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Articles and Information

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Once I am in the Boardroom

10 Questions to ask your insurance broker

Tips for ASX success

Women on Boards is moving into ASX territory, with a range of current and former WOB subscribers on the boards of listed companies. The latest is Anne-Templeman Jones who has been appointed to the board of the Commonwealth Bank.

Women on Boards is increasingly being asked to assist with the recruitment of directors for ASX listed companies, as they seek to diversify the skills and expertise of their board. ELMO Software came our way recently; an interesting company offering the only integrated cloud-based HR and payroll solution in Australia and New Zealand. Full article here

Writing a Board CV

A board CV is different from a career CV in a number of ways.  It is important that you identify your transferable skills, articulate your seniority and achievements and highlight past board (or proxy board) experience. All in a succinct way. Click here to read the full article  and to see some sample CVs Click here .