly for me, access to the input of half the worlds population - ie WOB, " Mark wrote.

Mark is the latest Chair to be recruited to the highly successful WOBSX program. Read Mark's biography and those of the other WOBSX Chairs.

Kerry Skellern was one of the 10 WOB members who attended the AIC Conference, had this to say about the event: 

I had the privilege of joining a group of WOBSX-ers at the recent Australian Investment Conference in Melbourne.  My motivation in joining was to learn more about the private equity and venture capital sectors, particularly how best to identify potential Board opportunities.  The sessions were wide ranging, from the latest global economic perspectives through to the latest in social media and how to expand your business into China.

We did all have a giggle on the first day when we noticed that the choice of sessions at 530pm was between the women's networking drinks and a panel on the upcoming Rugby World Cup.  Many of us joined the Rugby session.

I think the most important learning for me came even before the formal sessions started, in our briefing session with Mark Richardson.  Mark made the comment that PE firms will always be looking for sector specific experience for their Boards, to have maximum impact in as short a time as possible - so we should be very targeted in analysing their investments and identifying where our background could add value.

For me, the work starts now - working through the attendee list and beginning a structured follow up process to identify opportunities and continue to build my networks.

I would like to thank WOB, Mark Richardson and Yasser El-Ansary for teaming up to make this fantastic opportunity available to us.  I firmly believe this is a collaboration that can have some significant traction into the future.