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About WOBSX and our syndicate Chairs
Introducing Ruth Medd, WOB Chair
Meet Jon Brett, syndicate chair
Ruth Medd outlines the WOBSX approach  
How WOBSX is the final piece in the puzzle to securing a board role
What to expect on the Program
Program refections from Sara Watts, 2018 Graduate
How WOBSX can help you build your value proposition
The rewards (ie who you meet) on WOBSX 

About WOBSX and our Syndicate Chairs - Kathleen Conlon, Zita Peach and Tanya Cox

Introducing Ruth Medd, Chair of Women on Boards

Introducing Jon Brett, syndicate Chair - as he outlines his experience

WOB Chair, Ruth outlines the WOB approach of 'Stop thinking and start doing!' and how WOBSX can give you the confidence you need to move your board career

Ruth Medd, WOB Chair, on how WOBSX provides the final piece in the puzzle when it comes to securing a board role

Sara Watts, 2018 Graduate, talks about what to expect on WOBSX

WOBSX Program Reflections - Sara Watts, 2018 Graduate

WOBSX helps you build your value propositoin - Jon Brett, ASX Chair and Non Executive Director

Hard work and high rewards for WOBSX - Jon Brett, ASX Chair and Non Executive Director


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