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Career Planning

We all need access to good resources in our professional lives. This section of our Resource Centre is designed for those of you who are still active in your chosen career and interested in learning about what goes on in the boardroom - and why you should be thinking about board and committee roles sooner rather than later.

Focus on Leadership: Small actions pack a big impact

A graduate of Women on Board’s Next Generation of Female Leaders program in 2016, Fiona Lawrie recently stepped into a new role as Senior Sourcing and Quality Strategy Manager for Officeworks after seven years as Sustainability and Aboriginal Affairs Manager with Wesfarmers. Here she talks about the importance of developing ‘soft skills’, identifying your weaknesses and how small actions can have a big impact.

What makes a good leader - and how to be one

Leading by example: Non-Executive Director, WOB mentor and executive leadership consultant, Sheena Wilson is one of the presenters of WOB’s Women in Leadership program. Here she shares her tips on what makes a good leader.

WOB women: Wise words and leadership lessons

If you’re in need of a little New Year inspiration, encouragement and some friendly words of wisdom to give you a kick-start on your board and leadership journey, who better to hear from than women in the amazing WOB network?