The benefits of mentoring with Ruth Jones

WOB MyMentor Manager Nov 2019 - March 2023

Ruth Jones shares her thoughtson the pertinence of engaging the support of a mentor, especially if pursuing a career on boards.

Whether you're considering your next career move or contemplating your next life step, a mentor is someone who can help you fulfill your goals and aspirations, even if you don’t know what they are just yet. They are in your corner to help you be the best you can be.

Instead of leaving life up to chance, engaging the support of a mentor is about becoming more self-aware, taking responsibility and directing your life in the way you desire.

How would you define a mentor?

I think of a mentor as a sounding board, someone who is objective, there for you, ready to listen and provideconstructive feedback.  They are someone who can help clarify the issues at hand and support you as you discern a path.

When is the right time to engage a mentor?

Most often, it’s when people are coming up to an important transition in their life and need to make somedecisions about their next steps. The transitions can take any number of forms: re-entry to the workforce after maternity leave,planning a change of career or organisation, establishing your own business,developing a portfolio career or maybebuilding a volunteer life.

What are the proven benefits of a mentorship relationship?

The benefit of being able to speak freely in a confidential and safe space, with a trusted, experienced person whose purpose is to support you with sensible, constructive feedback and offer suggestions about what steps you might undertake to get you to your end goal.

And lastly, why would you recommend WOB members work with a mentor during their journey to the boardroom?

Planning and preparation are key to mostsuccess stories. Establishing a board director career is no different. Mentoring can be key to ensuring you are appropriately prepared and have the capacity to plan and execute your transition to board director roles.

Whether for personal growth or career goals, mentors play a valuable role in the lives of people looking to achieve new levels of success. These are some of the main reasons why you should engage a mentor.

  1. Constructive criticism
  2. Valuable knowledge
  3. Personal growth
  4. Firm and clear boundaries
  5. Unbiased opinions
  6. New perspectives
  7. Words of support and encouragement
  8. Tools for goal setting
  9. Opportunities for networking 


The mentoring program is open to Women on Boards Full Members. Click here to join. 
The cost of the program is $2,530 (inc GST).  To sign up click the Register button below.

Following the completion of the program, mentees have the option of purchasing additional mentoring sessions in packages of three one hour sessions for $1,452 (inc GST) or six one hour sessions for $2,772 (inc GST).


Registration Support: email Angela Bowen 02 4321 0100 
Program Information: email Catherine Brown GAICD

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