McKinsey Women Matter Report Series & Others

McKinsey Women Matter Report Series & Others

Women in the Workplace - 2018

McKinsey & Company, Lean In, 2018
Women in the Workplace 2018 is the largest comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America. Since 2015, LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company have published this report annually to give companies and employees the information they need to advance women and improve gender diversity within their organizations. Read more

WM: Time to accelerate: Ten years of insights into gender diversity

McKinsey & Company, 2017
For a decade, our Women Matter and our Power of parity reports from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) have explored the economic impact of increased gender diversity at macro and micro levels and how to make change happen in corporations. This anniversary publication highlights ten key insights from these ten years of research. Read more

Women in the Workplace 2017

McKinsey, 2017
More companies are committing to gender equality. But progress will remain slow unless we confront blind spots on diversity - particularly regarding women of colour, and employee percents of the status quo. Read more

WM: Gender diversity in top management: Moving corporate culture, moving boundaries

McKinsey, 2013
The paper notes that progress on gender diversity has been made in recent years and momentum has increased, but it also confirms that women are still underrepresented at the top of corporations, across all industries and at a global level. Read more

Lessons from the leading edge of gender diversity

McKinsey & Company, 2013
Advancing women to the top may be a journey, but how  to do so is no longer a mystery. New research points to four principles that can help just about any company. Read more

WM: Women Matter: Making the Breakthrough

McKinsey, 2012
Over the last year we have seen an unprecedented pace of change in the boardrooms of UK plc. We have seen a growing recognition of the importance of including more women in decision-making roles and of the benefits gained by society, the economy and business in doing so. Read more

Is there a payoff from top team diversity

McKinsey, 2012
Between 2008 and 2010, companies with more diverse top teams were also top financial performers. That’s probably no coincidence.
There are many reasons companies with more diverse executive  teams should outperform their peers: fielding a team of top executives with varied cultural backgrounds and  life experiences can broaden a company’s strategic perspective, for example. And relentless compe- tition for the best people should reward organizations that cast their nets beyond traditional talent  pools for leadership. Read more

WM: Unlocking the full potenital of women at work

McKinsey, 2011
This year, we undertook a more ambitious US-based research project with help of 60 corporations, almost all in the Fortune 500 or of similar size. We were able to explore talent pipelines and gender-diversity practices in depth. Read more

WM: Women at the top of corporations: Making it happen

McKinsey, 2010
In 2010, the Women Matter study shows that although a majority of leaders recognize the impact of gender diversity on business performance, this belief does not translate into actions. Indeed, gender diveristy is not high on companies' strategic agenda and the implementation of dedicated programs remains limited overall. Read more

WM: Women leaders, a competitive edge in and after the crisis

McKinsey, 2009
In 2009, for Women Matter 3, our aim was to understand how gender divesity in companies was evolving - how the global economic crisis might have affected the programs and priorities of female executive development - and to identify whether the leadership behaviors more often adopted by women were still appropriate in times of crisis and beyond. Read more

WM: Female leadership, a competitive edge for the future

McKinsey, 2008
Gender diversity is not just a social concern. Our new study suggests that it could also create a competitive edge to address the global challenges that corporations will face in the near future. Read more

WM: Gender diversity, a corporate performance driver

McKinsey, 2007
The study suggests that the companies where women are most strongly represented at boards or top-management level are also the companies that perform best.
Confirming the existence of the gender gap - most notably in the composition of corporate management bodies - the McKinsey study offers fact-based insights into the importance for companies of fostering the development of women in the business arena, so that a greater number attain positins of high responsibly. Read more