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We know a key value of Women on Boards is its extraordinary network of women who support each other to succeed and thrive. This is why we have introduced WOBShare, a highly interactive, private, secure online community platform exclusively for WOB Members* to  connect easily, discuss information and ideas and learn from and support each other.

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*Members denotes Full, Corporate and Premium Members. It does not include Basic Members.

What are members discussing on WOBShare?

Here are some examples of what members are exchanging information about on WOBShare.

Annual report declarations of remuneration - people's thoughts on how to declare remuneration to board members ahead of reporting season.

How do you decide which board roles to keep and which ones to let go - what questions to ask yourself when deciding to stay on in a particular role?

Professional indemnity insurance for NEDs - how to gauge what levels of cover are needed relevant to the organisations.

Board member applying for CEO role - how other directors would handle the governance around a board member applying for the CEO role. Would they make them stand down while this process is underway or would they make them resign from the board or would they do neither?

I wanted to say a big thank you for creating this forum. It's a wonderful idea and I am enjoying seeing everyone collaborate. Congratulations - I am sure I am not the only person thinking this and enjoying the read every day! - WOB Member

How to Access WOBShare

Once you are on WOBShare browse to become familiar with the platform. A few tips...
  1. Read the FAQs to kickstart your experience.
  2. 'My Communities' holds the open forum.
  3. 'Directory' is where you can search for other members and make contacts.
  4. 'Library' holds the WOBShare community library where members can upload and share useful and relevant resources.
  5. To update information on your WOBShare profile, you will need to edit your profile HERE

Need Help?

Email Angela Bowen with your questions or call WOB on 02 4321 0100.