Director Marketplace

Women on Boards has specific expertise in boards and committees across key sectors in the marketplace. We invite those with relevant experience and interest to express interest in one or more of the following marketplaces for directors so we can better assist you to achieve your board and committee roles.

Culturally Diverse Women | Click to Register

For culturally diverse (non-Anglo) WOB members seeking leadership and board roles.

Government | Click to Register

Thousands of State and Federal Government Board and Committee roles are on offer every year - many via WOB. They are suited to the first time and more experienced directors.

Listed Companies & Pre-IPO | Click to Register

For those with an interest in board roles in the listed, pre IPO and private company sectors.

Sport | Click to Register

Sporting organisations exist from community to national level and span club sports in all desciplines and the 100+ National Sporting Organisations of which most are funded by the Australian Government.

Superannuation & Financial Services | Click to Register

For those with an interest in / suitable skillset for board and committee roles in the ever growing financial services sector (banks, mutuals, credit unions, insurance companies, superannuation). 

Start-Ups & ESICs | Click to Register

For those with the appetite and skills to take on advisory entity or board roles in the world of Start-Ups and Early Stage Innovation Companies.