Professional development for the boardroom

Women on Boards offers affordable directorship courses in partnership with Governance Institute

Effective Director Course - Take your seat with assurance

Available to WOB Full, Premium & Corporate members at the discounted GIA affiliate rate of $3,995 for face to face courses. A saving of $205 for the course. The virtual live streamed course costs $3,745 - a saving of $205. Contact to register and receive affliate rate.

Exploring the role of the company director and the board’s vital contribution towards organisational culture and sustainable governance, this three-day course draws on theory, practice, and the collective knowledge of the participants to simulate the boardroom experience.

  • What issues and challenges are faced by a director on a board?
  • How can you best prepare for and understand directorship in the current landscape, with the lens firmly on director capability?  

Each module will be facilitated by an experienced practitioner who will share their own insights and experiences and draw out the learnings from the attendees.

This course is for:

  • aspiring or newly appointed directors
  • executives seeking director transition pathways
  • directors wanting to refine their skills
  • executives reporting into a board


You must lead and influence your peers. This course gives you a diagnostic and solution-oriented toolbox to build clarity, support leadership, and drive action. ‚ÄčJulie Garland McLellan, Professional Company Director and Consultant to Boards and Directors

The Effective Director Course has enhanced my governance learnings around soft skills and practical knowledge. I strongly believe in the Governance Institute courses. Trisha Mok, Senior In-House Counsel

Upcoming course dates:

  • WA — 6–8 July 2022
  • VIC — 6–8 July 2022
  • Virtual women-only — 26 July 2022–30 August 2022 (part time)
  • NSW — 17–31 August 2022
  • QLD — 24–26 August 2022

Half-day Courses - Virtual

Available to WOB Full, Global & Corporate members at the discounted GIA affilate rate of $575 per course. A saving of $30 per course. Contact to register and receive member rate.

  1. Governance Essentials
  2. Governance and Risk Management 
  3. Assessing Analysing & Treating Risk
  4. Meeting Compliance Requirements
  5. Risk Management Frameworks


Governance Essentials

This half-day course provides a concise and practical overview of the essentials of good governance across all sectors.

By registering, you will:

  • fast-track, deepen and refresh your understanding of governance essentials
  • obtain the latest knowledge on governance to drive implementation of good practice
  • learn about key governance initiatives in the Australian marketplace
  • understand the role of regulators, industry bodies and government
  • update your knowledge of key corporate governance roles and how to apply them within your organisation
  • understand how corporate governance contributes to your organisation’s achievement of financial and strategic objectives.

This course fulfils part or all of the compulsory requirement for two Governance Institute Certificates which are the Certificate in Governance Practice, and Certificate in Governance for Not-for-Profits.


Governance and Risk Management

Explores how governance and risk management are essential to an organisation’s improved corporate performance. This course offers an overview of the role of the board in governance and risk management; it examines current issues and explores best practice in strategic risk management.

The key objectives are to:

  • define governance and its corporate contexts and frameworks
  • identify current issues in governance and risk management
  • examine the role of the Board and where risk management sits in that role
  • examine the traits and practices of a ˆrisk-aware’ director.


Assessing Analysing and Treating Risk

Examine the importance of managing and mitigating the impact of risk within an organisation. This practical course will provide you with:

  • the knowledge and tools to identify and analyse key risks that may affect your organisation
  • practical guidance on implementing risk minimisation strategies
  • tools to effectively manage risk across industry sectors
  • key tips on embedding risk management within your organisation’s culture and structure
  • specific knowledge of the effect of AS/NZS ISO 31000-2009 risk standard on your risk management framework.

This is an interactive course recommended for those who have risk responsibilities in their role (and are looking to consolidate or refresh their knowledge), or those wishing to move into the risk field.


Meeting Compliance Requirements

This half-day course focuses on the role of an effective compliance framework as an integral part of an organisation’s overall business strategy.

In this course, you will:

  • explore a variety of compliance approaches that underpin an organisation’s legal framework
  • consider essential regulatory requirements, compliance standards and guidelines
  • gain practical information on compliance monitoring to uncover regulatory and/or legal breaches
  • gain a practical understanding of how compliance fits into your organisation — especially alignment with key business objectives, and how compliance processes can reinforce and positively strengthen organisational culture.


Risk Management Frameworks

A half-day course delivering practical information on managing risk within your organisation’s regulatory and governance frameworks.

This course provides participants with:

  • an overview of how to establish a risk management framework within an organisation
  • an understanding of why a risk-aware culture is vital in achieving organisational objectives
  • the knowledge and skills to assess the efficacy of risk management systems and processes within an organisation
  • an appreciation of the benefits of adopting a holistic approach to implementing risk management on an enterprise-wide basis
  • the confidence to manage organisational risks effectively and to plan for future risk.

CLICK here to listen to Claire Braund in conversation with Megan Motto, CEO of The Governance Institute, where they discuss the courses available plus Megan's journey, diversity and lots more (18 minute listen).