Gardening Leave & Outplacement Services

For women who have taken a redundancy, are on gardening leave or are transitioning to a portfolio career.

'Gardening leave' -is the practice where an organisation requires an employee who has resigned or been made redundant to take paid leave, inclusive of their other entitlements for some or all of their notice period.

This is the ideal time to invest in your career and board development with the express goal of enhancing your future prospects.

Are you currently on 'gardening leave' or being offered an outplacement service in the near future? If so, WOB has put together a quality package for just $3,330 (inc. GST) for our full members. It includes:

Other programs are also available to be taken as an alternative. So contact our office today to inquire about a package to suit your development needs.


Please contact our office at or call us on 02 4321 0100 if you have any queries regarding these events or subscribing to Women on Boards.


WOB offers many options in ‘My Mentor’, career development, boards on the horizon (but maybe a couple of years away), director ready now, seeking more high profile boards or a hybrid set of objectives combining elements explored under each of the options mentioned.
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Getting Started: Realising your board potential

The first of our three events offered in our pathways to directorship program. Designed to help participants with strategies for board and career development, outlining what it takes to be a director and strategies for including board work in their career. Getting Started is a half-day workshop.
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Board CV Masterclass

Our Board CV Masterclass is our intensive half-day workshop focusing on developing a high quality, board-ready CV. Its methodology applies equally well for executive roles. The key purpose being to get you onto the short-list, and ultimately to an interview.
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