9 Tips of Mentoring

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Mentoring is probably the most powerful developmental process people can experience. And when it works, it develops two for the price of one. In mentoring, the relationship between mentor and mentee is all-important. 
  1. It's important that there is as much openness and honesty as possible between the mentor and mentee and that the confidentiality of the mentoring relationship is respected.
  2. What is common to all cases of mentoring is that the mentee comes to view things in a new way. The mentor promotes change in the mentee, helping that person towards a new vision of what is possible.
  3. Mentoring is not formally connected with structures of extrinsic reward - or penalty! Mentors must look after the relationship, and discuss its progress with their mentee.
  4. The mentee should be candid with the mentor in a way that would be unlikely in the context of their organizational appraisal. The mentor remains non-judgmental, and does not impose their views on their mentee.
  5. Mentors must keep an open mind, a flexible attitude, and have a willingness to develop a relationship with their mentees.
  6. Plans are followed through when the mentee owns the solution. Mentors should give advice and provide guidance and direction appropriately, based on their experiences and expertise.
  7. You will enhance commitment to change by clear agreements and target setting. Mentoring partnerships, in which the pair set tough but doable goals and a pathway to master challenges, enables mentees to learn a tremendous amount and build self-confidence. Mentoring must happen in such a context with aims and purposes; it is about possibilities and capabilities, not just problems and difficulties, and it focuses on learning and development. 
  8. Good mentors allow themselves to be observed, and effective mentees make a point of watching and questioning them.
  9.  Effective mentors encourage their mentees through positive words.  Effective mentees do the same with their mentor, which reinforces and inspires their mentors to invest more. 


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