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 Getting started - follow a plan and have a strong connection to your board

May 2020

Holly Stiles is a highly experienced corporate finance partner with Grant Thornton. Holly decided to make the leap and look for her first board role once her children started school and she had a "tad" more time.

Claire Braund talks to Holly about the steps she undertook to achieve her first board role with Kids Giving Back (a great NFP that teaches kids about reciprocity), including how she set herself a timeframe, the courses she did and the actions she took to become board ready.  Holly also shares key tips that helped her along the way. Listen

The launch and rise of tinybeans

April 2020

Sarah-Jane “S-J” Kurtini and Stephen O'Young founded  Tinybeans in 2012.  After moving to Australia with her husband and small daughter, SJ built a reputation as a savvy social media strategist while taking on part time work that she could do while her daughter was napping.  This led to an introduction to Stephen O’Young.

Stephen had the idea for TinyBeans as he sought to track his second son's developmental milestones. Finding that no one would take him seriously as an Asian male trying to launch an App for children, he was looking for a female business partner with marketing expertise. He outlined his concept to SJ, who was sold on the idea after a 30-minute meeting. And the rest they say is history.

Claire Braund explores how Stephen and SJ built TinyBeans to have more than three million users, 100+ million memories, App of the Day three times, AND how they learned about governance, drew straws to be on the board, flipped the board and listed on the ASX. 

SJ gives a warts and all account of the eight year journey, which saw her move from Australia to New York (which she says was an amazing experience for her family) and now back to Australia's Central Coast, where she is now taking  step back and having a six month sabbatical as she ponders her next project. Listen

HowCPA-Podcast.jpeg to Land a Board Role‚Äč

March 2020

To celebrate IWD2020, Claire Braund was interviewed by Louise Roberts FCPA, Deputy Chair of the Victorian Women's CPA Committee.

Claire Braund, co-founder and Executive Director of Women on Boards, shares her career success story, discusses the challenges she faced in the Board ‘universe’ and how to take that next step in your career to secure a board position.  Listen

Transitioning from Full Time Executive to Full Time Director

March 2020

Carmel Macmillan, WOB Non Executive Director was special guest on the Savvy Director's podcast.

Carmel shares how she has done it and what she has learnt along the way. Carmel didn’t see being a director in her future.  She was a successful marketing executive who had built a career working for some of Australia’s biggest companies.  And then she was exposed to some inspiring directors around the board table and that changed all that. Listen

Building an ASX Portfolio

March 2020

As a highly successful marketer, Cheryl Hayman is a portfolio director currently sitting on three ASX boards as well as not for profits. Hear Cheryl's story, from wanting to be an actress to studying marketing somewhat by chance. Cheryl discusses how she built a successful marketing career and transitioned her marketing skills to the boardroom. Cheryl and Claire also explore the importance of culture, how to add value, how to know you're adding value and how to know when to move on. Listen

Overcoming challenges and leading by example

March 2020

Claire Braund talks to Nadia Moffatt about how she overcame an acquired brain injury and is leading by example. Nadia has built a successful professional and board career as an experienced non-executive director, chair, committee member and advocate in the corporate, public and not for profit sectors across Australia. Current roles include: NED, Australian Communication Consumer Action Network;Member, My Health Record External Assurance Committee; Community Member, Governing Council, Northern Adelaide Local Health Network; Community Representative, SA Health Practitioners Tribunal; and NED, Brain Injury SA.

How things have changed in the Boardroom

February 2020

Join Claire Braund (Founder of Women on Boards and CEO of Women on Boards in Australia) and Fiona Hathorn (Founder and CEO of Women on Boards in the UK) when they get together to reflect how things have changed in the world of the boardroom since they first talked about launching in the UK in 2011.