Board Evaluation

Governance Evaluator

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Performance evaluations are a key means of determining whether your board and your organisation are meeting goals and making progress. Board evaluations are designed to:

  • Identify gaps and improve the performance of directors.
  • Hold the board accountable for its performance through improved transparency.
  • Add credibility to board decision-making.
  • Offer an opportunity to communicate objectively.
  • Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of both individual directors and the director collective.

Good governance recommends boards evaluate their performance on a biennual basis. For many boards, particularly those in the not-for-profit sector, this can become expensive and is not done. Over the years, Women on Boards members appointed to a range of boards have privately confessed it was not what they expected and a board review was urgently needed.

The Governance Evaluator is an affordable, confidential and time-effective service for evaluating board performance and understanding where governance needs additional work or review. High quality, cost-effective board evaluation supported by extensive online tools, a year long licence and optional facilitation. 

Developed by governance specialist and entrepreneur, Fi Mercer, in 2013 it won the industry section of the $50,000 IT Invention Test. Costing less than $5,000 per annum for the base service, it enables boards to:

  • Evaluate and manage governance risk
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Educate and build director capabilities

The service is generic for boards across the majority of sectors, but additional specialist modules have been developed for the healthcare, finance and community sectors.


"The Governance Evaluator was the perfect time efficient, easy to use, quality and cost effective program to engage in for evaluation and capability building for our annual journey for being an effective board.  We chose to have the program externally led which led to very clear KPIs for the board to address. We were also delighted with the comprehensive support and education resources which we have used a lot. We were happy to reregister and would strongly recommend this program."
Kylie Warne, President, and Bernadette Uzelac, CEO, Geelong Chamber of Commerce, 2014

"This incredibly affordable, time effective, quality and comprehensive program will not only evaluate your board but provide the foundations – year in year out – for building your board capabilities."

John Maher, Chair, South West Healthcare, 2014