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Ruth Medd, Executive Chair Women on Boards reviews a selection of interesting board and committee roles available on the WOB Vacancy Board, with a few tips on what they might be seeking and how you could apply. LISTEN HERE


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Michele Adair
Kerrie Akkermans
Gina Anderson
Hacia Atherton
Claudia Bels
Lil Bianchi
CPAs talk to Claire Braund 
Claire Braund & Fiona Hathorn (UK Exec Dir)
Jon Brett
Leesa Chesser
Lisa Chung AM
Tanya Cox
Dr Wendy Craik AM
Alison Creagh AM CSC
Helen Croxford
Fiona David
Arabella Douglas
Trish Egan
Dr Bronwyn Evans AM
Rebecca Frizelle
Bobbie Foot
Margot Foster AM OLY
Kerry Gleeson
Julie Green
Marina Go
Brynnie Goodwill
Jennifer Grech
Gaye Hamilton
Cheryl Hayman
Cheryl Hayman & Gina McClement
Christine Hawkins AM FAICD
Leanne Heywood
Kelly Humphreys
Ros Kelly OAM
Sarah Jane (S-J) Kurtini
Sally Macindoe
Carmel Macmillan
Gina McClement & Cheryl Hayman
Fiona McLean
Nadia Moffatt OAM
Helen Moore
Megan Motto
Libby Nankivell
Susan Oliver
Dr Liz Paslawsky
Zita Peach
Anne Pleash
Ian Pollard
Robert Pradolin
Maryanne Puli-Vogels
Kerryn Newton
Suzie Ridell
Shirley Randell AO
Mary Sue Rogers
Kerry Ryan
Tracey Spicer
Georgie Somerset AM
Andrea Staines OAM
Holly Stiles
Charlotte Valeur
Victoria Weekes
Mary Wooldridge
Roberta Wright
Mahjabeen Zaman

Fiona David: Why we need a humane response to migration

In conversation with Fiona David
November 2021 (30 minute listen)

Leading lawyer, criminologist and specialist in modern slavery Fiona David has worked for over two decades at the intersection of crime, law reform and human rights and in 2018 was appointed inaugural Research Chair of Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s Minderoo Foundation. Fiona’s career has seen her travel to some of the most dangerous corners of the globe while listening to the heartbreaking personal stories of the victims of human trafficking. As she says: “I am an adventurer deep in my heart. I feel very compelled to do what I can to help others and to try and understand why people would put themselves in these incredibly risky situations.”  Listen

Building a Portfolio Career, Mustering Cattle and Surviving the witness box in the Banking Royal Commission

In conversation with Victoria Weekes
November 2021 (43 minute listen)

Claire talks to highly accomplished board director Victoria Weekes about her board journey to an enviable portfolio career.  She talks openly to Claire about her period of renewal, surviving the witness box in the Banking Role Commission, the importance of establishing and consistently following your values, humility and how we really haven’t come as far as we think with the gender pay gap. Listen

Turf love: How horse lover and Australian Turf Club Chair Trish Egan harnessed her passion

In conversation with Trish Egan
November 2021 (33 minute listen)

Trish Egan is a born and bred Sydney girl, but she has had a lifelong love of horses from a young age. Looking back, 12-year-old Trish - who secretly penned a letter to the Chairman of the Australian Jockey Club asking how to become a strapper - would never have thought she’d be taking the reins as Australian Turf Club Chair decades later. Despite being told “stables were not the place for young ladies” Trish never gave up on her racehorse dream. Listen

Taking charge: Engineering’s first lady Dr Bronwyn Evans PHD AM

In conversation with Dr Bronwyn Evans AM
October 2021 (27 minute listen)

It’s no surprise Dr Bronwyn Evans PhD AM sticks by the mantra ‘everyone’s an engineer’. As CEO of Engineers Australia, she can’t understand why everyone doesn’t want to work in her chosen field.  A passionate advocate for getting more women into STEM, it's Dr Evans belief that all children have the potential to become engineers. In this podcast, Dr Evans talks about why it’s time to get the gender balance right in STEM, how COVID has paved the way for more technology reforms and why problem-solving engineers are the perfect fit for the boardroom. Listen

Lil Bianchi: Bringing the Tech perspective to Boards

In conversation with Lil Bianchi
October 2021 (22 minute listen)

Lil Bianchi is not your box-ticking director. As a highly-experienced Non-Executive Director, Chair Audit & Risk Committee, former CEO and tech entrepreneur working across data analytics, fintech, risk and customer value Lil thrives on innovation and loves being around curious people. In this podcast, Lil says there’s space in every boardroom for “weird and whacky ideas” and talks about the importance of Boards having a tech perspective. As she puts it: “Don’t get bamboozled or sidetracked - just dig, dig, dig for non-technical people –really make the experts talk to you in normal business talk.” Listen.

Fashion to financial markets: How Mahjabeen Zaman found her voice

In conversation with Mahjabeen Zaman
October 2021 (23 minute listen)

Fashion designer, newsreader, banker, lecturer: Women on Boards’ Chair Cultural Diversity Chair Mahjabeen Zaman has had all these careers in her sights since growing up in Singapore with her Pakistani-born parents. Now living in Australia, Mahjabeen can add three of those four jobs to her resume. Currently working as a senior investments specialist and part-time lecturer, after also running her own fashion label in Asia, Mahjabeen talks to Claire about her passion for financial markets, particularly around ESG and sustainability, and why having a culturally diverse Board should never be ignored. Listen.

Leesa Chesser: From Politics to the Boardroom

In conversation with Leesa Chesser
October 2021 (25 minute listen)

If anything can prepare you for battle in the boardroom, it’s being a politician in the middle of a crisis. Former SA Mental Health Minister and WOB member, Leesa Chesser was thrust into the spotlight when allegations of elder abuse of dementia patients at the state-run Oakden nursing home were exposed, leading, in part, to the aged care royal commission. In this podcast Leesa opens up to Claire about what it was like being at the centre of a political scandal, and the essons learned from the experience have helped in her boardroom journey. Listen.

Roberta Wright: The day my life turned upside down

In conversation with Roberta Wright
September 2021 (37 minutes)

Resilient and tenacious - no two words could better describe long-term Women on Boards member Roberta Wright. Despite being left totally blind after a brain operation, then having to fight to keep her adopted baby - on the back of losing her brother to a drug overdose and father to cancer - Roberta is always looking to the future. In this podcast she talks about overcoming adversity, learning to adjust and the challenges of raising a child as a blind single parent. Listen

Switching gears: WOBSX graduate Claudia Bells on racing and risk management

In conversation with Claudia Bels
September 2021 (33 minutes)

With a background in law, finance, risk management Claudia Bels doesn’t seem like your typical risk-taking rev head. But this rally car fan admits she loves racing around in her sports coupe as much as scrutinizing spreadsheets for her various audit committees. This week Claudia talks to Claire about taking part in Women on Boards’ inaugural WOBSX program, having a ‘ready-made cheer squad’ and the turning point which led to her down an unlikely board path. Listen

Premiership Winning Material: Gaye Hamilton and her Wild Ride

In conversation with Gaye Hamilton
September 2021 (29 minutes)

She’s spent years working with children and animals (a combination many of us would steer clear of) and yet Gaye Hamilton says the transferable skills gained in secondary science education and zoo management paved the way for her varied and fascinating career and board journey, including over a decade with the Western Bulldogs AFL club. Listen

Treading gently: Why mining executive Bobbie Foot is firmly grounded in community

In conversation with Bobbie Foot
September 2021 (26 minutes)

What impact can I have, and how can I make the world a better place? It’s these questions which have driven Bobbie Foot; from growing up in a large rural Queensland farming family and qualifying as an occupational therapist to becoming head of Health, Safety and Environment at BMA Coal and being named one of the 2020 Global Top 100 Most Inspirational Women in Mining. In this podcast she talks about the importance of community, collaboration and ‘putting yourself out there’. Listen

Mind the gap: Mary Wooldridge on why we need to be ever vigilant about gender equality in the workforce

In conversation with Mary Wooldridge
August 2021 (24 minutes)

Mary Wooldridge believes if you want change on the big social issues then you get engaged in purposeful action to get policy change and action taken. As Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, the issues currently in her sights are gender inequality, including closing the 14.2% gender pay gap. In this podcast, the former long-serving Victorian MP speaks to Claire about why the Liberal Party should implement quotas for women and why we need to be ever vigilant about gender equality in the workplace. Listen

Helen Croxford has a passion for inclusion and her goal is to become obsolete

In conversation with Helen Croxford
August 2021 (24 minutes)

On the Eve of the Paralympics Claire Braund talks to President of Sport Inclusion Australia, Helen Croxford about her vision for a fully inclusive sporting club system that welcomes athletes with an intellectual impairment with open arms, and why the media training that they’re running extends to training the media how to deal with people with an intellectual disability. Listen

From Rural Australia to Royalty: ASX Chair Gina Anderson on how she nailed networking

In conversation with Gina Anderson
August 2021 (28 minutes)

It is testament to experienced company director Gina Anderson’s adaptability and genial nature that she has been able to turn her hand to every opportunity afforded to her. Keeping in touch with her large network, as well as simply ‘being in the right place at the right time’, has seen Gina secure many board roles - as well as “the job of a lifetime” as personal assistant to the Crown Prince El Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan in the early 90s.  In this podcast, Gina talks about the importance of networking and maintaining those contacts, describes what it was like going from struggling to find work during the recession in Australia to working for Jordanian royalty, and the reality of learning on the job. Listen

Michele Adair’s home truths on Australia’s affordable housing crisis, and the challenge boards face fixing the problem

In conversation with Michele Adair
August 2021 (46 minutes)

Michele Adair has a passion for housing all Australians. As Chair of Community Housing Industry Association NSW and CEO of affordable housing provider Housing Trust Michele’s goal is to ensure all Australians have access to the basic human right to somewhere to live.
Michele’s interest stems from personal experience, after she found herself a single mother with two children struggling to keep a roof over their heads in her 30s. In the podcast Michele talks about being on the board of affordable housing organisations and of the joy of giving keys to a home to someone who desperately needs it. Listen

Dr Wendy Craik AM– A woman of many firsts From the Great Barrier Reef, to the Murray Darling Basin to the RBA

In conversation with Dr Wendy Craik AM
August 2021 (45 minutes)

Dr Wendy Craik is often described as a woman of many firsts - the first female head of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the first woman to lead the National Farmers' Federation and the first woman Chief Executive of the Murray Darling Basin Commission. So how does someone who started out with an arts degree and PhD in zoology wind up on the board of the Reserve Bank of Australia? Never one to turn down a challenge, Wendy admits it has been a steep learning curve but says it has been a fascinating journey along the way.  Listen

Libby Nankivell: From refereeing to tackling big decisions - on and off the rugby field

In conversation with Libby Nankivell
July 2021 (26 minutes)

In May, Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Nankivell made history when she was appointed Vice President of Queensland Rugby Union, becoming the first woman to hold the position in 139 years. Libby acquired her love of the game from her late father, Darling Downs broccoli farmer and respected referee Paddy O’Brien, also following him into refereeing. Here the ‘self-confessed rugby tragic’ talks to Claire Braund about her passion for the game, and how that has translated into a meaningful career on rugby boards. Listen

Leading from the heart – how being a director at 27, having a social conscience and experiencing failure shaped Suzie's approach to making an impact

In conversation with Suzie Riddell
July 2021 (37 minutes)

Motivated and with clear vision from a young age, Suzie Riddell talks to Claire about why she decided not to pursue a career in accounting, despite winning the University medal, how she took a graduate role with Bain & Co and boldly deferred her start date by one year TWICE, and her failed experience in Guatemala, where she thinks her volunteer work actually had a negative impact. Listen

Building a portfolio career - how one board can lead to another, even when you don’t expect it.

In conversation with Tanya Cox
June 2021 (29 minutes)

Claire Braund talks to experienced Non Executive Director and Chair, Tanya Cox, who discusses the power of connection and how one board can “surprisingly” lead to another.  The most important thing, she says, is to “get started”.  Tanya is now a portfolio director on six boards, including Chair of the World Green Building Council and Non-Executive Director of Cromwell Property Group (ASX:CMS), and says she has never been happier or more fulfilled.  Tanya shares her journey and what she has learned along the way.  Like any true success, Tanya is modest, understated and a true inspiration. Listen

Don’t get lost in the crowd: ASX boards, mentoring and marketing your board CV to your skillset

In conversation with Jon Brett
June 2021 (31 minutes)

Jon Brett, a highly esteemed NED originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, who is also Chair to two of our WOBSX Syndicates. Throughout his impressive career, Jon has had a hunger for challenging and complex problems and has mobilised his skills to serve on a range of mostly ASX listed Boards including Vocus, CTM Australia & New Zealand, Mobilcom, and Soho Property App. Hear about Jon’s most notable takeaways from his high powered career, his mentoring experience and how to market your CV specifically to your skillset. Listen

Diversity of Experience: Networking, human resources and many firsts

In conversation with Mary Sue Rogers
June 2021 (35 minutes)

Mary Sue Rogers has a proven track record both as an international senior executive and non-executive director. She’s a seasoned senior executive, having held positions with blue chip companies like IBM, PwC and Talent2 that span more than 25 years and across 20 countries. Claire speaks with Mary Sue about her global leadership skills in HR technology, agriculture and membership-based organisations, and delves deep into the true meaning of diversity at the board table. Listen

Investing in human capital and improving diversity with Ian Pollard

In conversation with Ian Pollard
June 2021 (38 minutes)

Ian Pollard — Director, well-known Chair, Executive Coach, actuary, statistician, and author of six publications — joins Claire in this week’s episode. Since the age of 25, Ian has served on countless boards and has passionately coached senior executives for more than 20 years. His deepest single interest, however, is how people, teams and organisations grow, starting with the individual. Hear why Ian thinks Australia needs to improve its diversity stance and why corporations should be investing in their human capital. Listen

Owning Your Story: How a mentor gave Carmel the courage to own her own story and share her secret

In conversation with Carmel Macmillan
May 2021 (25 minutes)

With more than 40 years’ experience in the marketing sector and 15 years as a Non-Executive Director, Carmel Macmillan’s CV is impressive, but it is her lived experience caring for her son with many extraordinary abilities that has shaped her value proposition. In this episode, Carmel shares how WOB has helped her to change her own narrative and confidently articulate her story.  She also discusses what boards are really looking for. Listen

Affordable Housing: Creating respectful unrest "housing is an economic issue affecting all Australians"

In conversation with Robert Pradolin
May 2021 (26 minutes)

Robert Pradolin is a loud and independent influencer on issues of housing affordability and accessibility. His message is clear: housing is not a social issue — it’s an economic issue. Dissatisfied by the successive governments’ disinterest and neglect to invest in public housing for the most vulnerable in Australia, Robert has taken matters into his own hands and founded Housing All Australians; an Advisory and Action Group of influential leaders from the private sector. Hear how Robert is disrupting the construction sector with new ways of building. Listen

Challenge yourself as a leader: Aboriginality, diversity and executive coaching

In conversation with Arabella Douglas
May 2021 (45 minutes)

Claire speaks with Yugambeh/Bundjalung woman, Arabella Douglas, who has traditional ties to far North NSW and South East QLD. A specialist in diversity and indigenous insights into social and economic value, Arabella has served on boards for more than 10 years. Her heart work though is Currie Country, a cousin consortium consisting of her large extended family of 3000 people. Hear why Arabella thinks it’s important to steer away from your C Suite strengths in the boardroom and why connection to land is not an Aboriginal monopoly. Listen

How serving has shaped retired brigadier Alison Creagh’s board journey and approach to governance

In conversation with Alison Creagh AM CSC
April 2021 (59 minutes)

Alison Creagh is a retired brigadier in the Australian Defence Force and was recently made a Member of the Order of Australia. 
In this WOBChat, Alison talks to hosts and WOB founders Claire Braund and Ruth Medd, as well as the WOBChat participants, about how serving has assisted her board career, her journey and her approach to governance. Listen

How Leanne Heywood went from being made redundant to building an ASX portfolio career

In conversation with Leanne Heywood
April 2021 (24 minutes)

Once upon a time, this full-time non-executive director for multiple ASX listed companies worked one week a month in Mongolia in minus 40 degrees when she was the General Manager for Rio Tinto’s Global Copper Concentrate. Today Leanne Heywood is often battling 40 degrees heat from her 1600-acre farm in Peak Hill in Western NSW. Leanne latched onto the mining industry early at a time when it wasn’t common for women and the discrimination was overt. Hear how Leanne launched her portfolio career through hard work and preparation, and by not taking feedback personally. Listen

Defying All Odds: Increasing female tradies, smashing assumptions and leading with courage

In conversation with Hacia Atherton
April 2021 (15 minutes)

Crushed by a 600kg horse in 2017 when training to qualify for the World Equestrian Games, doctors told Hacia Atherton she’d never walk again. Four years and 14 operations later, Hacia tells of how she has transformed her trauma into triumph. A CPA, Chief Commercial Officer for her family’s manufacturing business, Committee Member for the CPA Australia Emerging Leaders Network and Advisory Board Member for Real Time Learning Australia, Hacia is passionate about increasing female tradies and smashing assumptions.  Listen

Education changed the course of my life: Former MP and OAM reveals all

In conversation with Ros Kelly, OAM
March 2021 (42 minutes)

Ros Kelly, the former MP and OAM, joins Claire this week and shares the intimate story of her upbringing and professional life. Ros was the first female elected member of the ACT House of Assembly, the first Labor woman federal minister and the first to give birth while holding office. Hear why it’s important to take opportunities, to know who you are and to choose the right partner, because we all need someone who has our back.  Listen

How to improve board performance and the governance of your organisation

In conversation with Maryanne Puli-Vogels
March 2021 (24 minutes)

Does your board have the right skill set to meet future needs?  Are you managing risk?  Have you heard of the Governance Evaluator? If you’re on a Board or a Committee, it’s time you had. In this episode, Claire speaks with Maryanne Puli Vogels, Chair of Timboon and District Healthcare Services, about the Governance Evaluator — an online governance platform that Maryanne has used to predict risks, identify gaps, create reports and generate insights for the future of their community solution. Listen

How Julie Green moved into board roles and found her core purpose – Membership, rural communities and Greening Australia

In conversation with Julie Green
March 2021 (26 minutes)

Julie Green is one of those women who knows, deeply, what she is here to do. In this podcast with Claire, Julie shares her story of advising chartered firms in the UK and Australia for 10 years, including Ernst & Young, before changing career paths. She realised her core purpose was to use her financial acumen to promote healthier communities and today serves as NED for RAVC, Greening Australia and Loddon Mallee Waste & Resource Recovery Group Board, among other significant roles. Learn more from one of our longest-standing WOB members. Listen

Your Digital Footprint: The First Impression You Make in Business

In conversation with Fiona McLean
March 2021 (39 minutes)

Claire speaks with Fiona McLean, CEO and Managing Director of The Social Index, about the impact of our digital footprint and the challenges and opportunities that exist for people in positions of governance. It’s a brand new world and your reputation as a leader is your most valuable and critical career asset. Learn why WOB has partnered with this unique platform to help its members optimise their online presence. Don’t miss this one. Listen

From Investment Banking to Global Governance: The Naked Truth about Diversity

In conversation with Charlotte Valeur
March 2021 (39 minutes)

Claire speaks with a very special friend of WOB, Charlotte Valeur from the United Kingdom. The internationally renowned and highly experienced Non-Executive Director and Chair has a reputation for leveraging good governance globally through her style of value-based leadership. The former Danish investment banker has extensive Board level experience with IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring, but it is her ability to foster true diversity in the Boardroom that sets her apart. Listen

Debunking Gender Stereotypes: For the love of cars and sport

In conversation with Rebecca Frizelle
February 2021 (25 minutes)

She’s kicked goals, smashed glass ceilings and debunked gender stereotypes at every turn during her substantive career. Claire Braund in conversation with Rebecca Frizelle, pioneer for Australia sports and passionate ambassador for the motor industry. She’s the Chief Operating Officer of Frizelle Prestige, was first female Chair in the NRL code and just last year, was awarded an Order of Australia for her contributions to the Motor Industry and Rugby League. Listen

The amazing career of Zita Peach - from refugee to ASX Chair

In conversation with Zita Peach
February 2021 (34 minutes)

Zita Peach discovered early in her career the importance of both actively seeking Board opportunities, actively networking and becoming known in the Board community. That’s how she transitioned from CSL Limited to Fresenius Kabi, while accepting two Board positions with ASX listed companies. Her story starts in Eastern Europe, takes her to studying BioMed at university and sees her today successfully heading multiple ASX listed companies. Listen

Network Like A Boss: Drop assumptions, know your value and be deliberate

MME_Andrea-Staines-Podcast-square-(1).pngIn conversation with Kerry Gleeson
February 2021 (25 minutes)

You can’t assume roles will fly at you because you have had a successful executive career, shares Kerry Gleeson, ASX Director, Senior Executive and Board Advisor for the past two decades. In this podcast, Claire speaks with Kerry who has successfully led over $10 billion of complex multi-regional transactions, but regardless, networks like a boss to get seen in the non-executive sphere. Passionate about building strong corporate cultures, rigorous governance standards and unifying diverse operations, Kerry leads by the motto: "Shoulders back, remember who you are and go get it."  Listen

The Perpetual Hustle: Transferable skills, career themes and becoming a young NED

MME_Andrea-Staines-Podcast-square-(1).pngIn conversation with Andrea Staines OAM
January 2021 (28 minutes)

Andrea Staines, Australia’s first female airline CEO, OAM and full-time Non-Executive Director, may be highly sought after for her incomparable commercial, strategy, risk and people skills, but securing her first board role didn’t come without hustle despite her impressive CV. This week Claire Braund digs deep with Andrea on matters of living abroad, being deputy chair of Australia Post, solo parenting, becoming NED at age 41 and why it’s crucial to understand your transferable skills. Listen

Self-belief and the unorthodox path: forging your own way

In conversation with Kerry Ryan
January 2021 (23 minutes)

Kerry Ryan, experienced Non-Executive Director, has seen it all.  An unorthodox law career led to an unplanned board profession and today she is NED at Richmond Football Club, Aligned Leisure, Retail Food Group (ASX listed), Mental Health First Aid International, Kids First Australia. Substantial experience working across international markets saw her in Indonesia during the Asian Financial Crisis and the fall of the Suharto Regime, as well as in-house counsel with the Packer Group in India.

Claire Braund talks to Kerry about the recipe to the Richmond Football Club’s success, the compulsion for boards to get too involved at times of crisis and the importance of embracing opportunities. Listen

The changing landscape of sports boards

MME_Margot-Foster-Podcast-Header-300x300-(3).pngIn conversation with Margot Foster AM OLY
January 2021 (32 mins)

In this podcast, Margot Foster talks to Claire Braund about the very real challenges that face sports boards today from corporate governance, to best practice, to competing state and national interests, to the evolving responsibilities of directors. Margot is an Olympian and a lawyer who has served on numerous for-purpose boards over the course of her career. She is committed to good governance and maintaining integrity at all levels of the playing field. Listen

Unique and multi faceted - building, construction, the Art, NFP's, strategy, technology…

In conversation with Susan Oliver AM FAICD
December 2020 (31 minutes)

A fascination with construction sites and a love for the smell of raw concrete was the beginning of Susan Oliver’s long fascination in engineering, business, technology and innovation. She was the first woman to graduate with a Bachelor in Building at the University of Melbourne and holds the titles of AM, Chair, Non Executive Director, innovator and entrepreneur as she continues to lead companies to succeed into an unknown future. Claire Braund speaks with Susan about her time leading the Commission for the Future for the Australian Government under the mentorship of the Honourable Barry Jones, founding The Big Issue in Australia and why female led start-ups need our investment. This one is a must! Listen

From journalist to director - founding Women’s Agenda, SPORTS Boards and more 

In conversation with Marina Go
November 2020 (40 minutes)

Marina Go is a journalist come full-time Non Executive Director (NED). She has led a formidable career with gender equality as her key motivator. She was the founder of Women's Agenda and has smashed stereotypes and barriers throughout her career.  Marina is the author of Break Through, an empowering and candid book and today sits on multiple boards. Host Claire Braund talks to Marina about putting women on the radar of mainstream media and the challenges of 2020. Listen

Boards, culture, death threats, discrimination and standing up for yourself

In conversation with Tracey Spicer
November 2020 (24 minutes)

In this podcast Tracey Spicer talks to Claire Braund about her journey, including taking a major TV network to court, being sacked via email, her time on the NRMA board 20 years ago where death threats between board members had to be investigated by police, and how she became an activist  on pregnancy discrimination and wrote a book. Tracey and Claire also talk feminism, class factions, culture and what Tracey would say to her younger self. Listen 

Consciously un-partnering and leading the way in diversity and inclusion

In conversation with Sally Macindoe
November 2020 (30 minutes)

Sally Macindoe is Executive Counsel and Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Norton Rose Fullbright and Vice President at the MCC. But that's not how she started out. In this podcast Sally talks to Claire Braund about her journey, from how she was appointed partner at Deacons (now Norton Rose Fullbright) while she was pregnant, was the first woman to be elected to their Board and later appointed Chair of their Board / Partnership council....and how she stepped back from it all. Sally also talks about the challenges the MCC has faced during COVID and the sheer sadness and perspective that the empty stadium has brought. They also discuss diversity and inclusion and how it extends to gender, race and now age, with four generations working in some firms. Listen

Building socially responsible business 

In conversation with Brynnie Goodwill
November 2020 (36 minutes)

In this podcast, Brynnie Goodwill talks to Claire about the world of international corporate law, her reasons for pursuing a career in community advocacy and why following your passion, not necessarily your credentials, is the best way to the boardroom. She is committed to gender equality and cultural diversity at all levels of business and shares why she isn’t at all surprise by the state of affairs in her former homeland America from her organic farm in the lower Hunter of NSW. Listen

From barriers to redefining healthcare with all in mind 

In conversation with Dr Liz Paslawsky MME_Paslawsky,-Liz.png
October 2020 (36 minutes)

Dr Liz Paslawsky’s journey to the boardroom has not been without barriers. Her family lived off a small organic farm in the Ukraine before the Second War World hit, forcing them to flee on a boat they thought was destined for Austria. Instead, they arrived on the shores of Australia. Today, Liz is a Telstra NSW Business Woman of the Year winner, serves on four international boards and has held CEO and senior executive positions in healthcare, banking and the not-for-profit sector. Find out why Liz is a self-confessed “barrier basher” in this podcast and hear her tips for thinking more strategically during the unpredictable time that COVID-19 brings and redefining healthcare as we know it. Listen

Making it her business to be an insider  

In conversation with Lisa Chung AMLisa-Chung-Photo.png
October 2020 (29 minutes)

In this podcast Lisa Chung AM, lawyer, experienced Non Executive Director and Chair, shares her journey to the boardroom and explores a range of insights, including how she overcame cultural and gender challenges, the important role her mentors have played, as well as providing advice on how to approach a board  interview – or "peer discussion", as she likes to call it. Lisa also talks about the benefits of being on multiple boards. Listen

Lessons learned breaking into the boardoom

In conversation with Jennifer GrechMME_Grech_Jennifer.png
September 2020 (16 minutes)

Jennifer Grech shares an honest account of her journey as someone relatively new to the board arena, including the systematic approach she has taken to learn about boards, how she has built her board collateral, and how she sees her eight applications as a learning process to help her define her board value. Listen

Authenticity, Political Life and Swimming The English Channel

In conversation with Anne Pleash, former Chief of Staff, The Hon Bob KatterMME_Pleash,-Anne.png
September 2020 (20 minutes)

In this podcast Anne Pleash talks to Claire about public life, working with Bob Katter, her long built understanding of remote indigenous communities and how she was instrumental in introducing the Indigenous Art Code. She also talks about her board aspirations and the amazing story of how she swam the English Channel, eyeing off France after 13 hours! Listen

Flying by an alternate path - Insights into board recruitment and governance trends

In conversation with Kerryn Newton, Managing Director, Directors AustraliaMME_Newton,-Kerryn.png
September 2020 (35 minutes)

In this podcast we hear about the interesting career path that has led her Kerryn Newton to this point, including serving in the Army Reserves for many years, briefly working as a lawyer and stumbling into a job in parliament, where she worked for 10 years across 25 parliamentary enquiries. Claire Braund explores how Kerryn joined her first board by accident and the key things she is seeing from her clients in the board recruitment space. Kerryn also provides her insights and advice for candidates applying for board. Listen

Governance explained and an unconventional dance to the top

In conversation with Megan Motto, CEO The Governance InstituteMME_Motto,-Megan.png
September 2020 (18 minutes)

In this podcast Megan Motto, CEO of the Governance Institute provides a glimpse into her unconvenational background, her interpretation of "governance" and how she came to lead The Governance Institute, which has historically seen a legacy of older males at the helm. We also hear about Megan’s passion for diversity,  the value of governance training and how building a blended board and executive career makes you better at both roles. Listen

Lessons from the trenches –  how to prepare so you stand out in board interviews

In conversation with Christine Hawkins AM FAICDMME_Hawkins,-Christine.png
September 2020 (25 minutes)

Christine Hawkins AM has had an illustrious board and executive career, being awarded an Order of Australia for her service to business in 2019. Her extensive experience on board selection committees has clearly shown her what separates board applications – what makes one attractive and another not. In this podcast Claire Braund talks to Christine about her career and board journey and the delve into Christine’s four key lessons for directors in the board application and interview process, including what not to say. Listen

The mentor experience uncovered - from both sides

In conversation with Cheryl Hayman and Gina McClementMME_Cheryl-Gina.png
August 2020 (31 minutes)

ASX Director Cheryl Hayman mentored Gina McClement in 2018-19 as part of Gina’s three step plan to gain and board role. In this podcast Claire talks to Gina and Cheryl to uncover why Gina wanted a mentor, how her journey changed once the process started and how the process ran. Cheryl discusses her mentoring philosophy and reverse approach, which is not as you’d expect. If you're thinking about a mentor or what you can do to further your career, this podcast will provide some great ideas. Warning, you're sure to be left wanting Cheryl as your mentor too!  Listen

Building a portfolio with purpose and passion

In conversation with Georgie Somerset AMMME_Georgie-Somerset.png
July 2020 (27 minutes)

Georgie Somerset has built an impressive board portfolio, currently sitting on the board of the ABC, AgForce Queensland, the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Red Earth Community Foundation. Georgie talks about her board progression, lessons learned and what inspires her, saying “my community foundation really feeds my soul” and “if you have the right framework and the right foundations, you can actually trust the process and the people to take you there". This is a great listen and will make you feel inspired.  Listen

Going full circle and building collegiality 

In conversation with Kerrie AkkermansMME_Akkermans,-Kerrie.png
July 2020 (19 minutes)

Claire Braund talks to Kerrie Akkermans about how her journey has taken her full circle, from being a young Girl Guide where her mother was a Girl Guide Commissioner, to now being CEO of Girl Guide’s SA. Founding her own business at just 32, Kerrie worked with iconic brands and became a sought-after speaker. Kerrie discusses the impact major life changes had on her carrer, how she carved out her board career, how her career and board roles have been complementary, and how being on boards has helped her to become a much better CEO.  Listen

A true trailblazer, inspiration and exemplar of living a rich life 

In conversation with Professor Shirley Randell AOMME_Shirley-Randell.png
July 2020  (32 minutes)

World renowned for her work with women in Rwanda after the genocide, Professor Shirley Randell AO has had a fascinating and eminent career as an educator, CEO and board director across the globe. Among her accolades, Dr Randell was recognised in the 2012 Inaugural Australian 100 Women of Influence Awards, the 100 World of Difference Awardees in 2013 by The International Alliance of Women and is an Officer of the Order of Australia.

In this fascinating podcast, Dr Randell talks to Claire Braund about how her career, from teaching in remote Aboriginal communities to communities across the globe in Papua New Guinea, Asia and Rwanda to advance female education and equality.

Appointed to her first board at age 34 in the 1960s, Shirley cut a lonely female figure around the boardroom table, teaching her the true value of mentors and working with other women. Still working and serving at age 80, Shirley is the epitome of success, grace and gratitude. Listen

From mature aged student to the ASX

In conversation with Kelly HumphreysMME_Humphreys,-Kelly.png
June 2020 (24 minutes)

Growing up in country Victoria and shadowing her father at work as a teenager, Kelly Humphreys developed an interest in business that became etched within.  After leaving school she went straight to work in insurance, starting as a fresh-faced junior in a corporate. A move she says, in hindsight, was fundamental to her boardroom success today. Claire Braund talks to Kelly about how she returned to university as a mature aged student; her diverse career in senior executive roles; and how her breadth of experience ideally positioned her to make an impact. They explore the benefits of board programs and developing a network and how the WOBSX program helped Kelly navigate the ASX landscape and secure two ASX roles.  Listen

Finance, life after the Commonwealth Games and Moore

In conversation with Helen MooreMME_Moore,-Helen.png
May 2020 (24 minutes)

Helen Moore was born in France, learning English as a second language as she grew up Yeppoon in central Queensland. By her mid-twenties she had met her husband, had two children and had enrolled to study accounting as a mature aged student -  which she blitzed with distinctions. Claire Braund talks to Helen about her professional pathway, her most memorable role as CFO for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, as well as a range of issues, including the recruitment process, risk management, working on and with boards and more. Listen

 Following a plan and having a strong connection to your board

In conversation with Holly Stiles
May 2020 (16 minutes)

Holly Stiles is a highly experienced corporate finance partner with Grant Thornton. Holly decided to make the leap and look for her first board role once her children started school and she had a "tad" more time. Claire Braund talks to Holly about the steps she undertook to achieve her first board role with Kids Giving Back (a great NFP that teaches kids about reciprocity), including how she set herself a timeframe, the courses she did and the actions she took to become board ready. Holly also shares key tips that helped her along the way. Listen

The launch and rise of Tinybeans

In conversation with S-J Kurtini
April 2020 (20 minutes)

Sarah-Jane “S-J” Kurtini and Stephen O'Young founded  Tinybeans in 2012. Claire Braund explores how SJ and Stephen built TinyBeans to have more than three million users, 100+ million memories, App of the Day three times, AND how they learned about governance, drew straws to be on the board, flipped the board and listed on the ASX. SJ gives a warts and all account of the eight year journey, which saw her move from Australia to New York (which she says was an amazing experience for her family) and now back to Australia's Central Coast, where she is now taking  step back and having a six month sabbatical as she ponders her next project. Listen

How to land a board role​

The CPAs in conversation with Claire BraundCPA-Podcast.jpeg
March 2020

To celebrate IWD2020, Claire Braund was interviewed by Louise Roberts FCPA, Deputy Chair of the Victorian Women's CPA Committee.

Claire Braund, co-founder and Executive Director of Women on Boards, shares her career success story, discusses the challenges she faced in the Board ‘universe’ and how to take that next step in your career to secure a board position.  Listen

Building an ASX portfolio

In conversation with Cheryl Hayman
March 2020 (27 minutes)

As a highly successful marketer, Cheryl Hayman is a portfolio director currently sitting on three ASX boards as well as not for profits. Hear Cheryl's story, from wanting to be an actress to studying marketing somewhat by chance. Cheryl discusses how she built a successful marketing career and transitioned her marketing skills to the boardroom. Cheryl and Claire also explore the importance of culture, how to add value, how to know you're adding value and how to know when to move on. Listen

Overcoming challenges and leading by example

In conversation with Nadia Moffatt OAM
March 2020 (15 minutes)

Claire Braund talks to Nadia Moffatt about how she overcame an acquired brain injury and is leading by example. Nadia has built a successful professional and board career as an experienced non-executive director, chair, committee member and advocate in the corporate, public and not for profit sectors across Australia. Current roles include: NED, Australian Communication Consumer Action Network;Member, My Health Record External Assurance Committee; Community Member, Governing Council, Northern Adelaide Local Health Network; Community Representative, SA Health Practitioners Tribunal; and NED, Brain Injury SA. Listen

How things have changed in the boardroom

In conversation with Fiona Hathorn (the two WOB CEOs)
March 2020 (27 minutes)

Join Claire Braund (Founder of Women on Boards and CEO of Women on Boards in Australia) and Fiona Hathorn (Founder and CEO of Women on Boards in the UK) when they get together to reflect how things have changed in the world of the boardroom since they first talked about launching in the UK in 2011. Listen